SmartLabs Announces New INSTEON® Ceiling Fan Speed and Light Controller

SmartLabs announces FanLinc, the newest member of its INSTEON line of wireless home control products. FanLinc allows existing ceiling fans to be remotely activated from a wide variety of INSTEON controllers, such as a handheld remote, wall keypad or

Cascadeable 8 port HDMI Distibution Amp

The HDDA38,3x8 HDMI Distribution Amplifier allow users to deliver Full 1080P HD video and audio streams to 8 HD displays simultaneously via HDMI.

82 inches of Gorilla Glass makes a tough display

According to SlashGear, Corning and Perceptive Pixel are showcasing a new 82-inch multitouch Gorilla Glass display at this year's CES.


The new display is the world's largest Gorilla Glass 2 display and the world's largest touch display to be covered by the super durable glass, according to the site. The display also features unlimited multitouch touch points and stylus support as well.

Using the super-tough Gorilla Glass, also used to make smartphone fronts more durable, is of obvious utility for public-facing and outdoor digital signage.

Watch the YouTube video from SlashGear above:

Home Theater Speakers Getting a Wireless Standard

Nothing complements a big-screen HDTV like a great 5.1 or 7.1 home theater audio system -- but running wires to connect speakers in all corners of a room can get messy. Wireless speakers address the cable problem, but with no standard in place for wireless home theater audio, you're pretty much forced to buy a complete system from one vendor to be sure everything works. The Wireless Speaker & Audio Association, or WiSA, a group that includes such well-known speaker manufacturers as Klipsch, Pioneer, Sharp, and the parent of Polk Audio, is trying to address that problem. The one-month-old group is working on specifications and a certification testing program for high-performance wireless speakers and the consumer electronics that use them (e.g. HDTVs and Blu-ray players). The idea is that WiSA-certified components would work together, regardless of manufacturer, to deliver high-quality home theater audio over wireless speakers.

HDMI Matrix Switch with PoC Simplifies Installation using Twisted Pair Cable

HDMI Matrix Switch with PoC Simplifies Installation using Twisted Pair Cable (Cat6). The HD44CATMX and HD48CATMX allows switching and distribution of HD video to 8 or 10 HDTV over Twisted Pair ( CAT 6) cables.

BiKNtm from Treehouse Labs Garners 2011 CES Innovations Award

Made for iPhone" BiKN smart case, tags and app help people find what matters

Sennheiser named a CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award Honoree

The high-end headphones RS 220 are designed to meet the demands of the most discerning audiophile.

Allure Energy, Inc. introduced their revolutionary new product, EverSense™

EverSense ae breaking the mold of conventional thermostat thinking. EverSense is a platform that will allow consumers to obtain valuable energy-saving tips and content at the point at which they are making their largest energy purchasing decision

Somfy Systems Presents Glydeaâ„¢ Z -Wave® Plug -In Module at CES 2012

The Glydeaâ„¢ Z-Wave® Plug-In Module offers automation systems total control of Somfy motorized draperies including open, close, stop, and the "My" Position - Somfy's customizable intermediate position anywhere between fully open and fully closed.

Somfy Systems Unveils Glydeaâ„¢ ZigBee® Plug -In Module at CES 2012

The Glydeaâ„¢ ZigBee® plug-in module provides third party automation systems with total drapery control including open, close, stop, and the "My" Position - Somfy's customizable intermediate position anywhere between fully open and fully closed.

World Premiere at the CES: Dynaudio Introduces the New Xeo Loudspeaker System, the World's First High End Wireless Loudspeaker

- Xeo 3 compact monitor and Xeo 5 floor stander are wireless, remote controlled active loudspeakers delivering renowned Dynaudio sound quality

Kalahari Resort Selects Crestron DigitalMediaâ„¢ for Digital AV Upgrade

Ohio Resort and Convention Center Unveils Building Expansion and Digital Technology Makeover at Grand Opening Event


Custom electronics distributor kicks off exclusive traveling "trade show" January 26 in Irvine, Calif


Thailand's Education Ministry Builds End-to-End IPTV Communications Network Based on Haivision


SIM2 proud to announce that the LUMIS 3D-S is the winner of the GOOD DESIGN Award by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Chicago.

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Light sockets; Not just for lights anymore

Light sockets; Not just for lights anymore

Smart Bulbs are out there and they can do far more then just provide light. Speakers, projectors, wi-fi extenders and more. The standard light socket that is wired up and ready to go in nearly every home in North America is now providing an easy and affordable option for home owners and renters alike to enter into the world of the "Smart Home". Here is a look at some of the Smart Bulbs and Smart Lighting options out there, and this list is just the beginning. In this ongoing article we hope to continue to add to and grow this list, so stay tuned!