Convergence should not only be a breakthrough in technology but should also be a revolution of how people live their lives. For the first time a platform that is neither a PC nor a TV but more than just a combination of both. The ultimate Internet appliance has finally arrived. The basic idea for its creation is convergence. With so many appliances in your living room that is taking up too much space, the idea of merging your television, DVD and VCD players, fax machine and other appliances into one robust appliance that can do all their functions is not only excellent but also answers the call of the modern times. Aside from the space it can save, it would also minimize your power consumption. With all those things in mind comes the birth of an Internet appliance infotainment platform we call — ieHIP?! Like any other home appliance, it can be operated with the use of a remote control but what’s amazing about it is it also comes with a wireless keyboard.

Complete, Simple and Secure! In other words — it’s ieHIP?! ieHIP? is a convergence platform ideal for homes and business establishments. It is an all-in-one information and entertainment hub that integrates traditional home appliances (e.g. television, multimedia player, fax machine, telephone) to the interactivity of the Internet. You can watch last week’s exciting TV series today, pause and rewind live news, surf the Internet, send fax and email messages, play games, shop online and so much more at the comfort of your couch. Imagine, a multitude of infotainment and entertainment activity using just one hub! Simply navigate ieHIP?’s user friendly TV User Interface (TUI) with the use of ieHIP? wireless keyboard and remote control.

ieHIP is complete. It has a TV Receiver. You can connect your ieHIP to your analog or digital television to watch live television broadcasts and TV programs streaming over the Internet. It also supports multi-format display. With its DVD drive, ieHIP is a multimedia (DVD, VCD, Audio CD) player. You can also connect your unit to a PC camera and activate ieHIP’s Security System for your homes and/or offices. With that, you can monitor your home or office even when you’re not around. It can be an Internet Appliance and Communication Center (email, fax machine, answering machine, IP-Phone, Video Conferencing). You can also access online schools and universities, which offer online education and training. The ieHIP is also an online shopping terminal, for it has a built-in Smart Card reader and with the use of your Smart Card, you can do online transactions safely. You can transact with online banks and avail of their financial services, all on line. It can be a game console for it allows you play online games or games stored in your hard drive. The best thing is, it will prompt you to download the ieHIP? software’s latest version whenever a new version is created. This means more features, added accessibility, and more fun!

ieHIP? is user friendly. With its Digital Content Manager (DCM), navigating the ieHIP? menu is a breeze. The DCM provides users the necessary “on-screen” buttons as Television User Interface. Clicking on the buttons would enable you to navigate the menus and its submenus allowing an easy access to the many features of the ieHIP?. It effectively allows you to create, interact, store, and view the many types of content that are accessible. You can navigate the TUI just as easily as you would with your TV remote controls and cell phones.

ieHIP? is secure. ieHIP? enables you to do online transactions without the danger of credit card fraud and privacy intrusions. This is made possible with ieHIP?’s Smart Card technology. ieHIP?’s Smart Card like any standard smart cards, has an embedded IC chip which stores your unique Private Key and all your confidential information (e.g. credit card numbers). These information never leaves the Smart Card and is never given out to any trusted third parties. This is what we call security without compromising one’s privacy. The ieHIP?’s Smart Card allows you to encrypt and decrypt information sent over the Internet, thus security is really assured. ieHIP? has a built in Smart Card reader. Whenever online transactions are required, simply insert your Smart Card into ieHIP’s Smart Card reader and an encrypted digital signed PO will then be sent to the online store using the Private Key Code stored in the card. If the online vendors require your credit card number, you don’t need to type it since it is stored in your smart card. But to ensure security for every transaction, the smart card encrypts this credit card number thus protecting it from hackers.

The ieHIP? Smart Card also provides encryption of digital content that are intended for specific subscribers. Contents sent via the Internet are always prone to illegal copying and distribution, an event detrimental to content originators, but with the ieHIP?’s Digital Rights Management System (DRMS), these contents are encrypted and only those who subscribed are given access to these contents. With this technology, content originators can be assured that the content they distribute through the Internet is safe from digital content pirates.

For a cable TV or Satellite signal broadcasting company, Conditional Access (CA) would provide access only to Cable and Satellite subscribers since they have paid a fee for the rights to view the content. They have the decryption key required to access, download, and play the files in the DRMS equipped player and application that is in the ieHIP? and external ieHIP? Smart Card Readers. They are allowed to store these contents in their hard drive but only in a format that cannot be copied nor distributed to another computer through the Internet. These digital files are not playable in any player application without the Smart Card Key.

For secure email applications, ieHIP’s Secure Email Package protects your messages sent through the Internet by employing the hardware-based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The Private Key in your Smart Card signs your emails in much the same way that you use your pen in signing checks, and other signature bearing documents. Then you encrypt the message using your recipient public key, which will be given to you by your recipient prior to sending email. This means that only your recipient can read the message since it is his private key that is used in decrypting.

ieHIP? uses 1.7 GHz Intel Pentium Processor, 128MB SDRam, 80 GB Hard Disk Drive, FireWire ?/ IEEE 1394, Ethernet 10/100 (supported for DSL and Cable Modem), S-Video/Composite/YUV/RGB Video Output with Macrovision, Smart Chip Card Reader. The front panel has Headphone interface, Game port, Microphone Input, USB port, S-Video/Composite Video Capture Input, Audio Left/Right Input. The back panel has a LAN RJ45 port, SPDIF Audio Digital Out, 5.1 Audio Channel (FL, FR, C, B, RL, RR), Audio capture Left and Right, Video Capture Input, Video Composite Output, S-Video Output, Slide switch to select video output (YUV, RGB) TV RF Input, VGA Input, and VGA Monitor Output.

The novelty of the ieHIP? is shown in its features and capabilities. It is a portal to the whole world, your all-in-one Home Entertainment Center. The ultimate convergence platform is finally here. ieHIP?, the answer to all our Home Information and Entertainment needs!!!