What is an Automated Lifestyle?

An “Automated Lifestyle” is a term that is commonly used today in Home Automation. It refers to a lifestyle of luxury and simplicity. Over the years new inventions have come about to make our lives a little simpler. In the home, these inventions have blossomed into a complete lifestyle. Living an Automated Lifestyle is quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception. Gone are the days of having to get up from a chair to change the TV channel. A new era of technology affords us the opportunity to make life’s old challenges a thing of the past. Today we can make any task in the home a simple one. This can be as little as turning the lights on from our bedsides in the morning, to starting the coffee from a voice command.

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An Automated Lifestyle is not only limited to Home Automation. It also encompasses other home based concepts such as distributing audio and video throughout the home, home security, control of your home from a remote location, and other integrated systems. Any item that makes life more comfortable in the home can be classified as an Automated Lifestyle application.

It was once said that, “To live an Automated Lifestyle, is to indulge in the luxury of comfort”. Automated Lifestyle concepts are not only for the lazy. There are also practical purposes to these systems. Imagine being able to change a channel on the TV to view your sleeping child, feed your pet while away on vacation, reduce heating/cooling bills by thermostat regulation, or protect your property from theft via a security system. These types of concepts embody the idea of living an Automated Lifestyle.

When you think of the future and all it’s endless possibilities, imagine the ideas that living an Automated Lifestyle can bring. The comforts of the future are available today. The idea of a home being intelligent is no longer just a vision. These systems are available today and are very affordable.

One day in the near future, living an Automated Lifestyle will be viewed as a standard rather than a luxury. Just think back to the days before the TV, microwave or dish washer. These items are viewed as standard items found in homes today, but were once only available to the rich. The prices of systems that aid in the Automated Lifestyle concept for today are very affordable. They range from a few dollars for simple light timers and dimmers, to tens of thousands of dollars for elaborate systems controlling an entire home. For the most part the basic products people use today are less expensive than a new personal computer.

Many systems today that promote the Automated Lifestyle concept can be installed in pre-existing homes. Others systems, however, are better suited to new home construction. Some systems are so simple that they only need to be plugged into an outlet to be installed. The range of products available today to aid in living an Automated Lifestyle are staggering. There are thousands of companies across the country that are involved in the Automated Lifestyle concept. The dream of living an Automated Lifestyle can be yours today. It is only a phone call away. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of living in ease and comfort. Make the decision today. You owe it to yourself to make your complicated life simpler. Go ahead find out what you are missing. It will be the best decision you can ever make.