Game players no longer have to install a CD or even go to the store to buy one. They can now just click on a button and almost immediately start playing a game.

Hometoys Interview

Nick Mellios | Yummy Interactive

 Hometoys Interview
Nick Mellios, Yummy Interactive

Game players no longer have to install a CD or even go to the store to buy one. They can now just click on a button and almost immediately start playing a game.

Yummy Interactive has developed a new technology that is revolutionizing the way we get our games. If things go their way, we may never have to pick up a game CD again.

Question 1: How does it work? How are you guys able to do this?

NICK: Yummy is a company that has developed technology to allow people to subscribe to or rent games online from a web portal or broadband provider. Game players no longer have to install a CD or even go to the store to buy one. They can now just click on a button and almost immediately start playing a game. In simple terms, we create a ghost image on the client's PC and the client computer thinks that it has the entire installation (the CD-ROM and the install) on its system. And as the client computer requests information, we go out and retrieve it from our servers and stream it to the user. This is our CONDUIT™ solution and it's very easy to use.

Question 2: What does that translate to for the end-user?

NICK: Consider our subscription platform (akin to the cable TV model) where you can sign up to a selection of 200 games you would buy at the store for a monthly fee. Imagine a package that not only permits you to explore a diverse library for unlimited play of the games you enjoy most, but also regularly adds new games from publishers as they become available. Why buy game CDs now when you can access our whole catalog from the comfort of your home and pick & choose what you want to play? And the best part is that you can start playing the game with only a small portion of the game data initially downloaded.

Question: How does the computer know whether you machine is fast enough to play these games?

NICK: Our system actually checks your hardware against specifications for the title. So really, for a novice home user, it's just click and play. When you're reviewing our catalog and you see a title that you like, you can start playing instantly. That's what Yummy effectively represents -- instant gratification.

Question: People that aren't computer people generally move towards Nintendo, Sony Playstation or Microsoft X-Box. What are you guys doing to stay in that field?

NICK: Yummy is not currently developing, publishing, or delivering content for console players. But our streaming technology effectively turns a PC into a complete console-style gaming experience. Add to that our continually expanding library of content from leading publishers and you've got a fine combination. As a tangent strategy, I should note that our system is platform independent, which means that we do have the ability to port it to other devices. We're continuing to follow the industry and do expect to position Yummy for a role in the next generation console market.

Question: How does Yummy differ from its competitors?

NICK: Other infrastructure providers have developed similar technologies to CONDUIT and are generally pursuing the same markets. But Yummy's technology offers several differentiating points. First, our service was designed with a modular architecture that is easily customized for individual broadband service providers, permitting a completely tailored presentation. Second, Yummy now delivers over 200 full-version PC games as part of its subscription offering. No other infrastructure provider can boast this variety of content. And finally, CONDUIT offers a true private label solution that provides partners support from the front-end right to the back-end. These services include content delivery, security, account management, authentication, product catalog, billing, promotions, subscription, management, and partner extranet.

Question: Can you tell me any more about Yummy Interactive?

NICK: Yummy had a breakthrough year in 2003, launching subscription-based games-on-demand services for partners in both North American and international markets. The company continues to add premium content and has recently introduced an educational children's service. This is really an exciting time for us.

Live examples of Yummy's current subscription solution with TELUS in Western Canada are available at and 

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