ThreatSTOP Earns Coveted IoT Breakthrough Award

DNS Firewall Service has been awarded the 2016 IoT Breakthrough Award

Carlsbad, CA - January 4, 2017 - Cyber security company ThreatSTOP announced today that the company's DNS Firewall Service has been awarded the 2016 IoT Breakthrough Award for IoT Enterprise

Security Innovation of the Year.

With over 20,000 nominations this year, the IoT Breakthrough Awards honor the best companies, products and technologies in the Internet of Things. Categories include IoT Security, Connected Home and Home Automation, Connected Car and Vehicle Telematics, Wearables and more. The full list of IoT Breakthrough Award winners is listed here.

"Smart homes and other connected products won't just be aimed at home life. They'll also have a major impact on business. And just like any company that blissfully ignored the Internet at the turn of the century, the ones that dismiss the Internet of Things risk getting left behind," said Jared Newman of Fast Company.

As businesses are increasingly moving towards IoT-centric IT platforms, layered security and breach prevention is critical. ThreatSTOP's CEO, Tom Byrnes, explains, "Malware, especially ransomware and DDoS, heavily targets IoT devices. The challenge in protecting IoT devices is that they are difficult, if not impossible, to patch. Small, personal devices that come into contact with your network (such as fitness trackers) are produced with a high volume, low cost model so that keeping their security up to date isn't part of the business plan."

ThreatSTOP's IP and DNS Firewall Services deliver scalable, security layers and actionable threat intelligence to existing devices, DNS Servers and firewalls. It's added security and analytics to your already existing infrastructure, when real security in the IoT realm is frequently left behind.

IoT Breakthrough Award nominations are judged by a panel of industry experts, including journalists, tech executives and analysts. Winners are chosen based on creativity, technology advancement and expertise.

About ThreatSTOP
ThreatSTOP is a Cloud-based network security company using real-time threat intelligence to protect networks and provide actionable insight. ThreatSTOP offers both DNS Firewall Service and IP Firewall Services, which leverage threat intelligence to protect against cyber-attacks (Including botnets, phishing, ransomware, data exfiltration and more) at the infrastructure level without additional hardware.

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