Leviton’s OmniPro ll Helps Provide Enhanced Access for Assisted Living Residents
11/15/13, Contributed by, Leviton
The system provides residents and caregivers access to the complex and their apartment through their iPhone using the Snap-Link app.

Data Apocalypse
11/15/13, THE Insider 
Today’s advanced BD preservation media delivers a data life of 50 years or more without constant media migration or requiring power (except when read/written) or AC, delivering piece of mind and savings.

Two Residential Automation Examples By Leviton
11/15/13, Contributed by, Leviton

Wijk en Aalburg, The Netherlands and Warwick Square, Central London

Movie Theater vs. Home Theater

11/01/13, Len Calderone for, HomeToys
Personally, I enjoy sitting at home with surround sound, my feet up, drinking what I want, and snacking on popcorn. Even better is watching a movie that I have chosen from my collection, which includes films from the glorious days of film making.

The Top Twelve Things Your CE Website Needs To Do
11/01/13, Paul DiComo and Al Ballard, CE Marketing Pros
Your website is the single most important weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Content Insider #305 – Information Overload
11/01/13, THE Insider 
More Data Doesn’t Make Better Decisions, it Just Takes Longer

IMAX Private Theatre
10/15/13, Contributed by, VIA – DSI
As it should be, the IMAX Private Theatre is designed as a complete system, not a bunch of disparate components put in a room as is often the case with many home theater “systems”.

Cloud Computing and Wireless Sensor Networks
10/15/13, Johanna Williams 

In the current worldwide ICT scenario a constantly growing number of more and more powerful devices (smartphones, sensors, household appliances, etc.) join the Internet. Among such devices we can also include wireless sensor and actuator networks such as the Advanticsys TelosB / Tmote Sky motes.

Challenges in Developing the Internet of Things 
09/30/13, Tom Kerber, Parks Associates
In the end, the business models that reward innovation, are open, and fully interoperable at all levels will be successful. The Internet of Things will only come into being when the interoperability challenges are conquered.

Beyond Like: Smartphones–Powerful Business and Consumer Tools
09/30/13, THE Insider 
In 1960, computer theorist J.C.R Licklider said that in a few years, human brains and computing machines will be coupled together very tightly.

Case Study – Video Wall Matrix at McCarran International Airport
09/30/13, Contributed by, Premier Mounts

The final custom video wall located in the D concourse of McCarran 

Everything Smart
09/13/13, Len Calderone for, HomeToys
Smart appliances and household devices have made our lives easier and sometimes safer. Now they are connected to the Web. These so-called smart devices are programmable and easy to access remotely, both by their owners and, as it turns out, by hackers.

NSA Just Needs a Better Name, New Service Offerings
09/13/13, THE Insider 
The new name? National Storage Agency (won’t have to change the initials on their coffee cups). Then pitch themselves as the country’s corporate and personal storage service and add a service that will have people standing in line around the block – free, automatic backup of your devices/drives.

Case Study: United Nations Secretariat Building
09/13/13, Tom Murphy, Somfy North America

In total, this retrofit is expected to save between $4 and $5 million dollars per year while still maintaining the Secretariat Building’s iconic glass façade, solidifying the United Nations reputation as a model of sustainability and innovation.

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What is Audio Video Bridging?
11/15/13, Rick Kreifeldt, AVnu Alliance

Technology managers need to know about AVB because it allows them to manage and optimize networks that now are converging to carry both data as well as audio/video

Staples Launches Staples Connect to bring Connected Home to the Mass Market

11/15/13, Mike Harris, Zonoff, Inc
Staples is moving into this space because they see the big trends moving this way as well – pervasive broadband, consolidated wireless standards, and apps everywhere.

Tomographic Motion Detection
09/13/13, Matt Kankainen , Xandem Technology

TMD (Tomographic Motion Detection) is a fundamentally new form of motion detection technology. It provides complete coverage of an area with the ability to be completely hidden from view because it is not a line of sight technology.

Finding The Middle Of The Home Automation Market

09/13/13, Mike Anderson, TiO Home Automation & Control
"Outside-In" is all about focusing on the customer experience and designing products to enhance that experience.


AudioControl's Rialto 400

10/15/13, Mark Anderson, for HomeToys

Being a big Sonos fan (I have 6 zones in my house), I’ve always been curious if I’d see any improvement with an external DAC. Recently I had the opportunity to test a Rialto 400 from AudioControl with my Sonos system and was impressed.

CEDIA 2013

CEDIA 2013 – Tradeshow Report
09/30/13, Brandon Hetherington, HomeToys
For well over a decade has been covering CEDIA and bringing all the industry news and exciting new products to our eMagazine to help our readers make sense of the massive event. We have compiled a list of some new product releases from this years show below.

Update from CEDIA 2013
09/30/13, Len Calderone for, HomeToys
There were many new exhibitors at CEDIA, along with hundreds of returning companies. It is impossible to cover all of the new product introductions. We did see an evolution of product offerings, which demonstrated both convenience as well as superb quality.

CEDIA 2013 Special News Report
09/30/13, Operated by, HomeToys featuring AVSystemsMag

This is our special news page where you can read about and post news and announcements about products and services exhibited at CEDIA 2013.

What makes CEDIA an important show?

09/17/13, Coleen Sterns Leith, Marketing Matters 

Each year—and this year is no exception—the show serves as the platform for a number of great product launches and a venue in which our clients can host product training to keep their customers ahead of the curve.

The CEDIA EXPO 2013 Is Coming

08/30/13, Len Calderone for, HomeToys

CEDIA EXPO is the premier event for the custom residential market. You will experience solid technologies and interactive displays along with qualified manufacturer personnel. Get answers, not brochures.

CEDIA 2013: Michael de Nigris of Autonomic

08/30/13, Michael de Nigris, Autonomic
CEDIA does an excellent job of pulling together a vast array of dealers small to large, giving us an opportunity to expose the Autonomic brand to new customers while reinforcing our brand message and highlighting new features to existing customers.

Z-Wave at CEDIA EXPO 2013
08/30/13, Mark Walters, The Z-Wave Alliance
CEDIA puts out a top notch event and has found the right mix of trade show, training events and industry networking. It is nice to be back in Denver, we very much like the location.

Why Go to CEDIA?
08/15/13, Mark Buster, BitWise Controls
CEDIA gives us an excellent opportunity to connect with dealers and reps, as well as build relationships within the industry. There are only a handful of times when you can see the year’s best trends and innovation in one spot, and it’s exciting and inspiring to be surrounded by so many smart individuals.

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