Our MyQ technology uses industry-standard encryption, up-to-date security techniques, and periodic security testing with respected outside services to keep users’ information safe.

Using LiftMaster to Control Your Smart Home

Juan Lopez | LiftMaster


Can any home really be made into a “smart” home? How can a homeowner connect their home without spending a fortune?

Yes, LiftMaster® provides homeowners with several options to make their home a “smart” home, most prominently through smartphone control of the garage door and home lighting with the free MyQ® app, available at the Google Play and Apple iTunes app stores. The MyQ app lets you know if your garage door is left open and allows you to close it from anywhere in the world with your smartphone; it also lets you control home lighting. Depending on the kind of garage door opener you own, there are several options to make your home smarter with LiftMaster:

If you own a newer LiftMaster Garage Door Opener with built-in Wi-Fi®, like the LiftMaster 8550W, you can quickly connect to the MyQ app with no extra equipment to buy. This is the fastest and most convenient way to achieve a smarter home.

For virtually all other major garage door opener brands, LiftMaster’s MyQ Garage (model 821LM), available at LiftMaster.com, is an aftermarket solution which installs inside the garage, enabling smartphone control.  


Why would a homeowner want to make their home “smart?” What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to having a connected home, but at LiftMaster we like to think about the three big benefits which are access, security and home control.


With a LiftMaster Garage Door Opener and LiftMaster’s MyQ app, homeowners can control entry to their home from anywhere through their smartphone – handy for giving family or other trusted people access into the home.


More than 70 percent of homeowners use the garage as the main access point to the home, making security a top priority. Because LiftMaster is a Works with Nest partner, the MyQ app integrates Nest Cam Indoor and Outdoor security cameras so homeowners can physically view what is going on at home. Users can access a live feed of what’s happening in the garage the moment the garage door is activated and can also see past activity when subscribing to a Nest Aware plan with Video Clip Notifications on the MyQ app.

Home Control

LiftMaster MyQ users can quickly and easily set their Nest Thermostats to “Home” and “Away” modes using the MyQ app. Homeowners can also control home lighting through a LiftMaster Garage Door Opener and the MyQ app – by plugging any lamp into a LiftMaster Remote Light Control and operating it with their smartphone. Homeowners can sync lights to turn on when their garage door opens providing a safely lit entry into the home.    


LiftMaster is known for its work with garage door openers and automatic gates – why has LiftMaster become involved in the connected home space?

Our products have always allowed our customers to have more control over their lives. It’s only natural that as technology advances, that we’re at the forefront of making access and home control easier and more secure for the people that depend on our products every day.   


What LiftMaster products were specifically designed to aid in home connectivity?

Specifically, our new line of Wi-Fi garage door openers – including the Elite Series 8550W, the industry’s first Wi-Fi garage door opener – makes it easier than ever for homeowners to enable smartphone control with the MyQ app.


Are LiftMaster products secure with respect to cyber intrusion? How does that work?

Yes. Our MyQ technology uses industry-standard encryption, up-to-date security techniques, and periodic security testing with respected outside services to keep users’ information safe.


Has LiftMaster partnered with any other companies in the connected home space? Why or why not? 

Yes. Over the past few years, we’ve announced exciting partnerships with several industry leaders, including Alarm.com, Xfinity Home and Nest enabling our products to work with popular security and home automation platform, or in the case of Nest, enabling popular devices to be controlled within the MyQ app.


Can you give us a hint about possible future movements by LiftMaster in the connected home space?

We’re excited for the future of the connected home. We plan to continue developing strategic, multi-channel partnerships to expand MyQ’s integration capabilities even further and will continue to look for opportunities to give consumers the convenience and peace of mind they desire.



About Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez is Director of Marketing, Connectivity and Controls at LiftMaster. In this role, Juan is responsible for the commercialization of LiftMaster’s connectivity solutions and controls category. Before joining LiftMaster, Juan was the Director, eCommerce Strategy and Planning at W.W. Grainger in Lake Forest, Illinois. Juan holds a masters of business administration from Northern Illinois University and a bachelors of science in management from Northeastern Illinois University.  


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