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Subwoofer Placement
“Where do I put the subwoofer?” This is probably the most often-asked question when putting together a home theater system.

How To Choose A Qualified Electronics System Contractor
So you’re building a new home or doing some remodeling. Having integrated technology, distributed audio-video and, of course, the ever essential home theater is important to you.

How Design Choices Define Expectations
Over the last decade, technology advancements have infiltrated our personal lives at an unprecedented pace. Such developments have refueled questions about the extent to which ordinary consumers must acquire new skills in order to be able to use new technology effectively.

Home Theater Sound without Disturbing Neighbors
It’s now possible for people living in smaller spaces to experience a big home theater sound experience without the need for extensive soundproofing and without annoying their neighbors.

SlugOS For Dummies
SlugOS is a Linux distribution for the Linksys NSLU2. Installing SlugOS and installing the various tools are normally a daunting task if you are either new to Linux or have never used Linux before.

Resonance: The Good, Bad, & The Ugly!
The next time you might be inclined to chuckle over a product whose technology is evident but whose price is over your budget, be sure to check out the company’s lower priced products.
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Content Insider #128 – Bit Buckets
There’s No Good Time for Data to Disappear on You

Insider #129 – The OS Wars
Microsoft Gets its Groove On … Finally!

Content Insider # 130 – Buyer Turn-ons
A Gazillion Tweets, but What Makes the Cash Register Ring?

Content Insider #131 – The Cloud
The Pros, Cons of Working, Playing in the Clouds

Classic Home Toys #24 – The Rebirth of 3-D: Part 4
3-D in the Modern Age

Acoustic Treatment – Ethan Winer – RealTraps
There’s no question that good amplifiers and speakers are important! But you can put the best gear in the world in a bad sounding room, and it will sound bad.

BlueBOLT Technology – Dave Keller Panamax-Furman
Examples of how installers will use BlueBOLT include the ability to remotely reset devices, receive notifications when there are power problems, troubleshoot power-related issues, and monitor statistics such as voltage and current consumption over time.

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HomeToys CEDIA Show Report
Some of our picks and observations from the show floor.

CEDIA Special News Section
New Product Annoucements from the show.

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Anthony Gallo Acoustics Strada Speaker
The Stradas connected me with the drums with an incredible level of authenticity and clarity. This is how drums are supposed to sound.

NuVision’s Latest Lucidium LCD Screens
I had a chance to sit down with NuVision’s new 65″ brushed aluminum Lucidium FX5 Series LCD recently. As I was about to write up the review, CEDIA came along, so I thought I would add a couple of the company’s new units that were displayed at the show to this review.

Prices Plunge on True HD Projectors
Rapid price drops are nothing new in the world of electronics, and HD home theater projection is no exception.
Management Articles

Marketing In Unsettled Times
By cutting back to a core group of talented, motivated people; management not only finds they can run “leaner, meaner and better,” but it is also a better organization overall, as a result of the changes.

Ten Commandments for Managing People
Following are some simple guidelines you can follow to manage people more effectively, more easily and with better results.

Increasing Your Product, Service Street Cred
We all read the same studies, the same reports — WOM (word of mouth) is the most effective marketing/sales tool available.

One Too Many M&M Managers
An M&M manager is not a specialist in focusing people. He or she is a specialist in – are you ready — meetings & memos.
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