Moving Forward – It’s Time for Content, Communication and Course Correction – We feel the angst but the business is still fundamentally sound. With the right course adjustments the industry will be in a better position to deliver solutions and satisfaction to global business and local consumers. THE Insider

TV 2.0 – “The Big Screen PC” – TV Viewing PLUS complete control of all PC applications from the comfort of your couch. The complete convergence of the PC and TV has arrived. Brian Donnelly

Interactive Television: Will Advertising Bring Success? – Interest in interactive TV services is growing due to improved infrastructure, real-time two-way communications and feature-rich consumer devices. David Barron

Web Video’s Recent Moves – The market to distribute premium video content (mainly TV episodes and feature-length movies) is currently going through one of its most dynamic periods as experimentation with business models, delivery mechanisms, and consumer tastes is in full swing. Parks Associates

HDMI Football – HDMI, like many cutting edge technologies, lives on the hairy edge of functionality. Like THX certification before it, clever marketing and over zealous, under-informed publishing convinced the consumer HDMI was a must have technology, even long before it was of any use to them. Chuck Hinton

Network Attached Storage (NAS) On a Home Network – It’s simple; if you’re installing a data network as part of your custom install, then you should be installing a NAS device as part of that network. Grayson Evans

Small Form Factors for Home Technologies – The rapid miniaturization and cost reduction in the sector of consumer electronics has created opportunities for equipping our homes with inexpensive sub-systems that manage and configure various tasks. Thinagaran Perumal

Even The Best Isn’t Perfect – Regardless of the fact that you spent a minor (or major) fortune on your home stereo or theater system, it still is possible that a breakdown can happen. Gary Dayton

Storage Media for Portable Multimedia Players – Unlike in the digital audio player market, the fight between NAND flash and hard-disk drive (HDD) on the PMP platform is far from over. Harry Wang
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iAM – Serving Your Senses – iAM© enables you to enjoy your media for a whole-house experience, without the need of expensive media servers, iPods© and associated docks, or lugging your PC around with you. John Poremba

GPS Mileage Logger – If you drive a lot for your business, you cannot afford not to deduct your business miles? With the 2008 Business Mileage Deduction of 58.5 cents per mile, and with gas prices at record levels, it’s really a no brainer! Manuel E. Fernandez
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In Down Times Promote Strategically – Economists are unanimous that regardless of what governments do it will take time, a lot of time, to rebuild faith in financial institutions and rejuvenate the economy. Andy Marken

Brand Messaging – What does our company do? If your employees don’t answer consistently, your brand is likely weak and diluted. Tim Kubista

Content Insider #111 – Cloud Computing – Netbooks and cloud computing are great for certain times, certain activities and they will be used by lots of people – young and old – who just want to stay in touch. But when it comes to working with important information/material nothing beats a higher performance, higher capacity, heavier notebook. THE Insider

Content Insider #112 – The Entertainment Choice – TV Viewing Without The TV Set. Our son has it tougher than we did growing up. Oh sure he’s got his content wherever, whenever he wants. But we had power. We had juice! THE Insider

Classic Home Toys #19 – HDCD – HDCD is capable of higher quality sound reproduction because HDCD encodes the equivalent of 20 bits worth of data in a 16-bit digital audio signal by utilizing custom dithering, audio filters, and some reversible amplitude and gain encoding. James Russo
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