We asked some of the Dealer / Integrators in our company directory to send us examples of projects they have completed so we could share them.

Project Showcase - Intellipowered - MedAssets Offices

Albert Garcia | Intellipowered

Project Showcase - Intellipowered - MedAssets Offices

Author: Albert Garcia - Intellipowered

We asked some of the Dealer / Integrators in our company directory to send us examples of projects they have completed so we could share them. If you have one you'd like to submit please email news@hometoys.com and we'll send you a template to use so we can publish it here.

Company Name: Intellipowered

Contact: George

Phone Number: Office: 214.383.7522

Email address: info@intellipowered.com

Website address: www.intellipowered.com

Project location: Plano, TX

Project budget: $50,000

List of Products used: Ben-Q, Nevo Remote, Samsung, Sharp, Chief Mounts, Zuum Mounts, OmniMount, Toshiba, Sony, Logitech, DaLite, LG, In focus, and Tandberg Equipment.

Unusual situations or problems that you came across: Some Conference rooms required core drilling, which was completed by third party.  

Intellipowered worked hand and hand with MedAssets project management team that was hired CBRE. As well as Duke Construction that was in charge of the build. It was smooth transition for MedAssets Phase one, because they were relocating in to a new office building located in Plano, TX.

Fifteen rooms were completed in the project. Intellipowered completed Conference Rooms, VP Office, Presidents Office, Auditorium, and IT Department. Most of the project consisted of Video conferencing and presentation setups, as well as audio systems.

Working hand and hand with their IT Director made things very smooth with this big project. Intellipowered works very hard and manages their time very wisely. Cleanliness is a key thing in small or big projects.

We had several walk throughs with CBRE’S project management team, and Duke Construction so we had every location and placement of outlets, data lines ran to the locations that Intellipowered requested. MedAssets transition to their new location has caused growth for them and they are planning on expanding.

Phase two is in the works to complete Audio Visual and Video Conferencing work in a 100,000sqft floor plan. Intellipowered will now serve MedAssets with any Audio Visual projects in the future.





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