From Las Vegas, NV the 2012 International CES is expecting record attendees and exhibitors along with a host of Hollywood Stars, Sports Legends and Musical Icons.  With so much to see the HomeToys team has compiled a report of some of the interesting products in the Home Technology sector at this year’s show. And is a great place to post your company's CES news and keep up to date on what others are up to.

2012 International Consumer Electronics Show Report

Brandon Hetherington and Mark Anderson | HomeToys

January 2012

2012 International Consumer Electronics Show Report

Author: Brandon Hetherington and Mark Anderson, HomeToys

From Las Vegas, NV the 2012 International CES is expecting record attendees and exhibitors along with a host of Hollywood Stars, Sports Legends and Musical Icons.  With so much to see the HomeToys team has compiled a report of some of the interesting products in the Home Technology sector at this year’s show.   

Click here to visit the 2012 International CES website for additional information.

And is a great place to post your company's CES news and keep up to date on what others are up to.  Visit our CES Newspage to view and post news (already 125+ releases).

Many thanks to our CES tradeshow sponsors for helping us bring this report and the news page to you.

Mitsubishi HAI Sanus AVC Group


HAI - Bluetooth Remote Input Module for Distributed Audio System

Those familiar with HAI’s Hi-Fi 2 audio system know that it uses a series of up to 8 local and remote inputs for music sources.  The upcoming Bluetooth RIM, HAI Part Number 95A04-2, is a new wireless Remote Input Module for use with the Hi-Fi 2. 

No more learning different interfaces or being held back by localized controls – instead, use your mobile device like iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android, tablet, or notebook and send the music (Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, iTunes, Google Music, and YouTube playlists) wirelessly to the home.  Also, say goodbye to the time-consuming process of transferring files to a server or PC.  Anyone can now be the party DJ without wires or limits, with either downloaded or streaming music from their mobile phone to their in-wall home speakers.

SANUS - XF228 Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

The XF228 is a full-motion wall mount for 42" – 84" flat-panel TVs. The mount features a pre-assembled interface and strong, ultra-light extruded aluminum wall plate for the quickest, easiest installation possible. Featured technologies include the FollowThru™ in-arm cable management channel, Virtual Axis™ fingertip tilt, ProSet™ height and leveling adjustments, an open wall plate and up to 20" of extension.

Yale Locks and Hardware - Yale Real Living locks

Yale Locks & Hardware, an ASSA ABLOY Group company and a world leader in door hardware for residential and commercial applications, demonstrated a version of its Yale Real Living locks with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology at the 2012 International CES.

The Yale Real Living line is the company's first locks specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into the digital home.  In adding NFC capability, Yale expects to be the first US brand to offer residential locks with this technology.  What's more, this Yale Real Living line will be compatible with the ASSA ABLOY Mobile Keys platform.  A scalable secure delivery infrastructure for distribution and management of mobile keys, the ASSA ABLOY Mobile Keys platform allows credentials to be distributed securely through NFC-enabled mobile phones as an alternative to mechanical keys and physical access cards.  Consequently, this will be the first line of residential locks that can be unlocked directly using an NFC-enabled mobile phone. 


Mitsubishi Electric - The HC7800D 3D projector.

The new HC7800D 3D home theater projector delivers beautifully natural and textured projections using DLP technology.  As the first 3D home theater DLP projector from Mitsubishi, you can enjoy vibrant 3D imagery without breaking the bank.  The HC7800D also employs integrated 2D to 3D conversion technology to add dimension to even classic movies.  It also projects 2D very well and allows an incredibly high contrast ratio of up to 100,000:1.

Pass Labs - New Xs Amplifier Series

The new amps are designed to measure well objectively and, equally important, sound subjectively as well as they measure, an exacting engineering challenge that has led to a multitude of ear-pleasing refinements. Pass Labs’ new enhancements further narrow the gap between what scientific measurements report about amplifier performance and what the human ear subjectively hears.

The Xs-300 and Xs–150 Amplifiers are monoblock models delivering 300 and 150 watts, respectively. Both models employ double-stacked chassis, with the power supply and current source in one chassis and the input and main output stage in the other chassis. The separate power supplies enable a bounty of benefits, including lower electromagnetic noise, twice as much storage capacitance as earlier Pass Labs amps, banks of high-speed/soft-recovery rectifiers, improved high-frequency noise filters, bigger and better transformers, improved passive decoupling, massive heat sinks, and lower standby currents.

Atlantic technology - AT-2 Bookshelf Loudspeaker

Atlantic Technology has announced its first dealer shipments of the new AT-2 compact bookshelf loudspeaker, which uses the company's revolutionary H-PAS™ bass technology.  H-PAS technology produces much higher levels of deep, low distortion bass than is possible with conventional speakers of the same size.  This is the same technology that is used in the company's AT-1 floor-standing speaker that has earned rave reviews from the audio press.

The new Atlantic Technology AT–2 is less than 16 inches tall and has an interior acoustic volume of less than 2/3-cubic foot, yet it delivers full, rich bass response down to 41Hz at -3dB, which equates to exceptional bass performance for such a small speaker.

Stewart Filmscreen - Silver 5D

Silver 5D (3D + 2D high definition video) is an innovative fabric that offers excellent performance in passive polarized 3D applications, while maintaining outstanding performance for 2D sources. Silver 5D is formulated as a highly functional polarization preserving surface for passive, linear or circular polarized stereoscopic reproduction. Silver 5D has excellent performance in ratio of extinction, furnishing ghost free stereoscopic images.

In addition, Silver 5D has sufficient viewing cone and uniformity to provide excellent performance as a high contrast screen for conventional digital 2D projection. Silver 5D has a category leading viewing cone, a half gain value above 30 degrees, greatly reduced hot spot artifacting and excellent color reproduction. Available in seamless sizes up to 40' x 90'.

Somfy Systems - TaHomA®

TaHomA is Somfy's Total Home Automation solution. Using Z-Wave®, an interoperable, 2-way RF mesh networking technology, TaHomA effectively balances the home's "energy triangle" of natural light, artificial light, and temperature by managing Somfy-powered motorized window coverings, hardwired and freestanding lights, and thermostats. Use TaHomA to create Scenes which adjust multiple devices to preferred settings all at the same time. Take Scenes a step further with Schedules which automatically activate Scenes according to time of day, day of the week, range of dates, or even sunrise and sunset times.

TaHomA's intuitive and easy-to-use interface gives users total control over their home at the touch of a button. The system is also accessible outside the home from computers, tablets, or smartphones anytime, anywhere. TaHomA is only available through authorized TaHomA dealers. TaHomA - A simple touch creates a new home experience.

ELAN Home Systems - VL10 Valet

Joining the award-winning family of user-friendly ELAN g! System interfaces is the new 10” hard-wired tabletop and under-cabinet mounted color LCD touch screen VL10 Valet.   Featuring ELAN’s user-friendly ‘touch and swipe’ design, the VL10 is able to also function as a TV as a result of the included analog video input.

The ELAN VL10 Valet features a 16:9 wide screen format, a built-in speaker and microphone for messaging, simple IP connectivity for communication, non-volatile flash memory, quick & easy programming, a screen saver mode that can display photos and it is compatible with all ELAN system controllers.


Voco – Voice controlled wireless music system

VOCO is the world’s first voice controlled wireless multi-room music system. VOCO allows you to voice request and wirelessly play music from many different sources like: your phone or tablet, 50,000 FREE internet radio stations, PC (including your iTunes® library), iPod®, MP3 player, and USB drives - and then wirelessly stream it to a VOCO V-Zone receiver plugged into the audio equipment you already own.  VOCO’s intuitive voice and touch user interface uses the best in available technology -- Wi-Fi broadband internet access, Android smart phones, and voice recognition -- to retrieve and play the music you want all using the power of your voice.

Niles - SW6.5 and SW8

Niles’ SW6.5 and SW8 are the company’s two new stylish compact subwoofers that were designed with engineers in mind. The ultra compact size of the SW6.5s and the SW8s, combined with fingerprint-resistant piano-black finishes, presents an aesthetically pleasing profile that is easy to blend into any décor. Pairing a long-throw front-firing woofer with dual long-throw side-mounted passive radiators, the compact subwoofers deliver the power of subwoofers four times their size, making them perfect for any setup requiring more bass in less space. 

The compact subwoofers also feature automated turn-on via 12 volt trigger or audio signal sensing and include a built in CAT5 balun to enable audio delivery over easy-to-use CAT5 cable.  Additionally, both models come with a built-in bracket-mount that is compatible with the optional OmniMount® 30.0 ST-MP to allow easy wall or ceiling mounting, making it perfect for bars, restaurants and other light commercial installations.

Sunfire - Universal Wireless Subwoofer Kit

Sunfire’s Universal Wireless Subwoofer Kit makes the placement of a subwoofer anywhere in a room easier than ever before. Comprised of a receiver and transmitter, the Kit is compatible with any third-party manufacturer’s powered subwoofer and eliminates new wires.

Composed of the SDSWITX Wireless Transmitter and SDSWIRX Wireless Receiver, the kit allows consumers to place a subwoofer near any electrical outlet, up to 25 feet from the audio source, enabling them to find the optimal placement in most rooms. For even more bass punch and fidelity, one transmitter can support two receivers for two separate subwoofers. And with digital signal transmission, the audio signal is reproduced with 100 percent accuracy.

Xantech - BDXTT Stereo Bluetooth Receiver

Xantech’s BDXTT Stereo Bluetooth Receiver provides a wireless connection between any A2DP Stereo Bluetooth-enabled audio source and any single or multi-zone audio system. Products that may be connected using the Xantech BDXTT Stereo Bluetooth Receiver include the Apple iPad®, Apple iPhone® or Apple iPod touch®2G, a large array of smart phones, and personal computers.

The BDXTT makes it possible to bridge the gap between mobile devices and an installed audio system, which makes it the ideal product for anywhere that a user wants to enjoy their music. Each Xantech BDXTT Stereo Bluetooth Receiver features an individual alphanumeric ID, allowing multiple units to be installed in a multi-zone application.

® HC-800 and HC-250 Controller

The HC-800 has the exceptional horsepower, control capabilities and design to run even the most demanding control system. Developed as the foundation of every Control4® install, the HC-800 has the features and processing power to connect to and control everything in a typical home or light commercial automation system. The HC-800 features a dual core 1.8GHz processor which maximizes the power of the Control4 award-winning operating system. The HC-800 is equipped with 4 audio outputs – 2 analog, 1 digital and 1 HDMI – and 1 analog audio, supporting up to 4 zones without a secondary media player. Integrated Wireless-N and ZigBee with external antennas and optional 3-meter extended antenna provide superior wireless performance, especially in rack-mounted installations. eSATA and USB ports enable connections to external storage with music or video content.

Belkin -  WeMo

WeMo is a customizable, accessible home automation solution designed to simplify home maintenance and bring peace of mind to busy families and individuals on the go. WeMo works with a home’s existing electrical system and requires only a Wi-Fi® network and free smartphone app to set up and control.

Simply plug the WeMo Home Control Switch into any electrical outlet and then plug in any device, such as a lamp, into the WeMo Home Control Switch. Through the free smartphone app, the item then can be turned on or off remotely or scheduled to turn on and off at set times. The second product in the line is the WeMo Motion Sensor, which works with the WeMo Home Control Switch to make your device react to motion. Used together, WeMo can create a home environment that can turn a light on when someone walks in a room, or off when no one is present.

Warpia.TV  -
 StreamHD - SWP120A

The StreamHD Wireless PC to TV Display Adapter with HDMI, 5.1 surround sound & stereo audio outputs allows users to watch and share any notebook or PC content (such as pictures, movies and presentations) and any Internet content on their HDTV, projector, or monitor without cable limitations and in up to stunning 1080p HD.

The PC Adapter connects to a USB port available in all notebooks & PC’s, and the Audio/Video Adapter connects to an HDMI port available in flat screen TVs. Stereo audio is supported via the HDMI port (along with the video) or via a seperate 3.5mm audio jack. Use the S/PDIF output for 5.1 surround sound for a stunning wireless audio/video experience.

Atlona - LinkCast Wireless HD Audio/Video System

Atlona’s LinkCast Wireless HD Audio/Video System allows home theaterenthusiasts, gamers, laptop users and more to connect multiple HDMI-based devices to an HDTV or projector wirelessly up to 40 feet away. The LinkCast Wireless HD Audio/Video System includes one A/V base station (AT-LINKCASTAV) and one LinkCast System Expander (AT-LINKCAST-HTX). The LinkCast A/V base station connects to the HDTV or projector’s HDMI input, while the LinkCast System Expander plugs into virtually any audio/video device with an HDMI output and standard USB connection for power.
To further eliminate cable clutter, installation challenges and costs, up to five different devices can be wirelessly connected to one LinkCast Wireless HD System with additional LinkCast System Expanders, each sold separately. LinkCast System Expanders are conveniently powered by standard USB connection, eliminating the need for an additional power supply and also include a remote control to enable switching between all devices connected to the LinkCast system.

Fujikom -  LeDenQ Z-Wave LED Lights

The Fujikom LeDenQ z-wave-embedded LED bulb fits into a standard 110v incandescent socket. Both the color and the brightness can be altered from a simple remote control or via z-wave. Solar powered versions are also available for outdoor environments.

Motorola 4Home

Motorola’s new Connected Home Gateway: the connected home, in a box. Powerful processing and 4Home technology come together to deliver the connected home the way it was meant to be: smart and simple.

Adding connected home services – such as home control, home security and energy management – has never been easier for consumers and service providers, thanks to the Motorola Connected Home Gateway, which handles the complexity of today’s home networks as well as the traditional obstacles of service installation and maintenance. All consumers have to do is plug in the gateway, and the unit automatically connects their home control devices to the home network.

Now, with just the push of a button, the devices in the home can be paired wirelessly and connected to the cloud for remote management on a host of devices. And connected home services can be added, managed and troubleshot on the fly.

Ubuntu TV

Ubuntu TV integrates broadcast, time shift, online box office, personal cloud, apps and disk media experiences - all without wires, connectors or more boxes.

Ubuntu TV integrates online content providers to offer a diverse catalogue of movies, TV shows and music straight from the Internet.

Second-screen experiences are supported by linking phones or tablets to Ubuntu TV, presenting related content to viewers while they watch.

Stream music, photos and videos from the PC to the TV. And with Ubuntu TV apps for iOS, Android and Ubuntu, media can be shared between the TV and portable devices using the personal cloud service, Ubuntu One.

Google TV -  2.0

After the dismal failure of the over-priced, under-performing Logitech Revue. GoogleTV has relaunched with several more partners. Manufacturers, including LG, Samsung, Song and Vizio, all announced support for GoogleTV in their products.

Vizio -  VAP430 Stream Player

VIZIO and Google today jointly announced the introduction of the VIZIO VAP430 Stream Player, an innovative stream player that turns any HDTV into an enhanced VIZIO Internet Apps Plus® (V.I.A. Plus) smart TV that incorporates the latest Google TV. The Stream Player allows consumers to access countless entertainment content and online services with web access through a fully capable Chrome browser, and to also enjoy photos, music and video stored on any computer, hard drive or smart phone connected to a local network and/or the cloud.

With the VAP430 connected to an HDTV over an HDMI cable, users can quickly and seamlessly access content and services from their favorite apps and websites using the included Bluetooth premium universal remote control with integrated touchpad. In addition to movies, TV shows and music on demand, the VAP430 lets users search the web for even more entertainment options using the Flash-capable Chrome browser.

DynAudio - Xeo 3 and Xeo 5 wireless, remote controlled active loudspeakers

The Xeo models are wireless, remote controlled active loudspeakers offering the convenience of wireless operation in a fully active loudspeaker concept with the sound quality that Dynaudio has become renowned for. Both models utilize high performance Dynaudio drive units powered by integrated digital amplifiers featuring digital sound processing.

 The Xeo has been designed to deliver true high end sound quality, while the wireless active loudspeaker concept helps to achieve an incredibly high level of value in that there is no additional cost of amplification or cabling. The tweeters are 27 mm soft dome designs with Dynaudio's precision coating, while the long-throw mid/woofers are 14.5 cm drivers featuring Dynaudio's proprietary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) cones.

iRoom iDock Touchcode

The new Touchcode model ensures that your iPad is safely stored in the docking station and only releases the tablet upon entering a programmable four-digit code. The LED-lit keypad complements the dock's sleek design while offering added security and convenience. The iRoom iDock Touchcode is ideal for residential and commercial settings such as hotels, offices, showrooms, tradeshows and even private homes.

The iRoom iDock Touchcode can be flush-mounted to seamlessly and stylishly integrate the iPad into any room. A patented motorized docking system opens and closes the iDock to securely store the iPad, and the dock also includes both power and composite audio internal connections.


Despite OLED’s future looking questionable after Sony abandoned the technology for consumer products last year, both Samsung and LG showed products that will ship in 2012 and Panasonic said they are developing OLED products that could ship this year. The star of the show, was LG’s 84-inch Ultra Definition TV.

LG’s 3D UD TV boasts superb picture quality with 8 million pixels, four times the resolution clarity (3840x2160) of existing Full HD TV panels. Combined with LG’s Slim and Narrow Bezel Design, the 3D UD TV provides the most convincing 3D viewing experience currently available outside of a movie theater. What’s more, 3D Depth Control allows users to customize their viewing experience by controlling the 3D effect while 3D Sound Zooming provides users with 3D sound that rivals the output of all but the best home theater systems.

Meanwhile, Sony showed off its prototype Crystal LED TV. According to Sony, this new technology offers 3.5 times better contrast, 1.4 times wider color, and 10 times faster response time compared to its current LCD panels.

Voice and Gesture Control

Several vendors announced or demonstrated alternatives to the traditional handheld remote control. To name but a few:

Allure Energy’s - EverSense

A thermostat replacement technology that brings a rich, multi-media experience into the mainstream HVAC consumer market will be available in early 2012. With the processing power of a tabletPC, and a layer of proximity control via Allure Mobile, EverSense eliminates the need for consumers to pay a monthly fee or experience long delays in adjusting their comfort level. Consumers will be able to have their home environment managed automatically, while saving on energy costs.

FutureDash -  EnergyBuddy

The core of the FutureDash EnergyBuddy™ is a small, low-cost and easy-to-use stylish gateway that connects to your home network. It allows you to both monitor your home energy usage and control smart plugs and appliances in your home via your computers, smartphones and tablets.

EnergyBuddy collects your energy usage data through an easy-to-install current sensor and transmitter installed at your electrical panel or direct from a ZigBee®Smart Energy compatible smart meter for whole home readings. It features a unique translucent top that glows with changing colors to give you simple and instant feedback of energy consumption and generation as it happens. Individual devices, appliances and circuits can be monitored and controlled from FutureDash provided or other compatible smart plugs (including ZigBee®).


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