immersiveDSP Integrates Acclaimed Merus Audio eximo® Amplifier Into New miniDSP SPK-4P Speaker

The Multi-Level Switching Technology Provides 2 x 15W for Powering Two Speakers

HONG KONG, May 24, 2017 - A lot of performance is packed into the compact immersiveDSP SPK-4P cube speaker thanks to the integration of acclaimed eximo® multilevel-technology from Merus Audio ( Ideal for both commercial as well as multi-room residential AV applications, the SPK-4P has an MSRP of $395.00 USD.

"The SPK-4P is a PoE+ full range loudspeaker that combines network audio streaming, class D amplification and Digital Signal Processor (DSP)," said Tony Rouget, CEO miniDSP. "A single CAT5/6 network cable provides power, low latency audio and control for a true Plug and Play experience. Multi-Level switching eximo® audio amplifier technology developed by Merus Audio provides 2 x 15W for powering two speakers (local + height), thus making each SPK-4P effectively an amplifier for two speakers (Master + slave). SPK-4P's high level of performance would not be possible without eximo®."

Denmark-based Merus Audio is a market leader in creating audio amplifier solutions that maximize output power and audio performance and design freedom for applications in the home theater, portable, automotive, and professional audio/video markets.

"eximo® is the world's most advanced switching amplifier technology, enabling the smallest possible amplifier solutions for slim and compact audio products for home and commercial applications," explained Martin Helms, Merus Audio Director, Global Sales. "The combination of a multilevel switching topology and a dynamic power management scheme pushes the boundaries of efficiency and the compactness of audio amplifier solutions. It is the ideal solution for the immersiveDSP SPK-4P cube speaker."

The SPK-4P, which utilizes a 4-inch full range driver, also consists of Audio Video Bridging (AVB) technology powered by a 500MHz XMOS processor which provides low latency, uncompressed and tightly synchronized streams to each speaker over standard networks. The on-board 400 MHz Analog Devices SHARC processor also enables substantial signal processing for true high-resolution audio capability and equalization, crossover, and room correction capabilities. All to be accessed and programmed with miniDSP's easy-to-use interface software.

Helms continued, "The low power losses of eximo® also ensures the longest battery lifetime for portable products, also making it the ideal amplifier technology for modern home and outdoor commercial audio products. In the world of portable audio, eximo® multilevel technology enables more powerful sound combined with the lowest power consumption and the smallest footprint for battery-powered audio devices."

eximo® is a Merus Audio trademark.

About immersiveDSP
immersiveDSP is a technology company based in Hong Kong. We are a small team of engineers that wants to share its love for electronics and new ventures. The company focuses on Digital Signal Processing mixed with immersive sound products. Our motherSHIP is miniDSP (, a company now well known for its affordable DSP solutions and easy to use DSP platforms. With immersiveDSP, we're bringing an all-in-one experience; we're making immersive Audio DSP easier for content creation, gaming developers and consumer. We're only getting started. Stay tuned!

About Merus Audio
Our ambition is to create audio amplifier solutions that maximize power efficiency, output power, audio performance and design freedom. By challenging conventional wisdom, we are creating cooler, smaller, lighter and better sounding amplifiers - for the benefit of all who love

Merus Audio
Martin Helms
Director, Global Sales
Tel: +45 27528118

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