This was our first visit to DSE and I was excited to see so much activity on the show floor and to find that the exhibitors were extremely happy with the quality of the people they were meeting with. This is a thriving industry that touches on our lives in ways we are not yet fully aware. Some of the main messages I would like to include here are:

  • Screen vendors were all quick to point out that the equipment build for public places is more durable and carries a longer and stronger warrantee. Folks who just hang flat screen TV's in their premises probably void the warranty.
  • The digital signage business process is different in that the content end drives the purchase of the equipment. A vendor approaches an ad agency or creative rep to get ideas on how to promote their wares. A savvy agency will be not only be able to design the content but also to spearhead the installation of the digital signage system using tech partners.
  • Some of the technology is cool — like giant multitouch displays composed of a multitude of led tiles — or huge 3D displays that make you feel like you are walking into the scene. I'm just not yet sure of the practicality of some of these. Sure, you can draw a huge picture or navigate a huge map but where does this apply and who can afford to implement it for their business. We'll see, I've been very wrong before.
  • Scalability is an issue for some of the product lines. I was impressed with the LG line of solutions that started with a simple screen with built in smarts for the small business operator. From there, they have a range of solutions all the way up to full blown – multiple location digital signage options.
  • All in all, my impression is that Digital Signage is a thriving business opportunity that is set to grow over the next several years. The market is huge if you think about it in terms of restaurants, malls, hotels on up to airports as potential customers wanting to engage their customers with interactive media.

All that said, here are some of the products and companies that co-operated with us to present their products and services here. We also published several press releases from the show here.



MuxLab Inc. – HDMI Fiber Extender Kit (500460)

The HDMI Fiber Extender Kit (500460) allows HDMI equipment to be connected up to 1000 ft (305 m) @ 1080p Deep Color via one (1) 50/125 μm Multimode fiber cabls in a point-to-point configuration. The kit comes with one (1) Transmitter and one (1) Receiver as well as an IR Emitter (500998) and IR Sensor (500999) for remote control applications. The product also supports RS232 control of the source or display device such as touchscreens.

Stratacache – PrimaSee ™

STRATACACHE’s PrimaSee is the latest in-store digital media solution to hit the retail industry. PrimaSee is a translucent digital signage display that showcases high-definition, dynamic videos within a glass fixture (jewelry case, cosmetic counter, store window, etc.) Visually engaging, PrimaSee’s translucent capabilities allow customers to see-through enticing promotional ads to the corresponding product in the backdrop—promoting products directly at the point-of-decision.

Digitally connecting brands to consumers, PrimaSee offers touch screen capabilities and captivates shoppers with in-store coupons, product information, and social media interactions assessable via QR codes that are electrically displayed on the glass.

Haivision – KulaByte

KulaByte™ encoding software delivers high-quality HD content to desktop and mobile devices, while the cloud-based KulaByte™ Cloud Transcoder transforms live video streams into the many formats and bitrates required for multiscreen delivery.

Every Source, Every Screen, Over-the-Top. KulaByte is perfectly suited for today and tomorrow’s live Internet Over-the-Top (OTT) streaming challenges and enables content owners to capture the value of what video over IP promises. The solution is based on the highly efficient H.264 compression standard and natively supports both Adobe’s Flash™ streaming protocol (R™P) with the largest global penetration of playback devices and Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol supported by iPhone™ and iPad™ devices as well as set top boxes such as the Roku™ streaming player.

Visionary Solutions, Inc. – Encoders

The use of VSI encoders by technology leaders like Daktronics, Enseo, and Four Winds Interactive, is demonstrative of the interoperability, scope, and relevance of VSI's technology within the digital signage space.  VSI's encoders enable encoding of high-definition video via an HDMI/DVI-D or SDI input, and are suitable for all applications requiring cost-effective, low-bit-rate video distribution over IP networks. The base model includes 480i SD encoding with closed captioning support. Optional modules enable forward error correction and support for all image resolutions including 720p, 1080i, or full 1080p60 in an H.264 stream. VSI encoders also feature a modular firmware architecture that enables the customization of the encoders, providing greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Users can purchase only those features they need while enjoying the flexibility to easily upgrade in the future as requirements change.

Mitsubishi Electric – MDT551S

Mitsubishi Electric’s narrow-bezel, 55-inch monitor (MDT551S) is designed for video conferencing, gaming, retail kiosks, digital signage and other applications needing robust, long-lasting static or interactive display monitors. Its sleek, modern, brushed aluminum design will also stand out in any conference room as a focal point of digital display.

Installation versatility is engineered into every monitor: Inputs range from DVI-D, D-Sub 15 and HDMI™ as well as DisplayPort™. The MDT551S features an optional CAT5 receiver and transmitter box, and uses Mitsubishi’s own networking software for remote management. It offers cutting-edge data processing and technology in an attractive modern design for flexibility and reliability.

Gefen – Next Gen Digital Signage Players with Wi-Fi

Gefen’s next generation Digital Signage Players with Wi-Fi employ html5 coding to simplify and improve the user experience, allowing an easy upload of play lists, calendar-based scheduling and more for convenient content management.

Both the Digital Signage Media Player with Wi-Fi and the Digital Signage Media Player with Wi-Fi Plus come with ten pre-designed templates for multiple zones to get started quickly and effectively jump-start content creation. SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) compliance ensures compatibility across multiple platforms. Both players include 4GB of flash memory expandable to 16GB and a passive cooling system. Both players support an HDMI or analog (composite/component/VGA) display with USB keyboard/mouse and resolutions up to 1080p full HD. The plus model features a live video feed and RS232 control.

iSIGN Media – Smart Antenna

The Smart Antenna engages mobile phone and tablet users within 300 feet by leveraging the built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities of their devices. Retailers, network operators, brands or anyone wishing to make a customer impression can facilitate product info and maps, deliver coupons, develop polls or even develop and support an entire loyalty program. Users are discovered and sent unsolicited messages using Bluetooth or they connect to the Smart Antenna as an access point and launch their device browser to access mobile web content. All user interactions with the Smart Antenna are tracked within a central server or Back Office for reporting purposes and raw data extraction. This includes Bluetooth discoveries and message delivery totals, Wi-Fi connections and mobile web page hits, poll results and loyalty details. The Smart Antenna and its Back Office are an effective solution for engaging customers on mobile, measuring their behavior and validating marketing mobile campaign expenditures.

Haivision Network Video – CoolSign

Haivision’s CoolSign™ digital signage solution boasts all the features and functions required to meet any signage need, from smaller installations to sophisticated multiscreen landmark displays to large-scale global networks. CoolSign’s pioneering digital signage technology includes n-tier architecture, native multicasting support, real-time connectivity, full-edge device monitoring and control, flexible media scheduling, closed data architecture, and bandwidth usage controls. And now CoolSign offers unrestricted licensing to content creators and network managers everywhere, as well as preconfigured server and player systems to eliminate integration headaches. Secure, scalable, reliable, and efficient, CoolSign serves the demands of myriad retail, government, financial services, corporate, and pure-play digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) networks around the globe.

NEC Display Solutions – V651-TOUCH

NEC’s V651 commercial-grade large-screen display offers digital signage users touchscreen capabilities with a full-HD, 65” display at a cost-conscious price. This model is integrated with 4-camera optical-imaging technology that allows for up to six simultaneous touches at the same time. An integrated, double-sided and anti-reflective glass layer protects the panel, prevents mirrored imaging and allows for superior brightness transmittance compared to standard glass. It features built-in 10W speakers, a public display-grade panel that protects against permanent image retention and a full selection of inputs, which allows you to connect to a wide range of peripheral devices. The touchscreen, high-performance panel and abundance of advanced technologies that promote extended use make the V651 ideal for retail, restaurant and wayfinding kiosks and various other interactive applications.

Premier Mounts – Modular Video Wall Stands

Premier Mounts’ Modular Video Wall Stands, designed for specific 46 in. and 55 in. thin bezel flat-panel displays, provide timesaving set up and break down, accessibility within the structure, and adaptability, proving efficiency and convenience for digital signage needs.

Due to the use of 1/2”-13 bolts, which require no special tools for installation, rapid set up and break down are possible.  These bolts are able to withstand rough handling and provide a sustainable foundation.  The modular design allows for additional sections to lengthen the systems as needed, while the open layout provides easy access for A/V signal cable and power cable connections.  The modular video walls are also capable of being raised into the air and suspended by cables with quick and easy removal of the base.  Other features include patent-pending top adjustable mounting brackets, which allow for perfect bezel alignment and display gap, critical for protecting valuable display edges from damage.

Premier Mounts – Christie Micro Tile™ Mounting System (MTM)

The Christie Micro Tile™ Mounting System is innovatively designed with minimal, yet effective key components and intended to be the industry’s quickest installation of Micro Tiles™ in a larger configuration.  Common pitfalls such as expense, weight, and complicated installation can be overcome with this simply designed system.

Patent-pending floating wall adjustment brackets create a perfectly flat and plumb surface to begin the easy installation process.  For weight and cost consideration, the multi-tile mounts allow three Micro Tiles™ to be pre-installed to the mounting base, then raised onto the wall brackets.  Hooks on the back of the mounts grasp precisely onto the wall brackets and require no fine tune adjustments. Three additional Micro Tiles™ can then be installed atop the mounted row by bolting them into place.  The Christie Micro Tile™ Mounting System provides the freedom to configure any layout imaginable and the perfect low cost solution for visual media.

Harris – Harris InfoCaster

Hospitality suite demonstrations include capabilities to host and support a new interactive web application for Harris® InfoCaster™ software.  The embedded application incorporates HTML5 language and dynamic Flash technology to create a true interactive experience for consumers engaged through digital signage.  Customers in retail environments, for example, can launch a web browser to locate items for sale in the store — creating an immersive brand experience that links the in-store and online experiences.

LG Electronics – EzSign TV

EzSign TV is a turnkey solution that offers any business owner an intuitive and cost-effective digital signage display system with the added feature of broadcast television, allowing business owners to simultaneously show branded advertisements and television broadcasts, attracting attention and delivering specific messages to customers. The LT560E is an LED series and offer Full HD 1080p display capability in sleek and energy-efficient packages.


NEXCOM’s NDiS 126 is a compact, yet powerful, 1080P media player geared towards budget conscious users. This cost-effective digital signage player based on the new Intel® Atom™ processor D2700 is equipped with an enhanced graphics engine and video decoder, making it powerful enough to support Full HD 1080P contents on dual independent displays.

Equipped with a multitude of I/O options, the NDiS 126 is perfect for connecting to the Internet and streaming various TV content. In addition, the sophisticated mechanical design makes this digital signage player extremely durable and perfect for use in extreme environments where dust or grime is present.

SVSI – VWP120 Windowing Processor

SVSi’s VWP120 Windowing Processor is a 1RU rack-mount appliance that connects to a voLANte video network and accepts any four video streams as input.  Each input can be cropped, scaled, and positioned according to stored presets (such as quad, window-in-window, 3+1, etc) or in any user-defined configuration. The combined output video stream is then routed to any voLANte decoder at HD 1080p or CG 1600×1200 resolution. The VWP120 can function as a 4×1 windowing processor or can be stacked to give 7×1, 11×1, 15×1, or higher capability. A single connection to the network provides access to all available voLANte video streams for window selection and for output of the combined stream. The VWP120 is another example of networked AV products that position SVSi as the preferred provider of video-over-IP equipment for the ProAV market.

Sharp – PN-E Series

Sharp’s line of PN-E monitors is now available in a variety of impressive screen sizes – 60-inch, 70-inch and now 80-inch monitors.  Sharp’s LED displays feature advanced photo alignment technology which creates brilliant color images, with maximum impact.  These professional displays are engineered to meet the demands of a wide range of digital signage applications, and offer spectacular full color HD images, portrait and landscape mode compatibility and 24/7 reliability.  The monitors display stunning video, graphics, text and more using Sharp cutting edge display technology in full 1080p HD. Sharp’s PN-E monitors are designed to work virtually wherever, whenever and for whatever the need. These durable LED monitors are ideal for use in most any demanding environment that requires around-the-clock operation, seven days a week

IAdea  – HTML5

IAdea, the leading maker of media appliances and digital signboards for digital signage, introduces the industry’s first Web Appliances supporting SMIL and the HTML5 open standards. IAdea first introduced the SMIL platform to digital signage in 2009 and gathered support from leading software providers, effectively changing the landscape of the industry. By supporting HTML5 as a content type in SMIL, IAdea expects the new technology to fundamentally change the industry again in how future digital content will be made and deployed.

MediaVue – SureVueD4

SureVueD4 is the first compact Player PC that can drive full-featured digital signage content – multiple videos, crawls, and feeds – to four simultaneous video outputs each running at 1080p. The four video outputs can operate as independent channels or, through the integrated AMD/ATi Eyefinity video driver, they can be combined to create a single desktop and single channel up to 7,680 pixels wide. SureVueD4 does this without the use of any external video signal splitters or scalers. SureVueD4 delivers all of this performance at a cost per screen that is lower than the cost of a simple Atom-based PC. For added flexibility, SurevueD4 is available with either 4 x DVI or 4 x VGA connectors, making it compatible with both display daisy-chaining interfaces.

U-Touch – Interactive Kiosk

The U-Touch Kiosk is a fully integrated information point solution, housing fifth generation infrared touch technology that boasts rapid tracking speeds and seriously robust components. Designed for multiple environments the U-Touch solution is perfect for Hotels, Conferences, Education, Shopping Malls and Directories. The added interactivity with Digital Signage enables the user to cruise through endless formats of information with ease. Housed in a metallic, high security kiosk, this free standing double-sided display can show two different elements of your desired content to two independent users at the same time.

Ideum – MT55 Pro

The MT55 Pro is a fully integrated multitouch table with an LCD, multitouch overlay, 5mm ultra clear tempered glass, powerful computer, UPS battery backup, integrated cooling cell, and single button operation. The table even has an integrated Bose Audio system. Multitouch-enabled from start-up, the MT55 Pro runs Windows 7 64-bit professional edition (Linux version available in March 2012). Just plug it in, and turn it on.

Axiomtek OPS860

Axiomtek OPS860, the worldwide first Intel Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) Sandy Bridge box, is based on Intel® Core™ i7 processor 2.1 GHz under 2nd generation CPU architecture named "Sandy Bridge". Intel OPS aims at providing greater interoperability and addressing fragmentation in the digital signage industry. Axiomtek OPS860 is engineered to be installed into any Intel OPS-compliant digital signage platform to enable faster and easy upgrading/maintenance. Equipped with the OPS860, your solution can be applied to a variety of DOOH (Digital out of home) applications with ease!

BlackBox – iCOMPEL WDS

Enhance one-on-one sales interaction with Black Box’s new iCOMPEL WDS. Delivering personalized video messages through a screen that you wear, iCOMPEL WDS enables you to create eye-catching tags that take your B2B or B2C marketing to the next level. Even better, if you have our iCOMPEL EDS platform, content for thousands of WDS players worn by associates around the world can be quickly updated from a remote location. This way, you ensure consistent, up-to-date messaging. Digital signage content can range from simple text and JPG images in a slideshow to full-motion video.

Net Display Systems – PADS4

With PADS4 you can effortlessly integrate real-time data of external data sources like MS Exchange, MS Dynamics, SAP, CMS systems, room reservation systems, queue management and social media (eg. Twitter and Facebook). (Re)-using and displaying existing database and CMS information is one of the key features of PADS4. NDS has developed a high-end digital signage solution that doesn’t require recreating existing content resulting in saving time and budget costs.

PADS4 makes it easier to use interactivity in a signage system. This interactivity can be based on several external triggers, such as touch screens, RFID, Barcode, QR Code, face recognition, etc.

Dyanscan – DS55LT6

The DS55LT6 is a 55 inch ultra-bright professional LCD with IPS technology. With a brightness rating of 3000 cd/m² this display features a local dimming LED back light technique for incredible, high contrast picture quality and low power consumption. The DS55LT6 features a 11.5 mm bezel width, perfect for video wall applications in bright environments

Capital Networks – Audience 4.2

The Audience software platform provides a powerful, flexible HD solution used to create, control, distribute and display dynamic digital signage displays as well as fully automated, multi-zone channels for broadcast and cable TV.

Some of the key new features found within Audience 4.2 include:

  • Support for the Matrox x264io HD SDI broadcast graphics card provides superior broadcast quality performance.
  • Support for Google Chrome browser for web based digital signage displays.
  • Enhanced remote scheduling and playlist control including integration of mobile devices and social media applications.
  • Advanced template configuration and editing capability.
  • Addition of multiple plug-ins designed to improve functionality and aid in the creation, distribution and tracking of content.

Expert Mounts – AVCA625

The Automatic Volume Control Amplifier adjusts the volume of your advertising message as the ambient noise in the playing area changes throughout the day. The system provides remote feedback and management to make it easy to deploy and manage on large networks. Designed for restaurants, convenience stores and exhibits.

ITSEnclosures – ViewStation QSR

Designed around drive-thru lanes, the ViewStation QSR is available in many configurations including both portrait and landscape orientation to meet the specific needs of each application. The enclosure solution is intended primarily for quick service restaurant drive-thru applications but can be used in various drive-thru applications including banks and pharmacies. ViewStation QSR was designed with thermal management in mind to provide the electronics with a safe environment. High Bright displays with dimming capabilities will guarantee that the information you are displaying is visible even in the most intense sunlight. The QSR enclosure can be offered as a standalone unit or coincide with your existing sign structure to provide the most attractive and functional solution.

Microspace – MEDIA HOTSPOT

This new appliance called the MEDIA HOTSPOT is compatible with Satellite, Wired Terrestrial and Wireless / Cellular technologies. It performs exceptionally well in Satellite Broadcast and Cellular Return Hybrid Networks. Store and Forward capability is accomplished via removable SD/SDHC card.   

In addition to the multiple method connectivity options, the unit is also equipped with Wi-Fi  technology for delivering files and streaming content to wireless devices such as large video displays, Smart Phones, tablets, etc.

NewSoft – Starfish B720

NewSoft Starfish is a brand new digital signage player that’s powered by Android OS. Taking advantage of the signature low voltage low heat yet powerful platform, with fan-less and VESA compliant slime outline, Starfish is the perfect fit for kiosk or open display.

Along with NewSoft ease-of-use signage suite software, equips with screen designer, schedule control and device management applications. Retailers and schools finally have a reliable tool to generate professional presentations. Starfish brings digital signage to a whole new level.

ZaagTech – X Series Multi-Touch Overlays

X Series Multi-Touch Overlays support Multi-Users. Unlike systems that provide limited multi-touch technology such as dual or triple touch, X Series Multi-Touch Overlays provide true multi-touch capability. With more simultaneous touches and better object size recognition, ZaagTech provides a new standard for true Multi-Touch technology.

X Series Multi-Touch Overlays are available in screens as large as 200’’ or even larger and, with additional touch points, are useful for large events like expos and exhibitions applicable to any professional field

Reflect Systems – ReflectView

Reflect’s market-leading software suite, ReflectView, allows clients to control their in-store digital media networks with ease and versatility. ReflectView's distribution capabilities are so easy, that one person can control thousands of displays at once – eliminating the labor constraints other in-store digital media networks may present.



SICOM Systems – Digital Menu Boards

SICOM offers a complete digital menu board solution that is turnkey and easy to use with web-based content management. Capturing 10 times more customer attention, our digital displays couple the power of suggestive selling and the efficiency of integration to increase your sales and add to your bottom line

Seamlessly integrated with your SICOM POS system.

  • Easily update specials and promotions on your POS simultaneously with your Digital Menu Board.
  • Schedule your menu content by the time of day.
  • Increase ticket sales by cross-selling and upselling.
  • Remote support and content management

Peerless-AV – Indoor Digital Signage/Kiosk Enclosure – Portrait (KP55-S)

Make a statement with Peerless-AV’s sleek digital signage kiosk enclosure. Designed to best support 55" ultra-thin LCD displays, this kiosk enclosure is sure to make an impact with its audience. Whether it’s advertising, a digital directory, or wayfinding, this solution is an ideal fit for a corporate campus, college/university campus, hospital, retail store, shopping mall and more.


VIA Technologies, Inc. – ARTiGO A1200

Ultra Slim Box Computer with Mere 1.2” of Height. Thin! Fanless! Dual Core Processor!

Key Features:

  • Powerful yet energy efficient VIA Nano™ X2 dual core processor
  • Smooth playback of HD video with hardware decoding acceleration of VC1, MPEG-2, WMV9 and H.264 video formats
  • Supports one DDR3 memory, up to 4GB
  • Two Gigabit Ethernets
  • Four USB 2.0, plus one optional USB 3.0 ports
  • One Mini-PCIe socket with one SIM socket
  • One CFast socket
  • Supports VGA, HDMI, Audio

Planar Systems – Mosaic

Planar Mosaic is the only video wall system that allows designers to integrate three different LCD tile sizes and shapes—including a truly square LCD tile measuring 21.6 inches on the diagonal. The Planar® Salvador™ is a trend-setting 1:1 aspect ratio tile measuring 15.6 inches / 39.5 cm on each side, that allows for creative installation and is akin to the shape of other building materials. The Planar® Vincent™ (48 inches / 122 cm wide) and the Planar® Pablo™ (40 inches / 103 cm wide) are both rectangular LCD tiles. Utilizing proprietary Mosaic Ensemble™ software and hardware, the tiles can be rotated at virtually any angle and mounted in any position, encouraging designers to experiment with negative space while extending project budgets.

Christie – MicroTiles™ Display Wall System

Christie® MicroTiles™ provide the capability to capture your audience’s attention – your way, just as you envisioned it, without having to worry if there is a technology out there worthy of displaying your content. Uniting spectacular colors, superior image quality and modular flexibility like no other visual solution can; MicroTiles are designed to meet your needs

Touch Revolution – Nimble HMI

The NIMble HMI contains all the necessary hardware including a Projected Capacitive touch screen, embedded single board computer, power supply and metal enclosure with standard mounting screw holes. All this with a full working Android OS. Plug the unit into power and you are ready to go.

The NIMble HMI adheres to the stringent reliability requirements which make it ideal for industrial, enterprise and retail environments. Nonvolatile storage and a fan-less embedded computer combine to make the system silent, small and reliable.

Visix, Inc. – Announce v.1.3

Announce is an advanced digital signage content management solution perfect for institutions wanting sophisticated signage.

  • User-friendly, browser based interface
  • Extensive theme libraries
  • Animated layouts and backgrounds
  • Fill-in and auto-generated templates
  • Intuitive media management
  • Robust media playback engine

Announce's user interface runs in a web browser and uses inductive navigation to make tasks clear and understandable to even the most casual user – from the receptionist to the graphic designer. Regardless of your design experience or technical ability, you can deliver stylish visual messages quickly and easily.

SmarterSign Express

SmarterSign Express is made up two parts, SmarterSign Player and SmarterSign Manager.

  • SmarterSign Player is the content playback software that you install on a computer connected to a display that you want to show content on. SmarterSign provides an easy to use installer that sets up the SmarterSign Player software in minutes.
  • SmarterSign Manager is our web based content management system that is used to create, modify and schedule content. SmarterSign Manager requires no technical or design experience to create and manage high-quality digital signage.

Once you have created and scheduled your content using SmarterSign Manager, displaying it on your screens can be done in seconds with the click of a mouse. No other external design programs are required.

TTUFF Technologies – OMIS-OPS-2-5

TTUFF Technologies model OMIS-OPS-2-5 is one of six new OPS (Open Pluggable Standard) Digital Signage drive systems currently being introduced. The OMIS-OPS-2-5 comes with an i5 CPU, enhanced Intel graphics, Win 7 Pro installed, plus optional Wi-Fi and 3G for greater installation flexibility. Just plug it into any OPS enabled display and you have powerful, self contained, DS platform. Recognizing that one size does not fit all, TTUFF Technologies has a full range of OPS models from  which to choose, with CPU options extending from a Dual Core ATOM, to a fully loaded i7. Give us a call and let’s see which one is best for you.