BreezoMeter's CMO to present strategies on building compelling products at the Smart Home Summit

Ziv Lautman, Chief Marketing Officer at BreezoMeter, will present next week at the Smart Home Summit on how to combine hardware, software, and big data to create compelling smart home products.

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- BreezoMeter, a big data analytics company that provides dynamic air quality data via an API, announced today that they will present at the Smart Home Summit, taking place from November 1-2 at the Crowne Plaza in Palo Alto, CA.

BreezoMeter's dynamic air quality data capabilities will be on full display at the conference. On the first day, a hosted session will take place on how to create compelling products by combining hardware, software, and big data in smart home products.

One of the key points of the session will be the importance of connecting users to their surroundings and the environment, making smart home products proactive. BreezoMeter will share their own experience working with HVAC and air purification companies, using examples from other smart home products.

"As smart home users ourselves, we want our smart products to react automatically to the events happening inside or outside our home," said Ziv Lautman, CMO of BreezoMeter. "For example, if outdoor air quality levels begin to drop, I expect the windows to close automatically and to turn on the air purifier, or at the very least, advise me to take the appropriate actions."

BreezoMeter is already providing real-time air quality data to Dyson's new Pure Cool LinkTM Air Purifier. The new purifier provides users with an indication of the air quality in their homes, automatically purifying air pollutants, and displaying to the user which pollutants it detects. BreezoMeter's data is used to provide users with live access to outdoor air quality data on their mobile devices.

"Air quality data can enhance many smart home products, as it enables a real opportunity to engage with the user on a daily basis," said Lautman. "Air quality levels can change several times throughout the day, creating meaningful opportunities to interact with users. Companies can use this data to impact their users' habits, providing insights on what to do, which devices to turn on or off, and stay in touch even when they are not at home. On top of that, smart home companies can help their users to minimize their exposure to damaging air pollution."

BreezoMeter's display will be at main hall, throughout the show. Their session will be held on November 1 at 2:20pm.

About BreezoMeter
With over 50M daily users in 28 countries, BreezoMeter is the world's leading real-time air quality analytics provider. BreezoMeter maps the world's air pollution, delivering dynamic, real-time, street-level air quality data worldwide. Smart Home companies have been using BreezoMeter's data to automate air purifiers, air conditioners and other smart home devices. BreezoMeter's data is helping businesses engage better with their customers, increase product value and become part of the user daily routine. BreezoMeter is proud to work with: AccuWeather, Current (powered by GE), Cisco, Motorola Solutions, Veolia, LifeMap Solutions, and Dyson.

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