Review and information on our new premium large wall mounted TruFlame electric fires

This release will review and provide information on our new premium products. These are 35, 50 and 72 inch wall mounted electric fires. These can be wall hung or inset.

Wall mounted electric firestore Rolls Out 2018 New Premium Product

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England - Wall Mounted Electric Firestore is pleased to announce the launch of the latest Large wall hung electric fire this 2018. The company has been providing the people of the UK access to sensible, affordable, and stylish Wall mounted electric fires since 2010. The company will continue to provide electric heating options to satisfied and new customers, starting with its latest premium product release for 2018.

This latest product is an amazing 50-inch electric wall mounted electric fire with 10 different flame colours to choose from along with side LEDs. Users can also choose the source of fire between lovely pebbles, the classic logs, or beautiful crystals. It is fully customizable depending on the user's mood and style.

The electric fire that is perfectly mounted on any wall gives a classy and elegant touch to any bare room. Its magical and luminous fire makes the entire room feel warm and cozy, it is the perfect buddy for those cold and rainy nights of winter. Plus, there is no upkeep required, when the room is perfectly warm, the electric fire is shut off and no ashes or logs are left for cleaning. It is also worth mentioning that the electric fire is an eco-friendly choice seeing as it does not burn any wood or create any smoke.

There are so many great things about the newest electric fire from Wall Mounted Electric Firestore. Its amazing features have earned it a wonderful reputation among many customers.

Since its release many users have already sung praises about the large wall hung electric fire. One user named John Wilson comments "Gorgeous fire! And arrived very quickly- very happy". Others echo the same sentiments such as Jordan who gave the Wall Mounted Electric Firestore's new product a 5-star rating and a review saying: "Top product, top company. Hope to use we will recommend."

As far as wall mounted electric fires go this product is one of the best in the market. It also helps that Wall Mounted Electric Firestore is the first shop to provide the latest electric fire. As the words of one Mr. David James "This apparently was the first batch of these into the UK - well WOW we ordered on the companies presale system," he further adds "We were so excited - the box was huge and we can't believe how amazing the flame effect is!" These are the words of a satisfied customer.

When it comes to specialty products like those sold by Wall Mounted Electric Firestore you can always expect to get the best. As another happy customer, Martin Boyle says "Great product great price, would recommend". There are many other reviews for the 50-inch White Wall Mounted Electric Fire, but instead of reading comments experience the premium product yourself.

Contact Wall Mounted Electric Firestore for more information about availability, orders, and delivery concerns. If this product is too large for your living room, there are many other electric fires to choose from that will be the perfect fit for warming your home.

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