This year CEDIA EXPO returned to Indianapolis and as usual showed off as the years premier event for the residential electronic systems industry.

We walked the show floor and reached out to companies from across the industry for a peek at some of the new products that will be showcased in the coming year. Below is a compilation of some great new products that should be an interest to you.

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If your company was an exhibitor at the show, don't forget to post your company news and keep up to date. Visit our Newspage to view and post news.

CEDIA 2011 Tradeshow Report

Brandon Hetherington | HomeToys

September 2011

CEDIA 2011 Tradeshow Report

Author: Brandon Hetherington, HomeToys

This year CEDIA EXPO returned to Indianapolis and as usual showed off as the years premier event for the residential electronic systems industry. 

We walked the show floor and reached out to companies from across the industry for a peek at some of the new products that will be showcased in the coming year.  Below is a compilation of some great new products that should be an interest to you.

Click here to visit the CEDIA website for additional information.

If your company was an exhibitor at the show, don't forget to post your company news and keep up to date.  Visit our Newspage to view and post news.

Mitsubishi Electric – HC7800D 3D DLP Home Theater Front Projector

Mitsubishi Electric’s new mid-range HC7800D uses Texas Instruments’ latest DLP® .065-inch DMD chip to create exciting, vibrant 3D images in full high-definition, 1080P resolution. Its ultra-hushed fan creates 25 dBa in low mode, so you’ll only hear the sweet sounds of quiet dialogue or music during your movie or television show, not an annoying fan hum. The projector also boasts an amazingly long lamp life of up to 5000* hours in low mode. This provides years of typical use before a lamp change. Its one-year limited warranty is also one of the best lamp warranties in the industry. Mitsubishi Electric’s new HC7800D home theater projector blasts an impressive 1600 lumens used to create high-brightness, high-contrast (up to 30,000:1 full on/full off, up to 700:1 ANSI contrast ratio) images that are smooth, dazzling and true to the original 2D and 3D content.


SANUS - VMA302 iPad 2 Mount Adapter

Perfect for “hands-free” iPad 2 use in the kitchen or home office, the VMA302 can be attached to any VESA 100 x 100 compatible mount. When combined with a full-motion mount, the adapter ensures the perfect viewing angle is always achievable. It features a custom molded design for a snug fit while a release tab ensures easy device removal – no tools are required to attach or remove the iPad® 2. (Compatible with SANUS mount models MF202, MF209, MF215, MC1A, MD115.)


AVIOR by IOGEAR – AVIOR 2 and 4-Port 3D Switchers and Splitters   

AVIOR’s new rack-mountable 4x1 and 8x1 HDMI switchers provide HD and 3D switching between devices such as DVRs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray and DVD players, game consoles, media servers, computers and more on a single connected display. Both versions support 1080p with deep color as well as Dolby® TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio. For control, the HDMI switchers provide a built in serial port with RS-232 bi-directional capabilities along with front panel pushbutton and IR remote control.  Consolidate, manage and deliver.



Elan Home Systems - Home-control Remote and HC4 Home Controller

ELAN’s first-ever handheld remote control, the HR2, is an extension of the intuitive g! control system. It features all the function of a touchscreen packaged in a sleek remote weighing in at a mere 6.4 ounces. Instant-on means you are never more than nanoseconds away from full use, triggered by a built-in accelerometer that instantly turns on the HR2 when you pick it up. Integrated Wi-Fi and IR ensure access to both rich content information as well as speedy local control of sources and TVs.


Clare Controls - ClareHome

Clare Controls, a provider of configurable and intuitive home automation systems, has introduced ClareHome, the first home automation system managed from the cloud and run in the home on a Mac. Absolutely unique to the home automation industry, ClareHome enables professional dealers to easily and quickly configure, deploy, service and monitor systems from its cloud-based portal, eliminating the need to deploy on-site engineers for common reprogramming tasks. End-users, controlling their homes through familiar interfaces including Apple iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches, may access ClareHome's extensive library of Applets to configure and personalize their own interfaces. No other home automation solution allows users to access new home controls from the cloud and make them functional within minutes—without a professional programmer or technician.

ClareHome delivers out-of-the-box application integration and control of third-party systems through its AppModules and associated device drivers. While the AppModules are robust enough to meet the demands of even the most discriminating user, ClareCloud provides feature-rich customization tools for dealers. These cloud-based configuration tools allow dealers to customize the behavior of AppModules, creating custom scenes that address their customers’ audio, entertainment, security, CCTV, lighting, energy and other applications.


Linear DMC1 iPlay iPod Dock & MP3/CD Player

The DMC1 iPlay iPod Dock - MP3 & CD Player is a new digital music source for the Linear DMC1 and DMC3-4 Music/Communication Systems. This optional accessory transforms the DMC System into a digital music & entertainment hub. Sharing portable music, podcasts, even digital audio books throughout the home has never been easier or more convenient.
The iPlay connects to all portable digital music sources, including Apple iPod, iPhone®, MP3 players, smart phones and CD/MP3 disks.
A five-button interface provides iPod or CD source select button; and controls for CD operation such as play/pause; fast-forward; rewind; and track forward/track reverse, with mode and option selection displayed on the DMC1 or DMC3-4 master unit.


Lutron – Wire-Free, Battery-Powered Cellular Shades


The cellular shades feature new, patent-pending Triathlon™ Power Technology, which utilizes hybrid drive design plus ultra-efficient standby power to extend battery life to three years – well above the current industry standard. Shades use standard D batteries.  Several options are being introduced, including those that work with Lutron’s RadioRA® 2 and HomeWorks® QS total home control systems and Lutron’s GRAFIK Eye® QS. A non-system option is also being offered.


WeatherHawk - The 600 Series WeatherHawk weather stations


Unique features of the Model 600 series weather stations are that they can differentiate between rain and snowfall, and they have a fan aspirated temperature/RH cavity. The ability to differentiate between rain and snow allows a whole new range of planning options for homeowners; and an aspirated sensor cavity allows for much better measurement of temperature and RH because the residual heat of the weather station is not a component of sensor measurements. The 600 Series weather stations incorporate all solid state sensor technology, including a high resolution 24 GHz Doppler Radar for precipitation measurements; and they have an internal heating element to remove ice and snow from the wind sensors, ensuring full system function down to -50 Degrees Celsius.


Luxul Wireless – Xen Modular Networking Product Family

Luxul Xen™ is a complete line of modular, pre-configured networking solutions that reduce the complexity of residential and commercial network deployment. The complete Luxul Xen family includes Commercial Grade Routers, Gigabit Ethernet Switches, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Solutions and the industry’s most powerful Wireless Access Points, delivering 400% coverage improvement over standard Wi-Fi gear. All products are XenConnect™ enabled—ensuring simple installation and plug-and-play connectivity.


HAI - Snap-Link Mobile for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch in 13 Languages!


Turn your device into a whole home control tablet. Adjust lighting, window coverings,temperatures, security, audio/video and more. Set lighting levels from 0-100 with a sliding scale,or use quick scene buttons. View event logs and real-time surveillance footage, even Pan/Tilt/Zoom! Browse music collection and see album art. Adjust temperatures! Languages: German, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Russian and Dutch, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish.


Xantech - IR Control Kits

LCD, plasma TV’s and compact-fluorescent lighting (CFL) are now house-hold items—and all are potential sources of interference for any IR system. Equally critical, today’s satellite and CATV set-top boxes need precise, error-free remote control commands in order to function.

That’s why Xantech’s new 95 and 85 series IR kits feature three significant advances in IR technology to deliver outstanding sensitivity, performance and reliability in a wide variety of installation environments. In addition, all three Xantech IR series kits feature superior build quality plus advanced circuitry which passes native IR carrier and data signals faithfully and reliably to ensure proper control of all A/V components.


Panamax – BlueBolt


As a comprehensive energy management solution, BlueBOLT allows integrators to input energy rates specific to devices' installation locations. Using this information, the BlueBOLT platform calculates the energy used by connected devices and reports it, historically and in real time, in kilowatt-hours, as well as dollars. Energy usage information can be viewed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Users can also set energy budgets for their equipment and receive alerts when their usage is near or exceeding their allotted budget.


Indy Audio - Acurus A2002, A2005, and A2007

The A2000 series of amplifiers output 200 watts per channel and are available in 2-channel (A2002), 5-channel (A2005), and 7-channel (A2007) models.  Each amplifier features a milled, brushed, and anodized aluminum front panel with laser etched logos.  These amplifiers are also equipped with a unique easy-to-read white back panel for ease of installation in dark spaces.  Unlike many amplifiers of this type, these models embrace energy efficiency by having very low standby power consumption.  Unlike any other amplifiers in their class, all models come standard with an ethernet port that can be plugged into any off-the-shelf networking gear.  Once plugged into the network the A2000 series amplifiers are accessible and controllable by any mobile or desktop web browser through a web page served up by each unit.  Each model also supports legacy 12 volt trigger input for simple on/off control from a preamplifier, power center, or processor and serial port control from control systems such as AMX and Crestron. 


MuxLab Inc. – HD-SDI Extender Kit (500700)

The HD-SDI Extender Kit allows HD-SDI to be transmitted up to 330 ft (100m) via Cat5e cable at all resolutions in a point-to-point configuration. The HD-SDI Extender Kit supports transmission of up to 2.97/3.0 Gbps uncompressed, un-encrypted digital video (optionally including embedded Audio and/or Time Code) within television facilities and between professional video equipment.   Applications include; video production, broadcasting, camcorder hook-up, studio-to-studio, post-production, live events, medical imaging displays, mobile video, HD/SD routing, HD CCTV, medical imaging.


Crestron - Mobile Pro G

Crestron’s Mobile Pro G Control App turns any Android device into a fully functional Crestron touchscreen, allowing homeowners to control lighting, thermostats, entertainment, security systems, and other connected systems. Mobile Pro G allows homeowners to control multiple locations, such as a primary residence, vacation home, and office, from the single application. The graphical interface provides real-time status of room temperatures, audio volume and metadata including album, song and artist, shade positions and lighting levels.


Wi3 - WiPNET™


Wi3 delivers Media Social™, a social ecosystem for electronics, appliances & mobile devices, to homes, offices and hospitality infrastructures throughout the world. Wi3’s featured product line WiPNET™, delivers the speed & security of hard-wired Ethernet connections to any TV or room using existing coax cables, for multi-media networking. WiPNET features an in-wall sleeve and cartridge system that combines Ethernet and CATV signals over existing coax cabling for fast, easy and reliable networks.


Richard Gray’s Power Company – 3 New UPS models – 8, 15 & 22

Built from the ground-up with proven highest standards, Richard Gray’s Power Company introduces three UPS models designed specifically to provide “AV Grade” reliable back up power, and remote AC power management, to control critical audio video components, coupled and real time UPS operational status LED indicators. Contrary to recent industry practices of re-branding  consumer battery back-ups for home computers, these RGPC UPS’  are designed from the ground-up to match the challenges of AC power interruption of increasingly sophisticated home theater and home automation systems.  Model UPS 8 is designed for small 800 VA remote AV gear, computers, modems, switches, security systems, and controllers and can be shelf, floor or wall mounted.  Models UPS 15 and UPS 22 are for 1500 VA and 2200 VA power demands and can be rack, Tower or optional wall mounted for greater convenience, and installation flexibility.


Midlite – Décor Brush Plate

The Décor Brush Plate permits the installer to easily pass any wire through the plate and still maintain a clean professional appearance.  The Décor Brush Plate is supplied with the Wire Brush Adapter Plate, the Décor Face Plate and the necessary screws for attachment to your standard electrical box or rough-in ring. For jobs requiring many wires you can multi-gang the Décor Brush Plate and still offer a clean custom look, simply use a matching trim plate for the number of Décor Brush Plate adapter plates used.


NextGen - Universal 3D Glasses


NextGen's 3D Active Glasses for TV is the world's first rechargeable, universal product of its kind. When used with a compatible 3D TV, you'll enjoy lifelike, vivid 3D images right in your home. With the latest video display models amazingly slim. Consumers want the most sleek and flush look possible. Our new Super-Slim Display mounts are the solution, offering quality construction, speed and security of installation and very slim profile, all at highly affordable price points.



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