The New York Hilton played host to this year’s Streaming Media – east tradeshow. Since the PC Expo has been split up, the number of vendors at the Streaming Media – East show has increased considerably. The advent of high speed digital subscriber lines has made the show much more open to vendors who deal in purely video for PC’s content. Varto Technologies. located in North Bergen , N.J. had one the best exhibit booths showcasing their innovative TriCaster Portable Live Production System. The system, which retails for just under $5,000.00, allows a complete video production to be done live or taped and sent out over the Internet. The TriCaster system allows professional quality video akin to that which is available only in a television truck. Tricaster can allow a video crew to go live from anywhere in just seconds. The user can seamlessly mix video cameras, audio clips, video, still pictures, titles, and computer presentations into one compelling message.


Real Player was showing off some of their latest audio/video products. Real Networks was the first internet company to offer streaming audio with the release of Real Audio back in 1994. The company has continued to innovate and pave new ground in the area of streaming video and used the Streaming Media – East show to highlight the release of Real 10 and Helix. Both software packages will play any streaming audio/video format through any connection and on any platform. Exhibitor attendees were treated to a free CD-ROM featuring information about these packages.

Hailing from Wallingford, CT, VBrick Systems also gave out a free CD-ROM which detailed their streaming audio/video system. VBrick Systems has already gained a strong footing in the area of streaming audio/video and their EthereTV V Brick System is being used for distance learning, executive broadcasts, news distribution, surveillance, process monitoring, employee training, virtual fieldtrips, videoconferencing, and video on demand. EtherneTV can revolutionize the way that managers communicated with employees on the job. Traditionally, training tapes had to be given to employees to take home to play on home VCR’s or shown to a group employees in a classroom. Using EtherneTV by VBrick Systems, the entire video training session can be stored digitally on a PC’s hard drive or on a company network server for on demand availability by one user or the video can be viewed on PC’s simultaneously by multiple users.

In order to show video training sessions or video clips to staff members, an employer would need to bring in an outside vendor to run coaxial cable throughout the building. Such a project is extremely costly in today’s business world, cumbersome to carry out with so many cables and wires already jamming floor conduits, and video along the cable would be slow especially to higher floors. Also, only employees in that office building where the coaxial cable was run would be able to view the session. With VBrick Systems, DVD quality video and audio can be streamed over your existing local area network.

The benefits of such a system in a large scale corporation would be enormous. EtherneTV would reduce costs especially in operations. Use of the system would eliminate the need to install analog video networks and no more time and money spent on storing, managing, and transporting videotapes. For educations and training of employees, EtherneTV would reduce travel costs paid by employers to send employees to training courses and would eliminate the need to purchase VCR’s, videotapes, and DVD’s.

All of these systems have affected the way the business world views the areas of computing and media. Once strictly separate industries and content to stay that way, the advancements made in the world of on demand streaming audio and video have changed both of these industries fusing them together as one. Now video cameras, camcorders, and digital camera can operate in harmony across the internet to provide a visual experience unlike any other right on a user’s desktop.

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