The D-Link DSC-350 camera has a max resolution of 1024×768 and it also is able to take short videos (5minutes), as well as being a USB web camera that runs 30 frames per second. No, the D-link camera cannot replace your regular film camera for high resolution and for high quality digital images you need a multi-mega pixel camera for about $1000.00. But why would you buy a USB web camera for $100.00 when you can buy the DSC-350 (a web/video/digital camera) for $129.00?

I have used this camera for a few weeks and made a point of trying all of its modes.

* At the go-cart track I used it to take a video clip and it worked well, although I would suggest running it 160×120 at 20fps rather than 320×240 at 4fps for high-speed action as it made my son my look as if he was going faster than he really was.
* At work, I used it for conferencing in a net meeting and was pleased with the results.
* While away for the weekend I used it as a still camera and I was very pleased with the quality and color of the outdoor photos although I did find I had to be more aware of lighting when I used it inside due to a lack of a flash. Also, you’re not always sure of the finished photo, compared to the cameras with built-in lcd displays, but you can’t have that for this price.

The D-link has a very easy to use interface for the pictures and videos. The method for downloading was easy and clearly explained in the manual.

This is a complete system and comes with the USB cable, a stand for the top of your monitor, MGI PhotoSuite III SE photo software, MGI VideoWave III SE video software and a case for this small 4″x2″x1″ unit. The only extra you might need is a microphone for using video conferencing. The camera works great outdoors, but needs a bit of light indoors (no flash). It has a simple light level meter on the top and the shutter speed is from ¼~1/2000 second. As well it has a self-timer and a multi picture mode. A manual focus ring goes from 1-1/2″ focal length (miniscule) to infinity, so you have to know the distance to your subject. Most the time I set it at infinity. I have used a few other web cameras and this works as well as all of them. I’ve also and used some high-end digital cameras and for only $129, this one is is a great deal.