This is a minimalist yet effective approach to getting the most from a Powerhouse CP290. Version 1.3 is a direct replacement for the badly ageing software that still comes with the CP290M with several important improvements.

Most important is that Director works with the latest Macs and Mac OS. In addition, there are two preferences that answer some long standing needs.

First you have the option of programming the CP290 to send on or off command repeatedly to ensure they are received. Lots of us have a significant investment in modules and are reluctant to toss them out in favour of the two-way version. This is a good solution to ensure commands are executed without that cost.

Preferences.BMP (171702 bytes)

The second preference essentially allows for gradual brightening of lamp modules instead of always setting to full on and then dimming to a preset level. Those that program their home theatres or simulate sunrise during the winter months will really appreciate this option.

Edit Module.BMP (181162 bytes)

There are two unfortunate aspects to this program. One is that it can not read the files from the software that came with the CP290, including the backgrounds. Lastly, Director only reports on the contents of the CP290, it does not import the commands. Sadly, you can’t even print the report.

Display events help screen.BMP (109622 bytes)

In all, I find CP290 Director an excellent alternative to the software provided with the CP290M and superior to Mousehouse.

I recommend CP290 Director for Macintosh users of the CP290.

The software is available for download at