Techo’s Smart Faucet Adapter Brings Touchless Taps to Every Home

The adapter houses two sensors, one at the bottom for short bursts and one on the side for longer use. When a hand movement is registered a stream of water is delivered until it’s moved out of range.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--It can be a challenge to maintain hygiene while cooking or cleaning, so it was only a matter of time before the humble kitchen and bathroom sink got a smart home makeover.

Say hello to Techo's Autowater range of hands-free tap adapters, which give users the convenience of automatic faucets at home. As well as improving usability, the adapters help reduce the spread of bacteria and water consumption.

How Autowater works

Each adapter transforms a manually-operated tap to automatic. For busy households, it is important to keep surfaces germ free. Sinks are a breeding ground for bacteria, but Autowater's infrared sensor eliminates the need to touch the handle.

The adapter houses two sensors, one at the bottom for short bursts and one on the side for longer use. When a hand movement is registered a stream of water is delivered until it's moved out of range.

When the side sensor is triggered waterflow lasts longer, with a 45-second shut off for the bathroom, or three minutes for the kitchen to allow for tasks such as washing dishes.

Stylish user-friendly design

With a chic, Aluminum finish this smart accessory blends perfectly in any home. It's easy to use and features a built-in adjustable aerator for users to alter the angle of water flow to complement all styles of basin. For people seeking water in the dark there's even a built-in night light.

Automatic faucets can be costly and difficult to install, but Autowater is an environmentally friendly DIY solution that comes with everything necessary to install it within a matter of minutes.

With wireless charging and a powerful battery Autowater lasts eight to 10 months before it needs to recharge.

Delong Wu, Techo's Founder, explains: "Based on over 15 years experience in public sanitaryware products, we found our customers value luxury items, which make their lives easier at an affordable price. Our Autowater range is a stylish smart home accessory for a household that wants to save water, time and prevent the spread of germs."

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign kicks off on 12 December with a target of $10,000 to put the device into mass production. It has an RRP of $119.

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