BACKGROUND Located in the suburban Parisian town of Etiolles, the 170m2 Ma M@isonnet show-home, which was open for viewing in the summer of 2001, represents the first commercially available Internet-enabled home on the French market. Built by Kaufman & Broad in partnership with France Telecom and Cisco, the show-home will provide a model for 10 percent of Kaufman & Broad?s new homes throughout France in 2002. The Challenge Ma M@isonnet needed to be designed around the five core attributes that most consumers desire in their homes: comfort, communication, savings, security and leisure. In addition, in order to facilitate easy upgrades and expansions, interoperability of all systems and devices was a must. By integrating a domestic Intranet, residents needed to be able to enjoy user-friendly and password-secure control of their home appliances and systems from any Internet-connected device or WAP phone. Checking whether you have closed the window while out and about needed to become a reality. The Solution Ma M@isonnet utilizes Echelon?s LonWorks device networking technology and a number of LonMark certified products to monitor and control lighting, heating, blinds, garage doors, and security devices both locally and remotely. Echelon?s LNSTM Network Operating System offers a scalable platform for installing, upgrading and interacting with the control network; while the i.LONTM 1000 Internet Server connects the control network to an IP data network. To meet the interoperability challenge, a number of certified products from LonMark member companies were specified. The LonMark certified Excel 50 controller from Honeywell, for example, communicates with the certified Excel 10 controllers to provide zoned heating throughout the home. The connection of these controllers to the LonWorks network enables rapid exchange of information and interaction with other devices to provide comfortable temperature levels. Optimal lighting conditions are achieved with the LonMark certified LRC 5048 8-Way Light Controller and LRI 5133-10 Helio Multi sensor from Philips. The luminance can be altered by means of dimmers in each light. These dimmers rely on the controller that monitors and regulates the complete lighting system via the LonWorks network. By means of the light sensors and movement detectors, energy savings are guaranteed. The lighting can be activated via a switch, via a remote control from Philips, or via a Web interface. Other LonMark members involved in the project include CIAC, developer of the security system, and Somfy, with their motorized window blind technology. THE BENEFITS Optimal comfort Interactive communication Savings Security Flexibility for future expansions and upgrades THE SPECIFICATIONS LonWorks products used in this project: Excel 50 Plant controller – Honeywell (LonMark certified product) Excel 10 Controllers ? Honeywell (LonMark certified product) LRC 5048 8-Way Light Controller ? Philips (LonMark certified product) Security System ? CIAC Window Blind Technology ? Somfy LonWorks System Components ? Echelon LNS Network Operating System i.LONTM 1000 Internet Server For more information about the Ma M@isonnet project, please contact TEMA Technologie Marketing AG at +49 241 88970 41 For additional information about the LonMark Interoperability Association and other successful installations, please visit: