For nearly two decades PureLink has been leading the way as an innovator and educator in the professional audio/video industry.

Beyond 4K – Part 3: Innovation & Education

Michael Salerno | PureLink

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For nearly two decades PureLink has been leading the way as an innovator and educator in the professional audio/video industry. Founded in 2002, the company has a long list of industry firsts that it can lay claim to, leveraging their extensive R&D activities to bring to their integrator and designer partners the latest in cutting edge features and functionality. Very early in its existence, PureLink helped Intel to expand HDMI’s core specifications to accommodate matrix switchers and extenders. With strong ties to research and manufacturing facilities in South Korea, China, and Taiwan, they developed not only the world's first DVI to fiber cable, but also its first large scale DVI matrix switcher, as well as the first HDCP-compliant, and the first modular cross-platform digital matrix switcher.

Further company innovations include the world’s largest cross-platform digital matrix switcher, in their PureMedia PM-256 (256x256 chassis size) model, as well as the world’s first full UHD 4K/60 4:4:4 matrix switcher in its UX Series. Now, as video over IP is becoming utilized more and more as a connectivity solution, PureLink has continued this tradition of innovation, developing the world’s only 4K/60 IP video solution that can be delivered over both CAT and Fiber networks. Their VIP-300H-U system uses PureLink's proprietary PureStreamX codec to transport Ultra HD/4K content at low data rates, delivering exceptional video over CAT/Fiber distribution, in conjunction with their powerful VPX IP Video Management software.  

Through their PureAssurance program PureLink constantly tests display, source, and control devices to assure optimal performance with their equipment. PureAssurance is an in-house program that ensures the performance of various UltraHD displays and sources, such as media players, VTC cameras, projectors, and video processors, with PureLink’s systems and components. Devices that are certified through PureAssurance are continuously tested to determine the ability to conform to PureLink’s technical standards or specifications. The program provides systems integrators and designers with the assurance that PureLink solutions will perform accurately and consistently and minimizes risk by maintaining an enormous database of devices certified to work together.

Passing along a wealth of industry knowledge and experience has always been a priority for PureLink, offering comprehensive training classes and technical support staff visits on a regular basis to both partners and customers. Their staff have been regular contributors over the years to manufacturers training sessions offered at InfoComm, ISE and several other industry events. Their last educational training class took place at InfoComm and was a manufacturer’s training session entitled: “VIP & VPX: Comprehensive Solutions for A/V & KVM over IP.” It was offered for InfoComm CTS RU credit at the InfoComm 2017 Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, FL and will continue also to be offered in webinar form on various dates monthly (see full schedule on PureLink’s website). The webinars provide an overview of the VIP Series of encoders and decoders, and gives comprehensive training on PureLilnk’s VPX IP Video Management Software, as well as an introduction to the PureStream VIP-NET series of network switches.

Beyond 4K, in this case, represents an organization at the forefront of A/V technologies, delivering the solutions of the future right now. Beyond experience, PureLink has earned a reputation for meeting their customers’ needs, sometimes even before they know what is needed. Beyond education, PureLink has always offered training and the transfer of their abundant knowledge to partners and end-users alike.  Beyond innovation, their PureMedia™, HDTools, PureStream™, and TotalWire brands enable system configuration within any design platform or infrastructure. Find out more about PureLink and how their products and their people will go “Beyond 4K” for you.



PureLink is the leading provider of digital connectivity solutions to commercial audio/video and IT markets worldwide. PureLink has pioneered a powerful line of matrix-switching, format conversion, signal distribution, and long-distance extension systems that are optimized to support any consumer or commercial application. Government, military, business, education, entertainment, and healthcare markets rely on PureLink's technology every day. PureLink goes Beyond 4K.

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