Optoma Unveils Powerhouse NuForce uDAC5 High Resolution Mobile DAC and Headphone Amp

uDAC5 Delivers Unparalleled Portable High-Resolution Sound for Gaming, Music and Movies

Optoma, a world leading manufacturer of video and audio products, has unveiled its latest audio powerhouse product with the small and mighty NuForce uDAC5 mobile DAC (digital-to-audio converter) and headphone amp. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, and featuring DSD support and coveted Hi-Res Audio certification, it will improve the sound quality of any Mac, PC and headphone to deliver stellar sound for music, movies and gaming.

The NuForce uDAC5 is the audio product that every entertainment lover doesn't know they need, designed to generate original audio as it was captured or mastered for songs, games and movies, so no detail is missed. It bypasses a computer's audio card and headphone output to achieve better audio performance, regardless of content source. It can play any audio format at any resolution up to the complex and demanding DSD256 format, adding weight and speed to the bass, clarity and substance to midrange tones, and openness and extension to the highs.
"The NuForce uDAC5 is a breakthrough DAC for Optoma and the industry, providing an incredibly powerful, Hi-Res Audio experience with an affordable price," said Jyri Jokirinta, head of NuForce audio products at Optoma. "With a focus on quality audio and product design, we've brought to market not only one of the smallest and lightest DACs, but also one of the most powerful and best sounding portable ones."
Housed in a metal anodized chassis for improved sound and protection, the NuForce uDAC5 generates superior sound whether being used as a Hi-Res desktop audio controller or USB DSD DAC. Additional analogue and digital outputs enable instant high resolution connection to amplifiers and active speakers.
USB-powered, the NuForce uDAC5 is the latest addition to the uDAC family of award-winning products and packs a real punch with nearly twice the current reserves of its predecessor, uDAC3. NuForce UDACs are known for quality and innovation, and are some of the best sellers on the market.
The NuForce uDAC5 is available for purchase for $199 now on Amazon, as well as through specialized audio resellers including Huppin's, Sonic Electronix and World Wide Stereo. More information is available at http://www.optomausa.com/soundproduct/uDAC5.
About Optoma Technology
Optoma Technology is a world leading designer and manufacturer of award-winning video and audio products for home entertainment and theater, ProAV and business. With a focus on premium quality and functional style, products are designed with the end-user experience in mind. Optoma products deliver stunning crystal clear images and exceptional sound with ultimate reliability. Optoma Technology is part of The Optoma Group, which has continental headquarters in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. For more information, please visit: http://www.optomausa.com.

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