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Choosing a Display for Digital Signage
04/20/12, Mark Anderson, AVSystemsMag.com
In our second article on Digital Signage, we look at display technologies.

Digital Signage in a Manufacturing Environment
04/20/12, Mark Anderson, AVSystemsMag.com
A manufacturing company was in search of a method for displaying shift assignment information (on multiple screens) for up to 300 temporary workers a day across 49 resources. After a rapid evaluation of several products, Noventri was chosen as the solution and it blew away many much more expensive solutions.

Brightsign's New Panther Media Players
04/20/12, Jeff Hastings, BrightSign
Interview with Brightsign's Jeff Hastings about their new Panther media players

Reflect Systems Retail Digital Signage Case Studies
04/20/12, Contributed by, Reflect Systems
Reflect Systems helped Verizon and GameStop to deploy retail digital signage solutions

Edmonton City Centre attracts local shoppers with NEC video walls and targeted advertising
04/20/12, Contributed by, NEC Solutions (America), Inc. / NEC Display
A successful project whose goal was to entertain passers by of the elevated walkway and increase sales of retailers in mall, as well as promote local, regional and national businesses.

Digital Signage – Getting Started
04/06/12, Mark Anderson, AVSystemsMag.com
In our first article in our Digital Signage Series, we look at the basics of digital signage and how to get started.

Mitsubishi Digital Signage
04/06/12, James Chan, Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions
Interview with Mitsubishi's James Chan about Digital Signage Displays

Glasses-Free 3D Digital Signage: Keeping It Simple
04/06/12, Eric Angello, Exceptional 3D
Exceptional 3D's Eric Angello explains the nuts and bolts of glasses-free 3D signage.

Is Your Head in the Clouds?
04/06/12, Len Calderone
Basically cloud computing is a data center on-demand. It is an unstructured infrastructure owned and operated by someone outside of its customers’ company that accepts and runs workloads created by its customers. Previously, if a company needed more computing power, it added more servers, but for a small company, this is not cost effective. Using cloud computing, a company can plug into the Internet to access more computing power, which is scalable; meaning that as the demand changes, the cloud system will scale up or down.

Obi-wan-Kenobi at a Store Near You!
04/06/12, Bill Barrett, Marketing Group, LLC
Digital signage promises timelier and better targeted messaging, but getting the consumer in front of the display is still the number one challenge. Marketing Group LLC has a novel concept to solve this problem: the Holographic Greeter.

3D displays for Digital Signage
03/23/12, Chris Chinnock, Insight Media
Interview with Chris Chinnock, President of Insight Media, about 3D displays and their application in digital signage.

DSE 2012 – TradeShow Report
03/12/12, Mark Anderson and Bob Hetherington, AVSystemsMag.com
The world's largest international trade show dedicated to digital signage, interactive technology, and Out-of-Home networks.

Affordable Digital Cinema
03/12/12, Justin Evans, BryteWerks, LLC
Startup project company, BryteWerks' CEO tells us why a filmaker decided to build a projector and revolutionize digital cinema in the process.

LG Display’s Public Display Division
03/12/12, Interview with Joon Jun, LG Display
Interview with LG's Mr. Joon Jun, Vice President and Head of LG Display’s Public Display Division about current and future products

Affordable, Easy to Deploy, Digital Signage
03/12/12, Mark Anderson, AVSystemsMag
Many digital signage products are capable of fancy animations, video and audio: all the stuff you can’t do with printed media. Many users have much simpler needs: display rotating images with some dynamic data.

Capture – and Hold – Visitor Attention with Live Messages on Your Digital Display
03/12/12, Jeff Hastings, BrightSign, LLC
Having dynamic digital displays isn’t always enough. In order to effectively communicate marketing messages, you must first capture the consumer’s attention. As a result, a trend involving the convergence of digital displays and live messaging is gaining momentum

ISE 2012 (Integrated Systems Europe) Trade Show Report
02/06/12, Brandon Hetherington and Mark Anderson, AVSystemsMag
With over 750 exhibitors ISE 2012 in Amsterdam was the largest professional AV and systems integration trade show ever held in Europe, bringing together manufacturers, distributors, integrators, specifiers and technology managers from over 100 countries worldwide.

HTML 5 and Digital Signage
01/31/12, Mark Anderson, Contributing Editor for AVSystemsMag
One of the most significant aspects of HTML 5 for digital signage is dynamic content. HTML 5 makes it very easy to display real time information such as stock prices, weather, news headlines, sports scores, etc. Much of this can be accomplished with technologies such as JQuery, and there are companies such as GeckoBoard who specialize in delivering business intelligence via the web.

Unlock the Secret to Selling to the Military
01/31/12, Len Calderone
Selling to the military is not easy, but if you are persistent and take one step at a time, asking questions along the way, military sales can add substantially to your bottom line.

What can you expect in today’s conference rooms?
01/30/12, Len Calderone
To grow, a company has to spend money. Many companies upgrade the technology for their employees, but they often forget the potential of their conference rooms. Before the first piece of equipment is purchased, a company needs to evaluate how the room will be used, the esthetics of the room, and the layout.

Capturing Eyeballs, Mindshare in a Distracted World
01/17/12, Jeff Hastings, BrightSign
Today’s digital signage appeals to consumers because it delivers messages in a familiar, high-quality form that competes with their entertainment devices.

Visual Presentations for the Modern Sports Bar
01/10/12, Len Calderone
The layout of the bar will determine the placement of the TVs. Place as many TVs behind the bar as the space will allow. There was a time when mirrors or paintings were mounted behind the bar because tube type televisions would not fit, but today these decorations are replaced by flat panel televisions, which need only inches from the wall for mounting.

Using Technology in Houses of Worship
01/09/12, Len Calderone
Modern technology drives information towards today’s generation. It is in all aspects of our life today and this role will only increase in the future. Any house of worship that ignores this fact will lose its congregation, especially the children, whose learning and development is technology based.

HDMI: Extension, Distribution and Switching via Cat5e/6
11/21/11, Jeffrey Herman, Muxlab
Due to the fact that Cat5e/6 is not designed like HDMI cable, additional connectivity hardware is needed to interface between the HDMI equipment and the Cat5e/6 cabling system. This connectivity hardware comprises three main functions; Distance Extension, 1xN Distribution and Matrix Switching.

Protecting Projectors from Vibration Sources
11/21/11, Nigel Brent, Nigel B Design
As most causes of vibration are equipment such as an HVAC Unit attached to a Building’s Steel Framework, installing the Projector on the same Steelwork results in vibrations between 0-30,000 Hertz being transmitted directly to the Projector. The solution for an Installer in these cases is to eliminate these unwanted effects by attacking the problem at the Projector. The absorbing grommets used in the Nigel B Design’s Mounts absorb these vibrations by lowering the frequency levels below the excitation or disturbing influences that occur and in combination with the Isolation Mounting Elements, result in a cure.

Review – Long-Runner HDBASE100MSW HDMI Extender
11/21/11, Michael Palm, TechGuys
We use this solution for conference rooms, lunchrooms, hospital waiting rooms and nearly all-custom Home Theater projects. It’s the bang-for-buck theory. HDMI, IRE and Ethernet from one cable save time, costs and headache. When you add up the cost of twin CAT5 x5 for typical baluns and Ethernet equivalent plus an IR Repeater you’re WAY higher than the cost of this single unit.

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