Package Design Expert Speaks at Cleaning Products 2017

Rapid prototyping is a key part of the new product development processes today. Craig Hidalgo shares his expertise on this topic at the Cleaning Products US expo in October 2017.

Another year, another chance to meet innovative and inspiring people leading the world in cleaning product production. This year's summit will take place just steps away from the US Patent and Trademark Office making the appearance of packaging design expert, Craig Hidalgo even more memorable. From October 10 to 12, attendees will have a chance to learn new things and meet people within the industry, Craig Hidalgo included.

Craig Hidalgo is known within the business because of his innovative and practical patented designs. With over 25 years of experience in the field of prototyping design Philadelphia, product design and development, there is no other man you can trust to come up with new packaging ideas. His most recent venture revolves around rapid prototyping and how it affects new product development processes. The packaging industry is always changing, finding better ways to package goods so that consumers are satisfied with the products they purchase.

The way your products are packaged matters because customers prefer to choose items with better packaging. The program will be a chance for companies to learn from Craig's expertise on the best practices used in designing and prototyping. The main focus of creating these prototypes is to efficiently design one that can be used for real-functional testing.

Other topics will include an overview of the commonly used 3D printers including the additives in manufacturing technologies. Many of today's well-respected healthcare companies and consumer products companies have Craig's knowledge. He is extending his know-how to the big shots within the Cleaning Product industry to create better packaging for their products. Craig's technical knowledge, experience, and prowess are all for the taking during Cleaning Products 2017. It is one of the highlights of the entire event that shouldn't be missed.

Working with designers and engineers gives companies a new perspective when it comes to packaging and product design engineering. Whether you are in the cleaning products industry, in healthcare, or any kind of product manufacturing business you can benefit from what Craig Hidalgo will present.

"Industrial designers and design engineers work together strategically. This allows them to bring ideas and concepts to life and introduce them into the market," - Definitive Design. It is through unique and inventive thinkers that we continuously discover new things. There are no limits when creativity and strategic thinking are used under one roof.

The team at Definitive Design works as unit and tackle challenges head-on with a mix of enthusiasm and curiosity and a dash of imagination. Lead by Craig Hidalgo who has an amazing record of 17 patents in different fields, including but not limited to durable medical goods, dental devices, and tissue ablation. They are well equipped with knowledge, inspiration, and resources to find the solutions during the development of a new product.

October 11, 2017, at 9 AM, save the date on your calendars and don't miss out on this opportunity to learn and grow from Craig's work and experience with industrial designers and design engineers. People in the Cleaning Products business will not regret attending his talk.

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