Dallas Technology Startup Sprinkl Gets Funding To Expand

SXSW Innovation Award Finalist Sprinkl raises $1.3M in cash and credit from investor Ian Woodward-Smith.

Dallas IoT startup Sprinkl, a developer of connected irrigation and conservation technology raises $1.3M in cash and credit from investor Ian Woodward-Smith. Along with the raise, Woodward-Smith will be joining Sprinkl and spearheading business development and strategic partnerships. The cash and lines of credit will be used to launch additional products and secure IP for 2017. This news comes after a recent announcement by SXSW Eco, where Sprinkl was named a finalist in the startup showcase.

"It's been an amazing year for Sprinkl and our team. With this raise, we'll be further expanding our line with complementary innovative products that will continue to be game-changers in the connected irrigation space," said Noel Geren, CEO of Sprinkl.
This past summer Sprinkl launched Conserve, an innovative way to add smart phone controls to any existing low voltage irrigation controller. Unlike traditional rain sensors, Conserve uses local weather stations, recorded rainfall, weather history, and local municipal data to determine when or when not to water based on user defined settings and machine learning. Once installed, users can optionally configure a weekly, bi-weekly, or other schedule for their existing controller that can be managed remotely. Municipal restriction handling can be enabled for a growing list of cities. When enabled, Conserve will automatically adjust the allowed watering times to be in compliance, and since Conserve is connected to the cloud it's watering rules and features will continue to evolve.
Conserve is available in select Home Depot stores, Amazon, homedepot.com, smarthome.com, and b8ta in Palo Alto.
For more information visit sprinkl.io or email news(at)sprinkl(dot)io.

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