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Pre-Wire Your New Home – Chapters 1 & 2 –
Jan 12/10 – David Feller
A multi-part series covering all aspects of low voltage wiring in the home: entertainment, security, automation, and future planning.

2010…Cautious Optimism, More Stuff, Fewer Players
Dec 21/09 – THE Insider
As 12 really sucky months wind down, everyone tries to make sense of the chaos…and the opportunities.

The Sweet Spot
Every audiophile understands the concept of the “sweet spot”, that happy balance of conditions that elicits the best possible sound.

Caregiver Systems for Aging Seniors and Chronic Conditions
Caregiver Systems by Home Controls is an exciting opportunity to help aging seniors and people with chronic illnesses stay independent in their own homes longer than ever before.

The RG as a Component of the Connected Home
Consumer electronics manufacturers, the PC industry, pay-television service providers, and broadband providers are driving the development of the connected home, for obvious reasons, as the interplay of these elements expands the businesses for all these players.

Connecting your Computer to your TV/HDTV
When helping someone with the desire to connect their computer to their TV, I try to get them to focus on three important areas: Connectors, Signals and Conversion.

Next Generation Green Tech for the Home
Currently there are two wireless networks for home entertainment, data networks and in home communication – the data network which usually runs on one of the various flavors of Wi-Fi and the cordless phone systems using the so-called DECT standard.

Europe and the Hybridization of the Set-top
The market for set-top boxes (STBs) in Europe has gotten a major boost from the transition to digital services.

Hi-Tech System for Pop-up TVs
The silent sensation of sophisticated motorized lifts allow installers to bring new excitement and expectations to home and office dwellers

Energy Savings with Lighting Control
Why should a homeowner consider implementing lighting control features into their home?

Remote Home Access
Remote Home Access Systems (RHAS) form a new product category within the wider home automation family. They provide homeowners comprehensive abilities to care for and interact with their property in a direct and effective manner from anywhere in the world.
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