Introducing The KORG DS-DAC-10R, The World's First DSD Recording System Enabling Analog Audiophiles To Make Their Own Hi Res Content

Revolutionary KORG DS-DAC-10R DSD Recording System Turns Analog Vinyl or Tape Content Into Hi Res Audio Streams For Audiophiles

St. Petersburg, FL, December 12, 2016.......KORG manufacturers some of the world's most unique keyboards and synthesizers, along with DJ & Production Tools, in wide use today by the worlds leading musical artists.

Now KORG has created the new DS-DAC-10R at $599 list, a unique 1 bit DSD recording system for the analog audiophile market. The DS-DAC-10R is the world's first and only USB DAC + ADC with a built-in MM Phono input and Asynchronous Bi-Directional USB control for recording & playback of analog vinyl, tape, or CDs in native 1 bit DSD 2.8 MHz / 5.6 MHz or PCM up to 24/192 KHz hi res audio. Proprietary software called Audiogate comes with the device for command and control from any PC or Apple computer plus iAudiogate for Apple smart phones.

KORG was among the first to embrace the potential of high-resolution DSD audio with its MR Series of rack-style studio recorders, portable solutions, and hand-held devices. In addition, their complementary AudioGate software works with all the latest formats and has quickly become the standard for high-resolution audio playback.

Vinyl records have soared in popularity over recent years. Certain audiophiles and enthusiasts prefer vinyl sources for the pure enjoyment of music, and cite a warmth of tone lacking in digital sound sources. The KORG DS-DAC-10R allows these retro-audio fans to manage their record collection as music data and enjoy it more easily, without surface noise, ticks, or pops. Phono input jacks allow the DS-DAC-10R to connect directly to a turntable—there's even a grounding terminal. Records can be quickly converted via DSD into high-resolution data files with their quality unimpaired, allowing the end user to use AudioGate to easily manage their music library. The input jacks also support LINE level signals—such as from an open reel or cassette deck—making this the ideal system for archiving anyone's irreplaceable music collection.

Essence For Hi Res Audio is leading the way for KORG in selling to the audiophile channel. Reached at his office in St. Petersburg, FL for comment, CEO Bob Rapoport said "The resurgence of vinyl is going full steam ahead, new record plants are coming online now. The brilliant KORG DS-DAC-10R USB DAC / ADC is a professional grade analog to digital converter with a precision MM Phono section featuring 6 RIAA curves and a studio quality Headphone Amp too. Its unique ability to record analog content digitally as native DSD is a breakthrough for the home recording enthusiast, nothing else on the market can do this all in one box, with higher quality, or at a lower price. The fact is, there's not enough hi res content of the classics in all genres, this device enables end users to create their own hi res versions of those classics and keep them archived in their computer".

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