Like many of the exhibitors at CEDIA, dealers are the lifeblood of our business.

CEDIA 2016 - Interview with Lee Marc of MantelMount

Lee Marc | MantelMount


Your company will be exhibiting at CEDIA Expo this year, what is it that makes this an important event for your company?

Like many of the exhibitors at CEDIA, dealers are the lifeblood of our business.  CEDIA 2015 gave us a chance to introduce our MantelMount product to the pro channel, a very important element in our company’s success.  It was obviously well received, as we had the honor of being named a 2015 Finalist for Best New Product last year.  This year’s version affords us the opportunity to show off our new pro channel products and create even more buzz about how MantelMount is changing TV viewing. 


What can a visitor to your booth expect to see this year?

Visitors to our booth will be able to see the best flatscreen television mounts available on the market.  Unlike competitive offerings which only swivel left and right, MantelMount gives users the ability to pull their TV’s down, creating the ideal viewing experience.  In short, visitors will see flatscreen TV mounts that have already been extremely successful in optimizing the viewing experience while allowing consumers to continue placing their flatscreen TV’s in an extremely popular location – above the fireplace, as well as other high-wall locations. 


Any new products you will be introducing?

We will be showing our newest flatscreen TV mounts for the professional channel, the MM700 and MM700RB.  Geared towards professional installers and distributors, the MM700 and MM700RB offer a range of additional features, including increased stability, better positional capabilities, and improved construction. The new version of MantelMount is the first pull-down, flush-to-the-wall TV mount on the market with a CAB Technology Recess Box.  It will accommodate all VESA hole patterns, has a 27-inch vertical drop, and provides the consumer with a total of 70-degree horizontal rotation with swivel modification for all room types. 


When you get a chance to walk the exhibit hall floor yourself, what is it you will be most interested to see?

The question is, will I have enough time to see everything we want to see?  If this year’s CEDIA is anything like last year’s – and I have no reason to think it won’t be – I won’t even know where to begin.  As a technology geek/problem solver by nature, I'm simply a kid in a candy store at this show.


CEDIA offers educational and product training, is your company involved in any of them this year?  

We are not currently involved in the educational and product training, but we hope to be next year. 


When you book a booth for a tradeshow like this what are your expectations and what does your company hope to accomplish at the event?

Of course, we want to connect with more dealers and distributors who are interested in carrying the MantelMount products.  But just as important, we want to see the latest products and trends in the CEDIA market, especially in the smart home.  And we want to hear from the pro channel as to how they would like us to enhance our products.  The new mounts we’re introducing at this year’s CEDIA are literally the product of critical feedback from our dealers and distributors over the last 12 months, many whom we met for the first time at CEDIA last year.  We hope to receive similar feedback this year as we continue to improve MantelMount and create a product that the industry professionals specifically asked us for.. 



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