Protocols: X10, Insteon, UDP, ModBus, Z-Wave, ZigBee, HTTP, FTP, SNMP, TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, and more. Brands: > 50

Home Control Software Interview - ECS

Mark Gilmore | Omnipotence Software


Please give us a general overview of your software.

ECS is a general-purpose commercial/residential automation program used for *many* different types of applications.

It supports the ability to easily create custom GUIs, and use English-like (If/Then/Else) logic for monitoring/control.

ECS may be accessed with any web-browser (but no Internet connection is required).

Initial setup is free (customized to the customer's specific devices/needs).


Which OS and hardware are required to make the system function?

Windows Vista and later, or Debian-based Linux (e.g. Ubuntu)


Which protocols or brands of devices will the software control?

Protocols: X10, Insteon, UDP, ModBus, Z-Wave, ZigBee, HTTP, FTP, SNMP, TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, and more

Brands: > 50

All supported devices are listed at


Does the software run on a PC? If not please describe how it works.



Can the software be controlled with other devices such as smart phones, tablets or dedicated keypads etc.

Yes - Any device with a web browser can be used with ECS (plus many push-button devices)


Please describe some of the primary functions that can be performed by the software.

ECS can support lighting, HVAC, energy management, security, video, entertainment, etc.

But it's GUI and the tasks that it performs are fully customizable.

ECS comes with a default configuration the contains various examples.

And our site contains examples (but they're *only* examples!).


Is the software designed to be installed and set up by a homeowner or is a professional integrator recommended?



How long has the company been in operation and what other products / services do you offer?

Since 1991. We also offer custom software services and OEM (private-label) versions of ECS.


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I've never met Mark, but I've been using his ECS software for over 20 years. ECS is phenomenal! There is absolutely nothing that ECS cannot do, and there is no other home automation software on the market that compares to ECS . The interface on my phone is beautiful and fully customizable. If a motion sensor goes off in my house when I'm away, ECS texts me and I immediately log in on my smart phone. I see an elegant graphical representation of what motion sensors have been tripped. If my sump ever fails, ECS will text me. I use it to control my zoned HVAC and graph energy consumption and room temperatures in color. I use RFID sensors in our cars to open the garage door when we arrive home. If I think I may have left the garage door open, no problem. I can see the status and close it with my phone. I press a button in my closet in the morning and ECS reads me the weather forcast for the day off the internet. I could go on and on. Start with something simple like light control and slowly build your system like I did. The free version will actually do quite a bit.

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