NodOn® will be at CES 2017 with the Z-Wave Alliance!

NodOn® will be at CES in Las Vegas from the 5th to the 8th of January 2017 Z-Wave Alliance Booth # 20900, South Hall

NodOn® is a French start-up, part of "La French Tech", specialized in Smart Home products. Active member of the Z-Wave Alliance and strong promoter of the Z-Wave technology, NodOn® will attend CES 2017 on the Z-Wave Alliance booth, to present its Z-Wave 2017 Roadmap.

« We are excited to be back to Vegas, especially as part of the Z-Wave Alliance. CES is a huge event, and we wanted to be there to announce a big thing: Z-Wave by NodOn® is now available in the USA, and this is just the start of a very exciting Z-Wave year » said Thomas GAUTHIER, CEO and founder of NodOn®.

NodOn®'s Z-Wave products now available in USA

Battery powered
USA Wall Switch
Battery powered Wall Switch

The Soft Remote
Octan Remote Controller

After a successful launch in Europe in 2015, NodOn® is going one step ahead, by releasing 4 Z-Wave products on the American Market, all Z-Wave Plus® certified:
- The Soft Remote, NodOn® flagship Remote Controller,
- The Octan Remote, hybrid between a wall switch and a remote, our best seller in Europe,
- Battery powered Wall Switch, and its dedicated version for US Market, compatible with US Wall mounted box and frame.

In addition of their nice design and high construction quality, the NodOn® portable controller enjoy a 2 year's battery lifetime, on a single CR2032, due to an innovative and powerful Battery Management System, developed by our team. These portable controllers are the perfect gateway assistants, to take full control of your Smart Home, simpler than ever.

NodOn® Micro Smart Plug is now available in Europe!

As a result of more than 2 years of R&D, we are proud to announce that our Micro Smart Plug - one of the smallest Smart Plug of the market - is now available and fully CE Certified.
Z-Wave Plus® certified, the Micro Smart Plug can switch ON/OFF any appliances plugged in, up to 1.900W. Connected to a Home Automation gateway, the NodOn® Micro Smart Plug shares metering information and monitors your energy usage. It can act and trigger scenarios according to measured consumption levels.
With its innovative design, the NodOn® Micro Smart Plug is able to change exterior color whenever you want so you can match the look of your home or your mood. Thanks to Smart Plugs, almost all traditional electrical appliances could become smart devices, and easily bring you home security benefits.
Last but not least: An UL-634 Certified, S2 Secured Door/Window sensor!
Innovation is our DNA!
As a continuous early adopter of new technology, NodOn® will announce at CES 2017 its new product for Q2/2017 for the US Market: A door / Window Sensor - But a very advanced one! Taking advantage of the newly "Z-Wave Security Framework 2" (called S2) - Famous to be "as secured as Apple HomeKit" NodOn® will release in 2017 this first S2 Certified product. But NodOn® will go one step ahead, by combining this S2 Security layer with an UL-634 / UL-1023 Certification, dedicated to Door/Window sensor for Residence and Building Security System.
Come to our Z-Wave Alliance Pod to see the first mock-up of this Door / Window sensor, and learn more about its release date and features. It will be amazing!

About NodOn®
NodOn® is a French start-up specialized in Smart Home and Smart Building.
Our leitmotiv? Create and design products to make your home smarter, easily, and at a lower cost.
We propose accessories to control your home without having to buy new lights or heating. We create accessories to control thermostat, light switch, remote control, sensors, etc...
Our products are wireless. We use the last technology such as Z-Wave®, EnOcean®, Bluetooth®

Featured Product



RETRO-M is designed to replace existing Home Intercom Systems and operate on existing 3 and 4 wire systems. BLUETOOTH you music by adding the BT-RECEIVER. No need to remove existing master wall housing, trim plates available to cover those large holes. The RETRO-M intercom unit has a built-in AM/FM radio. Plug in mp3 players such as iPod, iPhone, Zune or any other hand held player into the master and share your music with the entire family. Choose between two music sources; listen to the radio in one room and the mp3 in another room.