Company Solidifies Standing as a Single Source for “All Things IoT” With Three New Consumer Products Available at On-Line Store

MOBILE, AL (December 14, 2016) - Centralite Systems, a leading provider of products that enable a connected world, announces three additions to its new line of Centralite connected products, available directly to consumers through the company's redesigned e-commerce website, www.centralite.com. The company continues to respond to an overwhelming consumer demand for connected products with these new products, which include Centralite's Micro Motion Sensor, Micro Door Sensor, and Water Sensor.

Centralite makes over 30 connected home devices, many of which are produced for the world's biggest home automation brands. In offering its own branded line, Centralite is enabling its partners and their customers' access to connected products that are easy to use, compatible with the most popular systems on the market, and central to the complete connected experience.
Said Centralite vice president of sales and marketing, Sean Bryant, "In introducing these three new Centralite-brand smart devices to consumers, Centralite continues to meet the demand for fast and easy access to the highest quality, most technologically advanced connected devices on the market. These products are easy to install, affordable and extremely convenient ways to increase homeowner peace of mind and expand the connected experience."
Centralite's 3-Series Micro Motion Sensor adds both security and advanced home automation to a connected home. The Micro Motion Sensor notifies users when there is movement in a certain area, and can also trigger lighting scenes, HVAC settings and security alarms when motion is detected.
Centralite's 3-Series Micro Door Sensor detects the opening and closing of doors and windows, and then notifies users of arrivals and departures. Users can even be notified when cabinets and drawers that hold dangerous items are opened. The Micro Door Sensor is an affordable way to add automation, security and occupancy sensing to existing connected home systems.
Centralite's 3-Series Water Sensor is an affordable and effective tool for preventing expensive flood damage. Placed near water heaters, drain pans and under sinks, the Water Sensor notifies users when water is detected. It can also trigger a whole-home water shut-off valve to: disconnect the water supply; ensure that A/C drain pans don't overflow; and prevent basement flooding when sump pumps fail.
The initial rollout of Centralite branded products included the Pearl Thermostat, Smart Outlet and the Smart Dimming Outlet. Future releases will include the Night Light Repeater, Smart Switch, and Smart Button.
Centralite-branded products are available for purchase at store.centralite.com.
About Centralite Systems, Inc.
Centralite Systems is the one destination for software and hardware Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that make life easier for both developers and consumers. Established in 1997, the company has been leading the industry in delivering end-to-end software and hardware technology solutions for some of the most prominent businesses in the connected home space, such as Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Lowe's, Samsung SmartThings and more. Centralite's Jilia, a new cloud-based IoT framework, is helping developers create innovative IoT solutions by allowing them to create customized "pathways" between connected devices very quickly, using a single, simple API framework.
Centralite also designs and builds a comprehensive ecosystem of reliable connected devices that work seamlessly together to enable a connected world. Centralite has a presence in nearly 50 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit www.centralite.com.

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