CEDIA 2014, this years show used the slogan "Hyper-Change" to signify the ongoing evolution of the residential AV market and promises to showcase "New Products, New Innovations and New Demands."  
This year CEDIA took place September 10th – 13th in Denver, Colorado.  Showcasing a full spectrum of the Home Technology trends that are relevant today and tomorrow CEDIA 2014 hosted thousands of visitors browsing the booths of nearly 500 exhibitors.  As well over 100 courses will be offered that cover home automation, home theater, audio video, systems integration and networking.
As usual HomeToys.com is on hand to see what was what at this years show.  Below is a list of some of the new products featured at CEDIA 2014.
For all the News and announcements from this years show make sure to check out our SPECIAL CEDIA NEWSPAGE.


Leviton – New Universal Dimmers – Seamless Operation for All Classes of Bulbs

Saving energy and the associated costs is now as easy as selecting your favorite bulb – incandescent, dimmable LED or dimmable CFL – and pairing it with one of our Universal Dimmers. Our Decora®, SureSlide®, and IllumaTech® LED/CFL/Incandescent dimming controls offer contemporary styling and superior functionality to effectively dim today's bulbs as well as next-generation lighting sources without sacrificing performance. Enjoy full-range dimming, smooth start-up and the benefit of energy-savings as you create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.




Platinum Tools – Maxim 6 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper 

"For use with round, oval and flat wire cable, the Platinum Tools Maxim 6 is a heavy duty, self-adjusting wire stripping and cutting tool with an ergonomic handle that is designed for comfort and reduces fatigue," explained John Phillips, Platinum Tools product manager. "The autoform laminated stripping jaws form around the radius of the cable to ensure no damage to the inner conductor, while the built-in wire stop measures strip length. It has all the form and functionality the installer needs for any job." 



Omnimount – OE120IW – In-Wall TV Mount

OmniMount is showcasing the OE120IW and in-wall TV mount solution duo with in-wall box and a pre-assembled full motion wall mount for high end installations.  The OE120IW eliminates the hassle of matching an in-wall box with compatible mount and makes in-wall wiring feasible without an electrician.








Russound – XStream X5 wireless music streaming system 

The Russound XStream X5 wireless music streaming system delivers the perfect balance of popular music content, audio performance and optimal control. X5 is a streamer, amplifier and room controller designed for custom installation professionals. Engineered for flexible configuration and easy integration, X5 satisfies any design challenge. The XStream Technology inside enables popular streaming content from the cloud, home network, tablets and phones – all from a single component. Every X5 zone can be controlled by a keypad or the My Russound App to ensure integration and control of any digital AV source connected.





Panamax – M4000-PRO power manager

Designed for moderate to high-end A/V system installations, the new M4000-PRO comes equipped with trusted BlueBOLT technology, allowing users to remotely manage their power, energy and network from any web-enabled device. To reduce excess energy consumption, the power manager provides visibility on energy usage with cloud-based monitoring and the capability to program scheduled on/off commands. When connectivity is lost, the M4000-PRO can automatically reboot network equipment, reducing service calls and equipment issues. So, instead of rolling a truck every time there’s a problem with an installed system, users can cycle the power and reset the components with the touch of a button from anywhere in the world.



Wilson Electronics – CI Pro 70 

Wilson Electronics Pro70 is a high performance cellular signal booster designed specifically for custom integration applications in larger venues where weak cell reception is a problem indoors. The pro 70 cellular signal booster detects and amplifies weak outside cellular signals. The signal is then redistributed inside structures, resulting in reliable voice and data coverage (including 4G) inside today's energy efficient-but cellular challenged-buildings.



D-Tools, Inc. – System Integrator 2015 (SI 2015)

D-Tools System Integrator 2015 (SI 2015) is a complete estimation, design, and project management software solution designed to fulfill the needs of residential and commercial integration companies alike. This new release offers improvements in virtually every functional area to help increase revenue while reducing time and costs associated with the design, installation, and integration low-voltage systems.

Building on the architecture of the System Integrator platform and D-Tools Cloud infrastructure, SI 2015 includes new functionality around mobile installation management and quoting for tracking the status of install tasks, tracking time, adding notes, and syncing field data – all from mobile devices. This enables integrators to work with customers and respond to immediate needs in the field and bring critical working information back into the system for further project management.



ELK Products, Inc. – ELK M1 Gold Security & Automation Control 


ELK’s M1 Gold Security & Automation Control is more than just a security system. With over 50 integration partners, the M1 Cross Platform® control offers a flexible and integration friendly approach to home and business solutions by combining security, energy management, lighting, access control, audio and more. This IP accessible system provides simple, yet powerful on-site and remote user interfaces, giving the consumer full control anytime, anywhere with free or fee-based remote control.  M1 is a flexible, integration friendly system with easy system expansion ensuring it will be the right fit for today and in the future. 





MuxLab – 8 x 8 Cat 5e/6 Line Level Audio Matrix Switch

The 8 x 8 Cat 5e/6 Line Level Audio Matrix Switch supports audio switching between multiple audio sources and distribution via Cat 5e/6 cable. The Switch provides full non-blocking port switching and distribution between multiple stereo line level analog audio sources. The Switch uses RJ45 connectors and works in conjunction with MuxLab’s stereo audio baluns and digital audio baluns. The Switch provides port buffering, unity gain compensation and ground loop isolation. The unit can be managed via push-button, IR, RS232, Ethernet, Web Server, or 3rd party software.




Monitor Audio – Monitor Audio In-Wall Subwoofer 

Designed to add deep bass to architectural speaker systems, Monitor Audio’s new in-wall subwoofer combines a sophisticated IWS-10 C-CAM driver ($499), IWA-250 watt amplifier ($499) and IWB-10 back box ($199). The high valued system ($1,249) has been conceived to deliver optimum ‘controlled’ bass in new walls or easy bass augmentation in retro-fit installations.
Providing deep bass and installation flexibility, the IWS-10 driver employs an extraordinarily rigid, flat 10” C-CAM surface devised for Monitor Audio’s acclaimed ‘Gold’ series – high-end speakers.





AudioControl – Maestro M8


AudioControl’s new Maestro M8 surround processor is geared towards the movie enthusiast who demands exceptional home theater performance including an amazing audio experience! This incredible processor supports today’s high-resolution formats, including 4K Ultra H and delivers a movie experience, rich in top tier audiophile quality. Movie buffs and audio enthusiasts will immerse themselves in their obsession, enthusiasm and zeal for their favorite movies and media content.



Monoprice – New line of Home Automation components including a Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor 

This sensor can be used to monitor either a door or a window, sending a Z-Wave signal when the door or window has been breached. This trigger signal can then be used to activate various other Z-Wave devices and perform preprogrammed tasks. This sensor comes with everything you need to install it into an existing Z-Wave network, including mounting screws, adhesive tape, and a CR123A battery for power. 







XWC-1000, a Wireless Controller that delivers cost-effective centralized management for up to 8 Wireless Access Points (APs). The XWC-1000 enables efficient WLAN setup, optimization and management, while minimizing roaming issues typically associated with multi-AP wireless networks. Designed to be both simple and cost-effective to deploy, the XWC-1000 offers an ideal solution for residential and light commercial wireless networks at an MSRP of $399. 



Atlantic Technology – 44-DA Speaker Module for New Dolby Atmos® Sound Technology 

The new Atlantic Technology 44-DA Dolby Atmos-enabled loudspeaker module utilizes a 5 ¼" woofer and 1" silk dome tweeter in a concentric driver array (CDA), firing from the top of the speaker enclosure at a precisely-determined angle, to achieve the optimum effect. Particular attention has been paid to delivering a "controlled acoustic scatter" in an effort to dramatically broaden the sweet spot of the sound reflected by the ceiling, allowing for greater placement flexibility within the listening room.

Upon seeing and hearing the first working sample from Atlantic Technology, Dolby decided to feature the Atlantic system in closed door partner demonstrations at last year's CEDIA. Later that year, Dolby provided its employees a glimpse into the future of home entertainment when it featured this system during its worldwide sales and marketing conference.



ADCOM – GIA-275 Integrated DAC and Amplifier

The GIA-275 is a high performance, integrated and compact system designed to enable you to play stereo music from your Bluetooth enabled portable devices (phones, tablets, laptops…), play 24 bit 192kHz high resolution audio via a USB connection to your Apple MAC or Windows system, digitally connect to the audio from your flat screen TV, cable box, satellite receiver etc. and connect to your legacy analog devices such as a CD player, DVD player and tuner. The GIA-275 fully supports Bluetooth V4, A2DP and aptX to produce CD quality sound through a wireless connection.


Nucleus – Nucleus Intercom 

Nucleus is an Internet-connected video intercom so you can talk with your loved ones wherever they are – whether they are upstairs or 100 miles away – with just one tap on the screen.  
Nucleus is also voice-activated so that it can serve as the brains of the connected home.  Just say "OK Nucleus, turn on the lights" or "OK Nucleus, play some music" and it will relay your command to the appropriate device. 


Bryston – BDP-1USB Digital Music Player


The BDP-1USB joins Bryston’s flagship BDP-2 in the company’s music player lineup. Because the BDP-1USB is engineered to work with an external USB DAC, Bryston is able to build the new player without including the premium-grade internal sound card featured in the BDP-2. This reduces the cost of the new player without any penalty in sound quality and opens the world of high-resolution audio playback to a broader audience. As media coverage and prominent recording artists have touted the benefits of better digital formats, consumer interest has been on the rise and the BDP-1USB targets this demographic. 



Channel Vision Technology –SIK Series All-In-One Intercom 

Designed to provide 2-way visual and audio communication between the front door and select devices, the intercom with built-in IP camera seamlessly integrates with security systems, telephones, interior intercom stations and select SIP-enabled devices – including home automation touch screens. Features include: 
• Flush mount design 
• Built-in 1.3mp IP camera
• 26 Bit WIEGAND output 
• Built-in prox card reader 
• SIP device compatibility 
• Illuminated push button 
“Versatile and durable SIK Series Intercoms are built with 1⁄4” solid brass faceplates and have multiple finish options,” says Channel Vision President Darrel Hauk, “and they are made in the USA to exacting standards.” 



Christie – Brings Pedigree Cinema Experience to Home Entertainment

Christie®, the global leader in visual display and audio technologies, now brings its illustrious pedigree and 85 years' experience to home entertainment at CEDIA 2014.  Christie will be showcasing a variety of 3-chip DLP®, 1-chip DLP®, flat panel and audio solutions available for home entertainment, all bearing the celebrated Christie name and backed with the quality, reliability and service of the distinguished Christie brand. 



INSTEON – Microsoft Cortana Voice-Activated Home Automation 

INSTEON formally announced its integration with Cortana in July 2014. Cortana is Microsoft's intelligent assistant that uses natural language understanding and text to respond to users' inquiries, launch applications and set/send reminders. The all-new digital assistant also offers proactive suggestions, providing useful recommendations as she gets to know each unique user. Integrating Cortana with INSTEON products enables users to accomplish a variety of tasks by simply speaking to Cortana. 



Somfy – Somfy Connect

The Somfy Connect  expands Somfy’s robust line of interfaces  and provides a solution to operate Somfy RTS and Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN) motorized applications with  RadioRA® 2, HomeWorks® QS, Grafik Eye® QS, and Quantum® control systems.  The addition of these integration protocols to Somfy’s extensive range of compatible interfaces, including Z-Wave®, ZigBee®, Wi-Fi, IR and serial protocols allows RTS motors to communicate with virtually any system.  This provides easy integration into many of the leading home automation systems and smart home hubs on the market offering users the benefits of Somfy-powered products no matter which solution they have. 



Crestron – Crestron Pyng 

The Crestron Pyng™ app provides a quick, easy solution for setting up and controlling lighting, shades, thermostats, door locks, and security systems in a home. This free home automation app enables complete setup from an Apple® iPad® and control from iPad, iPhone®, and iPod touch® devices.


Using an iPad with the Pyng app opened, an integrator can simply walk from room to room in a home and pair each wireless accessory—such as Crestron® switches, dimmers, keypads, remote controls, and shades—to the dedicated Pyng hub using infiNET EX® communications.