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Home Control Software Interview - CastleOS

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Please give us a general overview of your software.

CastleOS is an operating system for the smart home, allowing universal control of all your smart devices from any device or location, or with your voice by simply speaking out loud to your home! 


Which OS and hardware are required to make the system function?

Windows 7 and above on your own PC (server equivalents work as well), or the CastleHUB


Which protocols or brands of devices will the software control?

CastleOS ships with more integrated support for devices and protocols than all of our immediate competitors (i.e. excluding Control4, Crestron, etc). What this means is we, CastleOS, support those devices and protocols, as opposed to our competitors who rely on community developers to create critical drivers. Our driver list is expanding weekly, and an up to date list is kept on our compatible devices page. 


Does the software run on a PC? If not please describe how it works.

Yes, in the end it's just an app that runs on Windows. It has a built in web server which serves both the API and the web interface to any client that requests it. All the logic and processing happens locally, not the cloud.


Can the software be controlled with other devices such as smart phones, tablets or dedicated keypads etc.

Yes, our HTML5 automatically adjusts to any device or screen size you have. Any mobile operating system is compatible.


Please describe some of the primary functions that can be performed by the software 


CastleOS integrates support for more smart devices and protocols than any other home automation system. Only CastleOS supports X10, INSTEON, Z-Wave, UPB, WeMo, LightwaveRF, Nest, Sonos, Ecobee, and others right out of the box.


Download the optional CastleOS Kinect app, connect a Microsoft Kinect, and control your home by simply speaking out loud to your house!


Use the CastleOS Portal to quickly access the the most important parts of your smart home.
See what devices are currently on, what the energy usage is, adjust your thermostat, and have quick access to your personalized list of favorite devices!


Control your evironment with CastleOS using any one of a number of smart thermostats, including Nest, Ecobee, Insteon, Z-Wave, and more.


CastleOS tracks your homes energy consumption, making easier than ever before to see where your money is being spent!


Event scheduling has never been easier than with the wizard-driven CastleOS app! Quickly create device-triggered or date/time scheduled events.

Rather than retype them here, I'll point you to our existing feature highlights (including screenshots) here and here.


Is the software designed to be installed and set up by a homeowner or is a professional integrator recommended?

Both, it's designed for the DIYer but is powerful enough to allow professional integrators to add the customization they need as well.


How long has the company been in operation and what other products / services do you offer?

We launched three years ago, and currently offer two products, CastleOS and the CastleHUB. Off the record, we have a third product in developer, a wireless array microphone. 


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