Current Issue – Aug / Sept 2008

Media Center, Music Server, Video Server? What do I need?
In this article I try to give you a brief description of the products and then break down the different products and highlight their features.Gregg Cannon

Virtualization for Smart Home Technologies
There are a number of potential applications for virtualization in smart home settings. These hidden virtual machines could serve a number of functions, such as replacing physical devices for home entertainment and media servers, supporting remote healthcare services and defining the home automation control modules. Thinagaran Perumal

Retrofitting in Insulated Walls
Drilling up or down, or fishing cable in insulated walls is an inconvenience but nothing more. Grayson Evans

RF Distribution TIPS
Installer/designers seem to associate the word “modulator” with “crummy picture”. This is undoubtedly due to a bad experience in the past. Grayson Evans

Open Systems Provide Added Flexibility
When all of the components of the system use open standards – you can use one control device to work with all of the systems. You can also add storage to increase the capacity of the music server – without having to go back to the original vendor if you don’t want to. Rochelle Grubbs

Is Old-School Retail Shedding It’s Skin?
The only way to keep from stagnating or being passed over in favour of some crappy $30.00 website, is for you to realize what you can offer to those customers… what they CAN’T get on-line. Dave Long

High Fidelity and Utility for Stuctural Loudspeakers
The Ideal Structural Loudspeaker (ISL) will open up a world of possibilities for this important application. This ISL will produce no acoustic energy in the ceiling structure and greatly reduce vibration while increasing dynamics and dispersion. Jan Plummer

CEDIA Expo UK 08
Against a backdrop of increasingly tough economic conditions across Europe, the 12th CEDIA UK Expo (23-26 June, ExCeL London) sounded a positive note for the custom installation industry.

Infocomm Best Buzz Awards
Insight Media is pleased to announce the 2008 InfoComm/Projection Summit Best Buzz Awards. These awardees both impressed our Insight Media analysts and created a general “buzz” at InfoComm and Projection Summit.

Stargate Theater is an Epic Creation
With a deep appreciation for The Stargate Atlantis television series and boxoffice hit, this homeowner came to Phil Chaney with the concept of recreating the set of Stargate Atlantis for his theater. Lisa Isaacson

D-Tools Case Study
T&T Communications began looking at software solutions in order to improve and streamline their business processes.

Whole House Speakers: Flat or Phat?
We are now enjoying digital media on the go and throughout our homes in environments and listening situations that were unheard of in the last century. Bob Williams
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Product Reviews

Sony Mylo
The poor Sony Mylo: It just can’t get no respect. Even with its beautiful hi-resolution color touch screen and its slide-out, backlit QWERTY keyboard, reviewers constantly lambaste it for not being an Iphone or a PSP or a Blackberry. Bobby Green

OutCast Wireless Outdoor Speaker System
I pulled it out of the box and in about 10 minutes had a new and very full bodied speaker out on the patio playing music from my ipod. Bob Hetherington

Z-Wave Lighting Control Systems
I have had the opportunity to review some Z-Wave equipment and I must say I’m impressed with the simplicity of the system. After all … lighting control and automation should not be rocket science … and in it’s simplest form I tend to think it should become standard in all new construction. Bob Hetherington

Pinnacle Studio 12
Certified for Windows Vista™, the Pinnacle Studio version 12 family consists of three affordably priced versions to meet the needs of consumers ranging from novices to dedicated video enthusiasts. Andy Marken

Media Servers – Scott Bahneman of MusicGiants
It seems as if the issues previously holding back production, such as drivers and Vista have been resolved. This year, we are seeing a huge push for media servers from all of the CE manufacturers.
Series and Columns

Content Insider #104 – OS Battles
We often wonder why Macophiles and Linux people portrayed Bill as the dark force in the universe. Guy was just trying to earn a buck…and put a computer on every desktop.

Content Insider #105 – Devices Aren’t Enough
It’s almost impossible to go out and buy a plain old mobile phone anymore. We threw tons of features/capabilities on them. We changed them from utilitarian to dress accessories … statements of who we are and our importance.

Content Insider #106 – Cloud Computing
The concept is great … everything is handled for you in the cloud…you can focus on work and not updating, rebooting your system (yeah like Macs don’t have that problem too). You can grab/store anything/everything and never have to worry about buying a new HD or losing your storage. It’s all done in the cloud.

Classic Home Toys #17 – Make Way for SACD
Whatever the future holds for SACD, listeners cannot deny the formats superior audio quality and after listening for some time to SACD’s. one may find it difficult to go back to listening to the traditionally recorded CD’s in their collections. James Russo
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