A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when creating room designs. You can always grab your graph paper and pencil to sketch your A/V and home automation designs. But if you want to create the design with precision and ease, you need a simple diagramming application along with a specialist tool like NetZoomAV.

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NetZoomAV is the leading add-in solution for Audio, Video, Residential Networking, Security, Lighting, and Home Automation Industries professionals designing and diagramming A/V and Residential Networks. You may use NetZoom along with. popular diagramming applications such as Microsoft Visio, PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, iGrafx, SmartDraw, TurboCAD and AutoCAD. NetZoomAV Solutions are comparable to the corresponding Stencils for Visio Products, however NetZoomAV Solutions are only about one tenth of the disk space of the stencils for Visio.

“A/V designers have specialized equipment that goes into every design,” says Sara Clark president and CEO of Altima Technologies. “The NetZoomAV Library has over 15,000 manufacturer specific shapes from over 1000 manufacturers and it is growing larger every day. Regardless of the equipment you choose to use within your design, you can quickly diagram the A/V schematic to represent the exact situation.”

One of the key advantages to NetZoomAV is that it is aimed directly at the needs of both the casual and strict business user. The program’s developers made NetZoomAV easy to use from the get-go, starting with drag-and-drop placement of symbols and shapes into the drawing space “I was able to create a diagram of an AV network in about 15 minutes,” says Rebecca Kennedy a Marketing Manager at Altima Technologies, “The results were amazing!”

Dr. Ray Hoare, founder and managing director of Hoare Research Software, was quoted within the June issue of Computerworld saying, “One of the most interesting features was the search capabilities. I could find the exact shape for every make and model for our components within minutes. It’s actually quite impressive.”

Dr. Hoare also adds, “Another advantage is that Altima Technologies, the people behind NetZoom, are constantly updating their shape files so that you can keep your diagrams up to date even if you have the very latest networking products.” Altima Technologies updates the libraries on a daily basis so that you may update your library at any time. If you need to request additional shapes Altima has made a strict commitment to develop them within one to two weeks.

There are many benefits to adding this subscription-based product to your PC’s professional toolbox. These product highlights include:

* Works with most of the popular diagramming applications
* Scalable vector graphics – highly accurate
* Multiple views (Front, Rear, 3D…)
* Configure using built-in chassis and modules relationship
* Equipment and port properties
* Pre-assigned connection points on ports
* 24×7 request additional shapes free
* 24×7 web download
* Easy search feature – query based
* Includes 15,000+ stencils/shapes from 1,000+ manufacturers

Whether you’re an A/V manufacturer who needs to add a diagram to a report – but has never used diagramming software before – or an experienced A/V designer, you’ll find much to love about NetZoomAV. It blends ease of use, power, and flexibility in a great package that just keeps getting better and better with each new release.

NetZoomAV is available in a downloadable trial version from the company’s Web site at http://www.NetZoomAV.com. If you aren’t yet convinced about NetZoomAV’s value for the dollar, why not free demo and see for yourself? If your job involves any kind of A/V diagramming, I strongly urge you to try NetZoomAV!