Direct marketing can be a very effective tool to reach your desired customer. With all the new technology and other forms of marketing, the classic style of direct marketing still holds strong and provides great results. One type of direct marketing that is often overlooked and underappreciated is door hangers. By incorporating door hangers into your marketing plan, your business can benefit greatly. Below are 10 reasons to incorporate door hangers into your complete marketing mix:

Viking Electronics – Free Catalog 1. Attention Getters: Door hangers catch the attention of your customer. The placement on the door knob makes it visible and difficult to ignore. With this aggressive approach to marketing, clientele are likely to take notice of your brand and its message.

2. Increase Customers: By distributing door hangers as a marketing tool, you can expand your current customer base and find new potential customers. Door hangers are a useful way to increase consumer awareness for those who are not familiar with your services. It is also a great way to build loyal customers.

3. Target Customers: Companies can target certain neighborhoods and business parks to distribute door hangers based on specific parameters, such as income level or type of business. Targeting the right market is one of the most important parts of a successful marketing campaign. By selecting areas based on desirable demographics, you can create door hangers that cater to your specific market.

4. Affordable: Door hangers are one of the most inexpensive and cost-effective marketing tools. In today’s tight economy, it is important to use your money wisely. Door hangers are inexpensive to produce and deliver, offering a cost-efficient way to reach a large range of people and businesses.

5.Stand Out: Door hangers are a way to utilize direct marketing with the benefit of being able to catch the customer’s attention without competing in the shuffle of “junk mail.” Door hangers provide a unique way of catching the eye of potential customers by advertising in a place where fewer marketers go.

6. Redistribution Creates Awareness: In order for door hangers to be effective, it is important to redistribute your marketing tools often. Your company and its logo should get as much exposure as possible in order to optimize growth. This can be achieved by distributing marketing materials as often as you can.

7. Efficient: Door hangers are good for neighborhoods and commercial parks where homes and business are located close together. Dense population makes distribution quick and easy in a short period of time. For areas with bigger homes and companies, door hangers are still beneficial as they are just as easy to distribute at a low cost, utilizing minimal labor.

8. Strengthens brand Identity: Using door hangers as a marketing tool increases visibility for your brand. It is a great way to get your name and logo out into your desired locations. . In order for any marketing campaign to be successful, it is essential to have strong brand awareness. Door hangers are a great way to create buzz in order to proceed with the rest of your marketing plan.

9. Unconventional Approach Creates appeal: Using door hangers as an alternative marketing approach makes people more interested and likely to read your material. The pure nature of door hangers is to immediately spark interest and generate action. Pointed placement encourages people to read it right away and act.

10. Multiple Exposures: Door hangers usually result in numerous exposures. When someone brings it inside the house or business, several other people will most likely see it as well. If it is left out on the door for an extended period of time, people who walk by are exposed to the advertisement too. Door hangers impact almost every household or business directly because at least one person will see and read it due to its placement on the door knob.

In conclusion

Direct marketing is a cost effective medium, however, similar to any other marketing plan, you must devote time and money in order to be successful. Although door hangers are a unique and cost-effective way of marketing your services, you must do a thorough job of research and distribution in target areas in order to achieve optimal results. Overall, direct marketing can be an efficient and successful way of marketing if you plan your distribution in advance and follow-up.

Leslie Stevens, President of Eclipse Marketing, a full-service marketing and public relations firm, has over 15 years experience providing marketing strategies, tools and material to electronic systems dealers, integrators, manufacturers and distributors.

Eclipse Marketing provides Marketing Tools to CEDIA, InfoComm, PARA, TechHome and NASBA. These cost-effective marketing tools and material are designed to enable system contractors to increase sales by promoting their business on a professional level.