Delicate Productions Supports The Killers US Tour

Delicate Productions supplied a Martin Audio MLA system for The Killers US "Wonderful Wonderful" tour that headlined leading venues across the country.

Delicate Productions supplied a Martin Audio MLA system to reinforce the recent The Killers US "Wonderful Wonderful" tour that headlined leading venues such as the Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden in New York City, United Center in Chicago, American Airlines Arena in Miami and Los Angeles' Staples Center to name a few.

The main PA consisted of 34 Martin Audio MLA and two MLD downfill cabinets a side along with 34 MLA and two MLD side hangs, 16 MLA Compact as rear hangs for the audience to the side and rear of the stage out of coverage from the side hangs. 31 MLX subs were deployed in seven stacks of three in cardioid mode spread evenly in front of the stage along with five cabinets flown per side in cardioid mode. Six Martin Audio WT2 full range cabinets were used for infill.

Delicate's crew included Nate Lettus as Audio Crew Chief, Chan Howard and Ben Bruns (PA System Techs), Chip Valentino (Monitor Tech), and Andrew Neumiller (Audio Stage Tech).

Commenting on the tour, which Delicate is currently supporting in Latin America and will pick up for summer events such as the BottleRock and Bonnaroo Festivals, Smoother Smyth explains, "Delicate Productions is the audio vendor for the Killers in North America, but we were greatly assisted on this recent tour by SES (Special Event Services) out of Winston Salem who provided a large number of the PA cabinets.

"The goal was to offer our client close to identical equipment packages as that provided by Capital Sound in the UK, making for a seamless continent to continent transition," Smoother adds. "This necessitated speaker dollies for the MLA and MLX cabinets and a stage left and stage right equipment cart for the PA electronics. These carts incorporated a storage bin on top to accommodate the flown speaker cables that dramatically increased our load in and load out efficiency.

"The MLA, MLX, MLA Compact system was amazing and it really comes down to the old adage, ‘It ain't what you got, it's what you do with it!' Band engineers Kenny Kaiser and Marty Beath were in top form from day one."

Summing up, Smoother concludes, "As always, the Killers incorporated a fantastic lighting and video package and I'm pleased to say that our audio services effectively complemented the show, making it one of the most memorable events I've been involved with. I was more than pleased with the effort put forward by our crew and cannot say enough about their contribution."

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