VLSI Solution's VS1005 Audio System-on-a-Chip Goes Hi-Res

VLSI Solution, an expert in digital audio, will unveil the brand-new VS1005 Hi-Res Player Evaluation Board at Electronica on November 8-11.

Tampere, Finland, 2nd November 2016 - VLSI Solution, an expert in digital audio, will unveil the brand-new VS1005 Hi-Res Player Evaluation Board at Electronica on November 8-11.

The VS1005 Hi-Res Player Evaluation Board is based on VLSI Solution's VS1005 SoC, a highly integrated all-in-one IC for audio processing applications, and VLSI Solution's new high-resolution audio decoder libraries. It is intended as a basis for both performance evaluation and development of customers' own high-resolution audio products.

Highlights of supported high-resolution, lossless audio decoders include Apple lossless ALAC (up to 24-bit 96 kHz), FLAC (up to 24-bit 96 kHz), AIFF (up to 32-bit 352 kHz), RIFF WAV (up to 32-bit 352 kHz, including DXD), and DSD (up to 1-bit 11.3 MHz DSD256, with on-chip volume control). In addition to these formats, popular compressed audio formats like MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, and AAC are supported.

After decoding, audio can be forwarded either digitally to an external decoder, or to the integrated DAC of VS1005.

VS1005's digital-to-analog converter data path contains a fully-digital, PLL-free and jitter-free 24-bit sample rate converter which resamples audio right up to 6.144 MHz. At this high frequency the audio signal is converted to the analog domain, and output through VS1005's integrated analog stereo earphone amplifier.

All audio, including DSD, can be sent to both optical S/PDIF and an I2S bus for external decoding, after being converted by VS1005's high-quality, jitter-free 24-bit resampling hardware to 96 kHz for highest possible audio fidelity and compatibility with ampliefiers.

The VS1005 Hi-Res Player's playback time is up to 120 hours with a 3.7 V 2500 mAh battery.

We welcome our customers to listen to the VS1005 Hi-Res Player and meet our technical personnel at our booth at Electronica, November 8-11, München Messehalle, Germany, Hall A4, Booth 481.

More information about the VS1005 Hi-Res Player is available at

About VLSI Solution:
VLSI Solution, a pioneer in audio decoding, designs and manufactures versatile, customizable DSP-based mixed-signal ICs for audio applications including audio encoding and decoding. Within its quarter of a century of existence VLSI has built an extensive in-house IP library and has the capability to pull through complicated mixed-signal IC projects, ranging from digital audio to RF applications.

About the VS1005 Audio IC Family:
VS1005 is a mixed-signal System-on-Chip that can operate either as a system controller unit or as an easy to control coprocessor. When using VS1005 as a coprocessor, it can be accessed through easy UART commands, and no VS1005-specific programming skills are needed. For those who want to modify the operation of VS1005 more deeply, full source code is available for its free multitasking VSOS operating system and its utility programs.

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Teppo Karema
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