I hope this discussion helps you find what you're looking for in this issue.

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Bob Hetherington | HomeToys

I hope this discussion helps you find what you're looking for in this issue.


Bob Hetherington

Open forums tend to be my favorite Emagazine issues because we get excellent participation from a variety of companies and authors. This issue is no exception. Home Technology Solutions are appearing daily and with CEDIA just around the corner this is shaping up to be one of the most exciting years ever for those of you involved in the industry or just wanting to get the toys installed in your homes.

For the marketers and entrepreneurs in the industry we have 2 white papers from Parks Associates that provide research about Media Servers in the Digital Home as well as Digital Home Health-A Primer. Bottom line ... Media servers will be huge and Remote Health Services will experience steady growth for many years to come. CABA also provided a summary of the Connected Home Roadmap which identifies mainstream, connected home solutions and their enabling technologies by highlighting products and services that have mass-market appeal and that enhance personal lifestyles and consumer value.

If you're an integrator you need to read Integration Procedures Part 2 - Cable Testing by George Wilkinson. Step by step test procedures are described in this article and George promises to continue the topic next time. Another area that you should learn about is covered in Smart Home Security which discusses security issue with home networks. Your customers are going to want it so get ahead of the curve.

For you DIYers we have a nice selection of HowTo articles starting with How to Choose a Home Automation System which really breaks down the thinking process nicely to develop a step by step process for analysing your needs. Cocoon Tech submitted Measure Salt Level in Your Water Softener which describes in detail how to use an "ultrasonic" sensor so nothing touches the salt. Also, with the mounting method used, the sensor can be pivoted out of the way for easy refilling of salt in the water softener.

Manufactures and designers ... there is lots for you to read too. The Digital Network's Final Frontier expounds on why IP-based network architecture is best while From Old Cars to High-speed Home Networks discusses how AC powerline and coax cable both networking together is what Intellon Corporation calls a hybrid network. Technology discussions about Managing a M2M Project and Beyond the Battlefield - SSD's will open your minds.

If you're in the market for some Home Entertainment products have a look at HDTV and the Antenna Revolution and New Breed of Multi-room Audio Systems to get some good background knowledge before you go out and buy.

Into shows ,,, try these reports ... InfoComm 2006 Recap, Hot Projector News From Infocomm, Integrated Systems Europe 2006 and SmarterWohnenNRW (Smarter Living).

THE Insider has been busy again with 3 installments covering Content Protection, Mobile Entertainment and IPTV - DVD Insider #60 - DVD Insider # 61 - DVD Insider # 62.

I hope this discussion helps you find what you're looking for in this issue. In October we will be focusing on Audio Systems and Speakers so if you wish to contribute your expertise please send me an email at news@hometoys.com.

Finally, I just need to say a few words about the need for expertise and solutions in the Alternative Energy Industry. As you know we also publish www.earthtoys.com and as witnessed a recent press release I saw on google, there is a lot of interest in this field by dotcom survivors like us. In my opinion there are still way too many politicians and not enough engineers working on solutions to the energy problems on this planet. Please take a moment and have a look at the latest Earthtoys eMagazine and see if there is something there that interests you. If you have opinions or ideas or want to contact someone in that field please let me know. One of our sayings around here is "Take Control of your Lifestyle" and I'm all over that. But ... if the power goes out ... the cool toys are not worth a dime ... so part of the lifestyle choices for the future generation must be to "Take Control of your Energy Supply". Think about it!


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