Even with our experience, it came as a real surprise to discover that so many of our customer's justified expectations had been dashed by a lack of true skill and professionalism on the part of the original installers.

Lights, Cameras… Pick up the Pieces!

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Lights, Cameras Pick up the Pieces!
A tale of caution...

Even with our experience, it came as a real surprise to discover that so many of our customer's justified expectations had been dashed by a lack of true skill and professionalism on the part of the original installers.

This tale takes us up to the North of the United Kingdom. Our customer purchased an exceptional five bedroom executive home with what should have been some superb features. These extended from lighting and heating control to multi-room entertainment and integrated sound, all the way up to a security system that should have been linked into the phone system, electric curtains, and much more. All of these were supposed to work together but to have them working at all would have been a real bonus! Frustrations had reached a crescendo as nothing worked as expected, so our customer asked us if we could look at what was going on and solve the problems that he was experiencing.

We found that the main problem boiled down to the fact that the parties that had installed the systems, unfortunately, had not carried out the work correctly or professionally. It takes true ability and in-depth, hands-on experience in a wide range of expert skills including: electrics, electronics, programming, networking, audio/visual engineering, system design and other home technologies, combined with a thorough understanding of them all, to really make sure that "Whole Home Systems" are properly designed, implemented and integrated to work together. However when the right experience is absent, and any of these aspects are missing, there are likely to be problems in one way or another.

In this case, it would appear that a whole host of essential skills were absent. Just for starters, there was a serious case of wall acne- switches, controls and sockets all over the walls-all because the systems had not been properly integrated together. They were not even lined up or co-ordinated. Not only was this aesthetically unpleasing, but they were confusing and disfunctional.

Aspects such as the lighting system had not been correctly programmed to be intuitive to use-so any time a guest visited they needed a lesson in how to use even the lights-but worse still, the lights did not always turn on or off first time. As a result, our customer resorted to taking the bulbs out!

There was a similar story with the heating control. The rooms were too hot and the boiler was running most of the day and night-all because the system had not been set up correctly-so natural resources and our customer's hard earned money were being wasted.

Regrettably, the story continued with every aspect of the anticipated system, and the lack of integration-really highlighted by the eight remote controls in the entertainment room-was not helped by the original security system being disconnected from the other systems at some time in the past. Mind you, it had been left turned on and someone had erroneously decided to just install an ordinary alarm system next to it. As a result, the original system just a sat in the cupboard interfering with the phone line whenever there was a phone call, and all the features that our customer was expecting, like his home calling him on his mobile when someone was at the door and he was away-and many other advanced features-just could not possibly work!

Recognising our experience, our customer called us in to investigate and solve the frustrations he was experiencing so that he could enjoy his home as planned. Even if the issues had stopped at the few we have detailed here, we can all understand why anyone would be aggravated. However, the issues went on and on. To fully assess the situation took over nine hours with our two directors working flat out and consequently, there was a great deal to document in the report. However, it did mean that our customer no longer thought he was going mad and, at last, he could understand why his home was not yet meeting his expectations. He could also see the light at the end of the tunnel and look forward to the solutions that really would "Make Life Easier, Safer and More Enjoyable".

We are solving all of our customer's frustrations and ensuring that everything is completed properly and professionally, with the care and skill that our customer deserves. We are replacing the eight remote controls in the entertainment room with one integrated controller, extending the system to the whole home, integrating and programming the systems, solving the temperature control, removing the wall acne and properly coordinating what is left, and so on. This will enable our customer to not only really enjoy his home as he expected but also to have a home to be proud of when his visitors come knocking. We are even ensuring everything is straight on the walls in the process!

Even with our experience, it came as a real surprise to discover that so many of our customer's justified expectations had been dashed by a lack of true skill and professionalism on the part of the original installers. We always treat all of our customers' homes as if they were our own. We take such a pride in working with our customers, and ensuring that the results we achieve match our customers' vision for their home, that they can be confident in the end results.

It is such a shame to find that there are "cowboys" around that are willing to leave customers high and dry. So beware, unfortunately, they are out there and we all know how disappointing it is to have a dream-whether we are buying a new home, renovating or self building-to then find that our home is nothing but a frustration. Our homes should be uncomplicated havens and a joy to relax in.

After all, even at a basic level, we all expect lights to come on when we press the switch,
don't we?

About Whole Home Systems

Whole Home Systems™ is a division of Actio Limited-an established family controlled company that has successfully united leading edge design skills with the highest standard of appropriate specialist backgrounds, tools and resources to provide the most sophisticated of solutions for their valued customers.

Their extensive range of worldwide customers know that they can unreservedly place their confidence in the end results being faithful to their individual vision. The two directors of Whole Home Systems have together been successfully listening to, understanding, and bringing the individual visions of their worldwide customers to fruition since the 1980s.

As a result, their superior and elegant solutions enable their customers to achieve the highest degree of sophistication in their homes without complication. Your home is always treated as if it was their own, so every aspect is seamlessly integrated into your home-complimenting the style you want to achieve and enabling you to realise the home of your dreams.

It is an absolute joy to deal with a company that provides a customer-orientated service with your needs always at heart. They continually focus on your vision and have the skills and expertise to translate this into a totally amazing and flexible enrichment of your home.

Operating throughout the UK, Europe and beyond from offices based in the centre of England, you too could benefit from their approach and solutions. Whole Home Systems is second to none, so why not make your "Life Easier, Safer and More Enjoyable"?

Additional information about Whole Home Systems is available from their web site at www.WholeHomeSystems.com, by emailing them at vision@WholeHomeSystems.com or by phoning them on +44 128 085 1006.

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