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Editorial Comments

Bob Hetherington | HomeToys

HomeToys Editorial

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and I hope you get some time to read some of the great articles in this issue. Whether you work in this industry, play with stuff built by this industry, or are just hooked on technology ... you'll find something of interest here.

Bob Hetherington

While many people think that the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is time to relax and get ready for the holidays ... most of us know that this is one of the busiest times of year. Budgets are being set, CES is coming up, Christmas orders are being filled and everyone has an urgent request to complete before December 22nd :-)

But it's all good ... isn't it? I guess it depends on where you sit in the food chain.

In any case, I'll take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and I hope you get some time to read some of the great articles in this issue.

If you have a media center you need to read CableCARD - Who Needs It? by Derek Flickinger. He claims to have Windows Media Center under Windows Vista receiving high definition premium cable content without CableCARD.

Parks Associates contributed Broadband Video: A Market Update which is an eye opener if you're into video on demand.

Need some technical info about wiring - In-home Wiring by Jim Farmer presents recommendations for wiring homes for video, voice, and data connections from fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) Optical Network Terminals ONTs.

Into wireless networking? Grayson Evans contributed 802.11 Debugging Made Easy which covers 802.11 installation and troubleshooting tips for the professional custom electronics installer, but is applicable to any wireless network installation done professionally.

What about HDMI? We have a bunch of information on that. An interview with Steve Venuti of HDMI Licensing may be all you need to read but there is more technical stuff in Working Within HDMI Protocol Boundries by Dave Long and Joe Perfito has some interesting discussion about the HDMI products they are offering at Tributaries.

HDTV is of course on everyone's mind. Ross Young of DisplaySearch sums up the HDTV Industry Challenges, Opportunities & Outlook Addressed at DisplaySearch's 5th Annual HDTV Conference Last Month in  A Clearer Picture of the HDTV Market. And if you read the interview with Paul Powers Radiospire Networks you will learn about their wireless HDTV solution.

And well ... it's Christmas ... and we all need to shop til we drop so Aperion sent in Shopping for Your Home Theater Online.

Now let's get serious and have some fun ... if that makes any sense at all. Energy is in the news every day and I'm particularly sensitive since is also publish So it's natural that we like to get articles like these 3:

Suffice to say that saving energy can be fun too ... and in fact I think it needs to be sold as such. And if you don't think automating your home is fun then you are reading the wrong eMagazine :-)

Our regular contributors deserve a special thanks. They are relentless in keeping our minds open and informed. Thanks guys:

In another interview Robin Ford of Global Caché discusses the Convergence of IT and A/V Technologies which I think is a must read for you integrators who think you can avoid installing and programming open system networks forever.

Lastly, we have some product reviews for you:

That's it ... take the rest of the day off and enjoy. As usual, thanks to those who contributed their time and knowledge.

If you would like to participate by contributing an article for the next one please don't hesitate to let me know ( If you are not ready yet but want to be reminded of future opportunities then sign up for our Author List.

And if you want to just express an opinion about one of these articles or anything else related to the industry please drop me a line and I'll put you in Letters to the Editor.

Bob Hetherington

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