emWare® isn’t the only company that recognizes the value of information found inside networked devices. Companies that share emWare’s vision have come together to form the Extend The Internet (ETI) Alliance™

No company can single-handedly supply every element of a complete device networking solution. There has to be a foundation on which to create device networking solutions. That’s why the ETI Alliance members are cooperating to promote emWare’s EMIT® technology as the standard for device networking.

With EMIT technology as a foundation, ETI Alliance companies are creating and delivering smart, networked products that communicate remotely to new or existing applications. Along with emWare, these visionaries are establishing a unified standard for efficient, affordable device networking.

ETI Alliance members include a wide range of industry leaders—from chip manufacturers to service providers—each providing a key element for comprehensive device networking. These ETI members are committed to resolving connectivity issues by offering complementary components, software and services.

The potential of e-smart devices

There are smart devices in the world that already include microprocessors and microcontrollers. By network-enabling these everyday devices it adds a new level of intelligence to these devices found in our businesses, homes, and factories. Ordinary things such as thermostats, heating, lighting, cooling and security systems, and medical equipment, if networked, can improve the way people live and work by offering greater convenience, safety and productivity.

With emWare’s EMIT technology, these everyday devices can be networked. You can talk to devices, make them do things, learn from them, manage them and program them to perform new tasks all from a remote location. It’s what is call “e-smart.”

EMIT technology provides the infrastructure for the post-PC age, enabling a world where you can connect any device to any network, making invaluable information available using any interface.

The elements for a complete device networking solution

The ETI Alliance members also understand that no one company can provide all the elements necessary for every device networking solution. That’s why the ETI Alliance includes leading businesses from numerous industries. Leading microprocessor and microcontroller manufacturers are members of the ETI Alliance, as are the makers of database, network management, ERP and vertical applications. Embedded device technology companies contribute their expertise to the ETI Alliance, as do product manufacturers and service providers.

EMIT technology is the standard for device networking

The ETI Alliance knows that to create end-to-end solutions with multiple vendors there must be a common device networking infrastructure to build upon. That’s why ETI Alliance members are cooperating to promote emWare’s EMIT technology as the standard for device networking. EMIT technology provides the basic elements necessary to quickly and cost-effectively network any device.

With EMIT technology, you can implement powerful networked applications for many chips on the market, from the most tried-and-true 8-bit microcontrollers to high- performance 32-bit processors. It supports traditional device standards, so you can get information to and from devices, and then makes that information available to any IP network—whether it’s a small LAN or the Internet. Finally, you choose the most appropriate interface for your environment—mobile phone, PDA, database, Web browser or an enterprise resource planning application, to name a few.

The power of information is what device networking is all about. To maximize that power, however, you need a device networking solution that is optimized for and interoperates with your particular application. The ETI Alliance provides the freedom to choose the end-to-end solution that works best for you.

A complete list of ETI Alliance members, their products and services is available at www.etialliance.com