What a cool little toy this is. My idea of something that is simple, fun and easy to use. The Dolphin Pocket Digital Camera fits in your shirt pocket (in fact it can clip there) and lets you shoot 20 quick photos or even a short movie for viewing on your PC or sending to your friends and relatives (or perhaps clients … if you are a private eye 🙂

In the package … the camera, camera stand, USB cable, short instruction sheet and a software CD. Out of the package … a few minutes of setup … and you’re ready to have fun. To operate the camera there are 2 buttons … on/off and shoot. Default is high resolution mode (352×288 pixels) which gives you 20 photos. Other modes and commands are accessed by pushing the on/off button repeatedly. These include:


Continuous – acts as a Video Camera

Self-Timer – counts down a 10 second delay

Clear – clears all photos from memory

Low Resolution – Up to 80 photos in this mode (176×144 pixels)

On the CD … Simple and quick installation of drivers and a small interface (Digital Pen Camera Manager) that you use to download and save images etc. A setup wizard walks you through the simple process and as soon as the software is installed you just plug the camera into a USB port to download the images from the camera. The software allows you to store the images in “Albums” for future retrieval.

A nice feature of the software lets you select an image and push a button to email it directly. This will come in handy for family affairs and even workgroup projects.

Continuous mode can be used to make a short avi movie on the fly or to use the camera as a webcam when is connected to your PC. Again … this could be fun for parties etc. and you could use it for video conferences as well.

Viking Electronics
Other software included with the camera includes:


Ulead Photo Express 3.0 – Create Web & print projects, add unique text and effects, and share your photos on the Web.

Ulead Photo Explorer 6.0 – Ulead Photo Explorer 6.0 is a complete solution for digital photography. Combining easy-to-use features for acquiring, organizing and sharing digital photos, Photo Explorer makes photography fun on the PC.

Ulead COOL 360 1.0 – Photo 360 degree panoramas made easy! Quickly and easily transform a series of Dolphin Pocket Cam photos into 360 degree or wide-angle panoramas.

Video Live Mail Plus 3.11b – For business communications or correspondence with friends and families, use Video Live Mail to save messages in executable files adding impact, sound (with a microphone) and motion to your messages.

Microsoft Net Meeting 5.0 – Using your PC, the Dolphin Pocket Digital Camera and the Internet, you can now hold face-to-face conversations with friends and family, and collaborate with co-workers around the world.

Summary of Features:

* USB interface
High resolution 352 x 288 (20 still shots)
* Low resolution 176 x 144 (80 still shots)
* Up to 12 seconds of AVI streaming video
* Up to 2 hour battery life (full time usage)
* Dimensions 4.80″ H x 1.25″ W x .80″ D
* Compatible with Windows 98/ME & 2000
* 10 second self timer
* One year warranty
* Requires two AAA batteries
* Includes:
o Pocket digital camera
o 5′ USB camera to PC link cable
o Camera stand
o Pocket camera clip
o Power bundle application CD
* MSRP $99.95

For $100 this is a great little toy … with many uses. For example … it took me about 15 minutes to take photos of every nook and cranny of our home for insurance purposes. I burned them onto a CD and now have a record in case of theft or fire.

Have fun with this one.