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How to handle a defective product
Apr 30/10 – Chuck Hinton
SO, you got some new do-dad for your stereo, once you hook it up, you find you have: Hum, buzz, distortion, no power, or some other issue. Here are the best ways to handle the situation and the order in which you should do them

Pre-Wire Your New Home – Chapter 5: The Actual “Pull”
Apr 26 /10 – David Feller
Whatever systems or wires you choose, these general rules and procedures will make the job easier.

Digital Signs Don’t Sell, Don’t Inform When They Display the Blues
Apr 26 /10 – Jeff Hastings
By the time PC-based digital signage users realized that the February 2010 Microsoft security updates were causing their PCs to crash, it was already too late. Their PCs were plagued with the dreaded “blue screen of death” and rolling reboots, causing the digital signs they were using to deliver targeted messages to completely shut down.

Networking 101: Utilizing a Toolless Keystone Jack
Apr 26 /10 – Sabrina Williams
For clean, attractive terminations, one option is to install wall plates that utilize keystone jacks for Ethernet connections. For small projects that only require a few jacks, an easy option is a toolless keystone jack. These do not require the use of a punch down tool like the 110 style keystone jacks.

Surround Sound Technology Training
Apr 19 /10 – Tony Weber
Starting with Dolby Surround, which used four channels (front left, front right, phantom center, mono surround – though usually using two speakers), the public began to expect the increased realism brought about by sound location cues being able to move across the front soundstage, and from front to rear for ambience or special effects.

Freevolve housEvolve Remote House Management and Control System
Apr 1 /10 – Paul Townsend
Whether you own one property, your home, or multiple properties such as a vacation or rental home, you want to protect your property when you are not there. Did the heat fail? Are the pipes freezing? Did the water get above flood stage? Is the drip irrigation system jammed open and running out of control? Is the renter running the AC at 62ºF?

Taking TV Lifts To New Heights
Apr 1 /10 – Jerry Sorbara
As Plasma and LCD TV’s continue the downward trend in pricing they are becoming ever so more available to consumers who 2 or 3 years ago could not afford them. With the increase in flat panel TV’s sales comes the old age dilemma of where to place the TV once you have got it home.

Pre-Wire Your New Home – Chapter 4
Future Proofing
Feb 24/10 – David Feller
In this chapter we talk about some things to look into and perhaps install while you under construction — just in case you need it in the future. It’s easy to pull extra wire while you are at it.

RuralHomeSoft – Home Management Software
Feb 19/10 – Peter Jordan
RuralHomeSoft (RHS) is a multifunctional home management system based on the popular Phidget ( USB interface devices. Its functions are described in the next subsections.

Broadband – A New Utility?
Feb 15/10 – Kevin Meagher
The ‘connected home’ is really starting to become a reality. With more and more devices that link to the home network arriving in stores the prices are plummeting.

Management Articles

Why Doesn’t the Press Call, email, Text, Tweet?

Apr 26 /10 – Andy Marken
Just because the lowly company press room is pivotal for everyone, everywhere why should the person leading the charge stoop to make certain the company’s press site had just the right information and that the information is easily available, fresh. We wrapped our many years of experience and feedback from media people into the attached article.

Trade Show PR Mining…It’s Time for Someone Else to Do the Labor
Apr 26 /10 – Andy Marken
Conventions/conferences are events that challenge a man’s (and woman’s) stamina. They push you to the limits of creativity and performance. Companies spend hundreds of thousands, no millions to attend them annually just to reach, educate, inform, persuade other companies and the media.

The Sales Presentation … The Bottom Line Is Selling
Apr 19 /10 – Andy Marken
Selling is hard work, even in the virtual world of the Internet. It requires strong motivation, personal pride, perseverance, flexibility, energy, discipline, and focus. Above all, it requires communicating and being able to read/understand the prospects’ attitudes and needs…real or perceived.

Content Insider #143 – Business, Skills Training Is a Never Ending Process
Apr 1 /10 – THE Insider
As we move forward in the 21st century, traditional technical workers will have to expand their business skills while general business employees have to become more proficient in their understanding and use of technology. People across the board will need to not only know how the devices and applications work, where the information is located and what the data means.
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Blu-Ray DVD Part 2: The Format Wars Begin
Apr 1 /10 – James Russo
In 2004, the physical specifications for Blu-Ray Disc were finalized. In January 2005, Sony announced that they had developed a hard coating polymer for Blu-ray discs. Cartridges, originally used for scratch protection, were no longer necessary and were scrapped. The BD-ROM specifications were finalized in early 2006.

Blu- Ray: The Next Generation DVD – Part 1
Mar 3/10 – James Russo
Once DVD’s had become an entrenched part of the world’s media landscape, home video aficionados knew that not much time would pass before movie companies did one better than the picture and sound quality of DVD discs.

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Crestron DigitalMedia™ Debuts in the UK
Apr 1 /10 – Jeff Singer
Crestron DigitalMedia (DM) was engineered to break through the barriers and overcome the challenges, hassles and confusion that surround HDMI and HD digital signal distribution in whole home environments.

Controlling HVAC Systems with Home Automation
Apr 1 /10 – Interview with Tom Jackson
If it were my home and money was not a concern, I would put in geothermal units with zoning, media air cleaners, UV lights, steam humidifiers, whole-house dehumidifiers and energy recovery ventilators. I would then be able to control each zone from the home automation systems through touchscreens and remotes.

Consumer Video Security
Apr 1 /10 – Jordan Schwartz & Delme Herbert
Many of the technologies used in consumer video security are adopted from those implemented in the broad consumer electronics market. As advanced consumer technologies are introduced, market leaders such as LOREX will continue to adopt and integrate them in their video security solutions.

Apr 26 /10 – John LeMoncheck
John LeMoncheck is the President and CEO of SiBEAM, a pioneer in developing intelligent millimeter wave technologies for wireless communications.

Healthcare Automation
Apr 26 /10 – Ron Bessems
PEAC provides a robust, scalable and flexible platform to extend your health care facility and provide palliative care for your residents. It can be integrated during the construction or retrofitted onto an existing facility without the need for expensive rewiring.


New Kinetix Re Remote Control Accessory for the Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
Apr 30/10 – Jim Bask
The Re package includes the IR transmitter accessory and a nice green neoprene storage case. The Re programming software is a FREE download direct from the iTunes App Store. The combination of your iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad, the Re, and the FREE App creates a powerful and professional universal remote control on par with many dedicated remotes.

Onkyo TX-NR3007 Home Theater Receiver
Apr 1 /10 – Bob Hetherington
I’m obviously into networking since we have our business at home and work continuously on the internet. Any my absolute favorite internet magic app is Pandora internet radio. But, I also have a fairly large music collection residing on a network storage device (NAS). I was eager to put the NR-3007 to the test so one of the first things I did was to plug it into our home network via the ethternet connection. I had to look up a few instructions in the manual but basically the receiver just connected to the network and looked around for devices.

Definitive Technology Home Theater Speakers
Apr 1 /10 – Bob Hetherington
When you set up a home theater system what is the most important component? This is one fact that has not changed since the days of old — ITSS (It’s The Speakers Stupid).

Avtrak Rotating Equipment Rack
Apr 1 /10 – Bob Hetherington
This rack was an absolute breeze to install — even for me — so professional installers will have no problem whatsoever.

Paradigm Stylus 370 Oudoor Speakers
Apr 1 /10 – Bob Hetherington
Summer is on the way so it’s time to start thinking about taking your entertainment outside. Outdoor speakers are a special case and of course can cause special problems when it comes to weathering the storm. They not only need to sound good up close, but they also need to project that sound into a void.

Paradigm CS-60R-30 Ceiling Speakers
Apr 1 /10 – Bob Hetherington
Ceiling speakers for home theaters and multi-room systems have caught on in ways I’m sure make hard core audiophiles cringe. Who would have thought that anyone would even consider getting theater quality sound from a drywall ceiling? After all, weren’t they invented for airport PA systems — and we all know that you can’t make out anything that is said over those things.
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Content Insider #141 – Skirt Length
Apr 26 /10 – THE Insider
Technology is So Passé … It’s All About Fashion

Content Insider #140 – Boomers Plus
Apr 1 /10 – THE Insider
Our son can’t imagine how people survived in the “Dark Ages” without email, texting, cell phones, social sites, MP3, Tweets. He also can’t believe that some of the rock stars of that era are still going strong.

Content Insider #139 – The Smarter Smartphone
Apr 1 /10 – THE Insider
With 300+ million in the U.S. and six billion plus globally, mobile phone/device penetration is rapidly approaching 90+ percent. Young/old, rich/poor, male/female are constantly available if not using their device to communicate with others, find information/entertainment.

Content Insider #138 – Interactive TV
Apr 1 /10 – THE Insider
According to The Nielson Co., 106.5 million people watched Super Bowl XLIV. Our kids grabbed most of their favorite Winter Olympics events on their smartphones or notebooks. With less than 100 days to futbol’s World Cup, we’re all looking forward to the South African event.