Meridian Audio will once again be demonstrating several new high-performance and flagship products at the LA Audio Show this weekend, June 2-4 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles, in Suite 462.

Meridian Audio will once again be demonstrating several new high-performance and flagship products at the LA Audio Show this weekend, June 2-4 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles, in Suite 462. Hosted in collaboration with the Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society, the LA Audio Show is the US West Coast's epicenter for discovering the best and latest audio technologies from leading global manufacturers and dealers.

"We love the LA Audio Show because it gives us a chance to perform demos in an intimate, controlled environment away from the cacophony of a tradeshow floor," says Ryan Donaher, V.P. of Meridian America. "We also love that it focuses solely on audio, allowing listeners who are interested in truly great sound to get a concentrated dose of what they came for. Meridian's demo will not disappoint."

The company will focus on high-performance, high-resolution audio with a complete system consisting of its finest products, including:

Meridian DSP7200 Speaker System
The Special Edition series of Meridian loudspeakers represent the pinnacle of Meridian's loudspeaker design. Built by hand in the UK, each Meridian Special Edition DSP7200 is a Digital Active loudspeaker containing Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. This ingenious, yet elegant design means that the loudspeaker enclosure contains the entire system's electronics, including its amplification. With an ability to deliver the very best from High-Resolution sources, including MQA, the performance of the Meridian Special Edition DSP7200 demonstrates why Meridian is widely regarded as the Pioneer of High-Resolution Audio.

Meridian 808v6 Signature Reference CD Player
Meridian has an indelible role in the history of the CD player, with a proud track record of state-of-the-art, award-winning players. The 808v6 Signature Reference CD Player is the fruit of that legacy, and it continues to push the boundaries of both design and sound performance. Extremely advanced high-end audio technologies drastically reduce digital errors, as well as offer an unparalleled array of set-up options and connections.

NEW Meridian 218 Zone Controller
The 218 Zone Controller contains all of the functionality needed to create a Hi-Res audio zone. Accommodating both local and distributed audio, whether analog or digital, the Meridian 218, is also an endpoint for the award-winning Sooloos music management platform. With both digital and analog ins and outs, the MQA-enabled Meridian 218 is suitable for a wide range of distributed audio applications from single zone to multi-zone use. Control features, including IP and IR, allow this versatile unit to be easily partnered with any of Meridian's power amplifiers or DSP loudspeakers.

Meridian DSP5200.2 Digital Active Loudspeaker
DSP5200.2 is a full-range floor standing loudspeaker that uses the same cabinet design and technology principles as the flagship DSP8000. The latest edition, the DSP5200.2, takes this technology to a new level with a series of technological innovations that deliver superior performance in many areas. Built by hand in the UK, each Meridian DSP5200.2 Digital Active loudspeaker features the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. Like the DSP7200, the loudspeaker enclosure contains the entire system's electronics including three custom drivers, amplifiers, and advanced sound-shaping DSP computers in each cabinet.

NEW Meridian Reference Two Channel Power Amplifier 857
Meridian's most powerful reference two-channel amplifier was designed and built to deliver the best possible Hi-Res audio performance from any high-quality passive loudspeaker system. Its low-feedback construction provides ultra-low distortion, ensuring an unparalleled level of clarity and transparency across the audible range. Bridgeable to over 1.5Kw, the Meridian 857 features a totally new design for a Meridian power amplifier, borne out of extensive research, experience and a thorough understanding of psychoacoustic principles.

Meridian Ultra DAC
The Meridian Ultra Digital to Analog Converter brings the company's renowned expertise to the analog realm. With countless connectivity options and supported formats, including DSD, DXD and MQA, the Meridian Ultra Digital to Analog Converter boasts an extensive list of user features and performance-enhancing innovations. The result is a level of performance that is, quite simply, unachievable with normal DACs.

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Featured Product

Octava -4K UHD Video Over LAN Matrix Switch. Video Wall Processor

Octava -4K UHD Video Over LAN Matrix Switch. Video Wall Processor

The Octava PRO DSX is a simple to use, powerful video distribution solution designed to deliver HD video including 4k UHD from multiple sources to multiple displays. The PRO DSX also functions as a Video Wall processor to create n x m video walls. The PRO DSX delivers HD video over standard CATx LAN cables allowing for simple integration in virtually any infrastructure. The PRO DSX was specifically designed for ease of use for residential installations and engineered for scalability to accommodate large video distribution systems such as education, corporate , and hospitality applications. Easy to configure and customize for your video system - Build virtually any size video matrix switch system. The Pro DSX is a scalable platform enabling easy system growth. Simply add PRO DSX TX for each video sources required and a PRO DSX-RX per display. Video Wall Support- The PRO DSX features a built-in video wall processor that enables you to create custom video walls.