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Bob Hetherington

Best wishes from all of us at HomeToys. 'Tis the season to be Jolly ... so please do so. Take a minute or two and browse the Christmas Catalog. These products belong to companies who support us and by doing so they allow you to keep up to date on the latest developments ... for free. Please support them and let them know where you heard about them.

This is another interesting issue with all kinds of products, ideas and analysis to discover. Continuing series articles include Integration Procedures - Part 3: Equipment Setup and Functional Testing by George Wilkinson, Home Theater Design - Part 8 - Wire Management, Labeling and Connections by Steve Faber, The Next BIG Thing! Part 2 - BIG Thing Technology HomePlug AV by Mark E. Hazen, Classic HomeToys #7 - Sony Discman by James Russo and PLC - Web Server by Eugene Kowch. What can I say about these guys ... they all continue to provide excellent reference material for us. Furman has decided to join the lineup with the first of a series of Power How-To articles.

My favorite commentaries are provided by THE Insider. This time he has provided no less than 5 terrific articles including The Digital Home - Something's Gotta Give, Insider #68 - Web 2.0, Insider #69 - Shrinking Storage, Insider #71 - Content Battles and Insider #72 - Video Gaming. If something here doesn't tickle your fancy then I don't know what will.

On the analytical side there are two white papers from Parks Associates including Digital TV Transition: Tour de Europe and Mobile TV in Europe. Don't ignore this important global market. In Search of the Killer Application by the folks at Intamac gives some good advice about diligence and expectations as well.

Product solutions can be found in articles such as Beat the Heat by David Lee which discusses component cooling. Bridging the Automation/IP Gap by Derek Flickinger describes ArcWay: The ZigBee/Web Services for Devices Gateway and Wireless Smoke Alarms  and Keyless Entry Systems are self explanatory topics. If you are interested in Flash storage technology then two articles from BitMicro - Halfway Through - Hybrid Drives and When Size Matters - are for you. How about HDTV & The Super Bowl which discusses using antenna for HDTV. A new concept for me is discussed in  Why Use an Acoustically Transparent Screen?

Two product reviews are also included in this issue. Chief JWD-V Flat Panel Wall Mount and Desktop Backup Strategy - A review of the Western Digital Dual Option Combo.

Tradeshow information and reports can be found with In-the-Trenches Tradeshow Tactics, CEDIA's 2007 Electronic Lifestyles® EXPO and NextFest 2006: The Future of Home Toys.

That's about it for this issue. Of course if you click here you will be taken to the complete index and you can hunt and peck from there.

Enjoy the issue and don't forget to subscribe to our authors list if you want to get involved and contribute an article in the future.

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