It is an undisputed fact that the Internet has increased the availability of researchable materials for children and expanded their information resources. Educational information, however, is not the only viewable material on the internet. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), inappropriate or mature content is easily accessible to youth. ?The same advances in computer and telecommunication technology that allow our children to reach out to new sources of knowledge and cultural experiences are also leaving them vulnerable to exploitation and harm,? reported Louis J. Freeh, Former Director Federal Bureau of Investigation the U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation?s ?A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety?. Compex, a leading manufacturer of wireless networking products, has addressed the problem of how to filter content from a medium as vast as the internet. It is impossible to individually censor each potentially hazardous website or chat room so Compex offers a technology on its routers which does that for you. Compex?s Content Filtering technology on its line of routers helps parents and education providers place limitations on what children may view. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry?s recommendation to use parental controls to limit what a child may encounter online. Compex?s Content Filtering feature protects children from accidental encounters with inappropriate material by enabling parents to eliminate access to entire categories of online sites or activities they decide a child should not access. For instance, if a parent does not approve of online gaming, gaming sites can easily be blocked, therefore, eliminating distractions from homework. It also is beneficial for employers who do not want employees to view inappropriate or distracting content for the work environment, which can cause unproductive behavior or legal liability. Content Filtering is the most effective and user friendly content management method for this implementation purpose. All a user needs to worry about is setting categories to be filtered out and all materials within that category will be blocked. For example, if pornography is selected as a category, all pornographic sites and advertisements will not be viewable. This is much more effective and wide reaching than URL filtering, which requires specific URL addresses to be entered to block individually. Compex?s Content Filtering feature is a subscription based feature, which means it is a managed solution that is continuously updated, making it more comprehensive and up to date. Compex routers are designed to work with 8e6 Technologies by using the standard TCP/IP protocol that forwards outbound Internet requests to a remote 8e6 R2000 server, also known as a satellite host. When the requests are received, they are filtered out using categories selected by the user. If an Internet request matches a selected category, access is denied and the Internet request is dropped. This is all done without modification to a user?s current network. Compex?s Content Filtering feature is available on most Compex routers including the NetPassage series and SKW series. This feature is managed by 8e6 Technologies, a professional Internet filtering company which provides solutions for home, office and education. More information about 8e6 Technologies is available at Compex has made this important safe guard technology widely affordable to all Compex customers by launching a gateway to subscription service with partner 8e6 Technologies through the Compex website at Compex is a forward-thinking, cutting-edge manufacturer developing the latest in wireless technology. Compex prides itself in providing total wireless solutions to meet customers? needs. Compex designs, develops, and manufacturers integrative end-user and enterprise level products to fulfill broadband, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and IRDA solution needs. Compex seeks to address and fulfill market demands with relevant and innovative solutions. Compex products are available through a large network of distributors, resellers, on/off line retailers, and catalogs. Further information on Compex products can be found at and