Architect’s Guide to Home Automation
The vision is to create a flexible, comfortable and user-friendly domestic environment, yet still allow non-technical people to easily interact with the most technologically-advanced systems available. AVD Australia Pty Ltd & Project Connection Australia Pty Ltd

The A/V Troubleshooters
This article is a great troubleshooting tip based on the “tool of a thousand uses”, the good old tone generator, tone detector. Grayson Evans

Middleware Technology for Digital Home Services
Home application developers depend on middleware to develop solutions that can be implemented across multiple systems, amortizing the implementation cost of different systems integration. Thinagaran Perumal

Moving IPTV Around the House
A major challenge for service providers in delivering IPTV has been in distributing signals from the customer’s residential gateway to other IPTV Consumer Devices (IPTVCDs) located in different locations around the house. Gerard O’Driscoll

Filling the Home with Music not Wires
HomePlug Powerline communications technology has been helping homeowners network their computers and share internet connections since 2001 – all without installing any new wiring. Jim Reeber

The XTB – Amplify and Repeat X-10
Repeaters, like the XTB-IIR, perform their magic by “hearing” the first command of the pair and transmitting at much higher power at the exact time the second pair of the command is being transmitted. Bobby Green

Improving Your Bottom Line in a down Economy
At the end of the day in a tough economic environment you need to go back to the basics and make sure that you have a clear process for not only getting new business, but for following through and delivering on time and to budget. Tim Bigoness

What’s Up With Off-Air Antennas
An antenna not only gives a viewer the ability to receive all their local stations, but, with the right Antennas Direct digital antenna and location, some viewers may even be able to receive out-of-town channels, carrying blacked out sports programs or network broadcasts not available in their home town. Richard Schneider

Arabian Décor and State of the Art Audio
This type of high end audio technology project is becoming the norm in Dubai. System Integration and AV Installers are learning that now customers are demanding that their interiors be designed correctly from start to finish, including the AV systems. Artcoustic

Success Story – ProSyst and XANBOO
For its new release, Xanboo was looking for a software platform which is scalable, extendable and based on open standards. Xanboo decided to choose OSGi technology. Prosyst


Chris Chinnock – 3D Television
There has been a groundswell of activity lately with a lot of excitement generated at CES this year regarding new products and the rapidly maturing 3D TV industry.

Jon Herron – Planar Magnetic Speaker Technology
Our planar magnetic drivers use an advanced thin film membrane to move the air. This film is actually lighter than the air that it is responsible for moving, so it can respond instantly to the smallest detail in the signal.

Stewart Millager – HDMI
The current HDMI standard is 1.3- 1.3 is quite a step up from the old 1.2 standard in many ways. It doubles the maximum video bandwidth to 10.2Gbps- this is nearly 400% higher resolution than a 720P HD format.
Product Reviews

Golf GPS Rangefinders – Part 1
Golf GPS devices are just the latest helpers in a game where the ability to play with precision and accuracy have always been prized. Al Abrams

Lawnbott LB3500
The Lawnbott LB3500 is equipped with Bluetooth for control from a compatible cellular telephone. There is a special program that is loaded on the cell phone. Gail Jones
Series and Columns

PLC’s – Analog Values
In order for an analog voltage or current to be used by a PLC, a circuit called an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) or a PLC analog input module is used. Eugene Kowch

Classic Home Toys #15 – Palm Pilot
The Palm V had 2MB of RAM to store data as well as the ability to wirelessly transfer data to another Palm through an infrared port located in the top of the device. James Russo

Content Insider #95 – Pretty Women
We all know half (or about half) of the world’s population is female. Do We Ignore Half the PC/CE Market? THE Insider

Content Insider #96 – Online Video…But Different
People around the globe and across the age groups are finding they have more news, information, entertainment options — professional, semi-professional and sloppy amateur. They like the new diversity and options. The big question is will Tellywood ever regain its “ownership” of the consumers’ eyeballs and viewing habits again? THE Insider

Content Insider #98 – HD DVD
Now the BD folks won’t be able to blame Toshiba for holding back the success of high def disc sales. Now they have to really get their hands dirty and work. THE Insider

Content Insider #99 — The Best Storage Solution
The search is on for the one great, the one indispensible storage solution…the Holy Grail for content users everywhere! THE Insider

Content Insider #100 – Content Prison
What are people all happy about regarding their video content? It’s all on BD? Big Deal! Oh sure you can copy your music…your audio books…your stuff. Copy their movie? You out of your gourd?? THE Insider