The simple question, “Where do I put the TV?” presents a considerable challenge for today’s consumer.

You just purchased your dream home and have the freedom to adorn, design, and outfit as you choose. Of course, you want all of the modern conveniences available with today’s technology but you would like your furnishings to maintain your own sense of style. So, what’s that mean for the plasma television you waited five years to purchase? You love that painting you just hung over the fireplace? it completes the room? but, it won’t keep you updated on the Sunday afternoon football game.

The solution to this problem is clear. Anywhere that style matters, a concealed panel lift can be installed. The concealed panel design quietly and precisely moves a painting or mirror vertically or horizontally exposing a television concealed in a niche, commonly installed above the fireplace. This type of lift can be custom built to specifications taking into consideration the inside dimensions of the niche (width, height, depth), the size of the panel being lifted (mirror or painting) and the weight of the payload.

The mechanism is housed in the niche. For vertical travel, the mechanism is located above the television and is 10.5″ high, 6″ deep and extends the entire width of the niche. For horizontal travel devices, the mechanism is located at the side of the television and is 10.5″ wide, 6″ deep and extends the entire height of the niche. The painting or mirror attaches to a framework. A clearance of 1/4″ to 1/2″ between the framework and the wall is needed to ensure that the frame does not touch the wall during travel.

This mechanism requires a high quality tubular motor, the basis of all LIFT-TECH’s lifting devices, to ensure a quiet, consistent motion. Webbed strapping raises and lowers the payload in conjunction with the rotation of an axle driven by the tubular motor for vertical travel models. Horizontal travel is driven by a rack and pinion process.

Enough technical stuff? Don’t let the ideas of a painting or mirror stunt your personal creativity. The possibilities are endless. You may want the family portrait, a brick fireplace, or an aquarium in front of that TV. Perhaps you mounted the marlin you caught off the coast last season or finally framed the autographed baseballs you collected since you were eight years old and didn’t have the perfect place to display them. Now you do!

You have the dream; explore making it a reality. It is time to contact a custom cabinetmaker, an audio/video integrator, an architect, or even an interior designer. These individuals can formalize your ideas and install the proper lifting device for your application.

When purchasing your lift remember that quality is essential. Choose a manufacturer, such as LIFT-TECH, that utilizes high quality, modern components to provide optimal performance. Whether it is in your private residence, office, luxury yacht, or motor home? style matters